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Motorcycle Camping with Can-Am Motorcycles - A Beginner's Guide!

Motorcycle Camping with Can-Am Motorcycles - A Beginner's Guide!

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves motorcycles, then a motorcycle camping trip is the perfect recreational activity. Ideally, adventure tourers or street-legal dual sports motorcycles are best suited for aggressive off-roading and freedom motorcycle camping trips. These motorcycles have enough power for long-distance touring, exceptional off-road riding capabilities, can navigate rough terrain, traction, and have an adequate weight capacity. However, these motorcycles aren’t beginner-friendly since they require some experience.

If you don’t own an adventure touring motorcycle, you can ride a standard motorcycle to access the motorcycle-friendly supervised campgrounds. Unfortunately, sand and gravel roads often pose a challenge to a standard motorcycle’s suspension system, especially if it is loaded with camping gear.

Can-Am motorcycles are the two-wheelers best suited for motorcycle camping trips for beginners. They have adequate storage capacity, are comfortable on long-distance rides, and can handle less aggressive off-road trails.

Beginners with limited off-road riding experience or only familiar with on-road motorcycles can learn how to ride off-road and toward motorcycle camping sites with Can-Am motorcycles.

1. Can-Am Motorcycles Touring & Off-Road Capabilities

Can-Am motorcycles can handle public roads with different surfaces, including tarmac and dirt roads. Most motorcycle-friendly national parks with organized campgrounds have paved roads and smooth gravel or dirt trails where riding is allowed.

Since more challenging terrains are not open for motorcycle riding, a Can-Am Ryker or a Spyder would be the best option for camping.

1.1 Can-Am Spyder F3

Can-Am Spyder F3


The four Can-Am Spyder F3 models, including the Spyder F3, Spyder F3-T, Spyder F3-S, and Spyder F3-Limited, feature a powerful 1330 cc in-line engine.


The Spyder F3 and F3-S come with 6.5 gal/24.4 L standard saddlebags. The F3-T variant features hard saddlebags and a glove box, offering a storage capacity of 21 gal/78 L. Meanwhile, the Can-Am Spyder F3-Limited comes with a storage capacity of 36.5 gal/138 L. The Can-Am Spyder trikes’ storage capacities make it easier to pack your camping gear which ensures riders can camp in comfort. Even without extra luggage bags, the Can-Am Spyder’s standard luggage bags can easily store all the essentials.

Load Capacity

Can-Am Spyder F3 models have a weight capacity of 494 lbs/224 kg that make it possible to carry your luggage without the help of a trailer.

The upgraded rider seat, pillion, backrests, and easy-to-reach handlebars provide a natural ergonomic configuration that ensures optimal comfort for long rides.

Fuel Tank

Can-Am Spyder F3 models can ride at least 252 miles on a full tank, so you can easily ride your Can-Am Spyder on the scenic motorcycle roads to reach the popular campsites in or near national parks.

Low Ground Clearance

Built with a low ground clearance of 115 mm and SACHS front and rear shocks, the Can-Am Spyder F3 models are best suited for gentle and slow off-roading.

Towing Capacity

Can-Am Spyder F3 models have a towing capacity of 400 lbs/182 kg, allowing riders to tow small trailers.

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1.2 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited

Can-Am Spyder RT Limited


The Spyder RT is powered by a 1330 Rotax ACE engine capable of quick and uninterrupted acceleration on long rides.

Stability System

If the roads shift from tarmac to gravel and dirt, the Can-Am stability system, consisting of an anti-lock braking system, traction control, and BOSCH stability control, becomes active to ensure a safe and smooth ride toward the campsite.

Storage Capacity

The Can-am Spyder RT Limited has a storage capacity of 47 gal/177 L with Lin-Q top cases.

Load Capacity

The Can-Am Spyder RT Limited has a carrying capacity of 494 lbs/224 kg, being best suited for solo camping trips at organized campgrounds.

Towing Capacity

Just like the Spyder models, the Can-Am Spyder RT Limited also has a towing capacity of 400 lbs and can easily tow mini trailers full of camping gear.

1.3 Can-Am Ryker

Can-Am Ryker


The Can-Am Ryker’s Rotax 900 ACE engine generates a horsepower of 82 hp and a torque of 79.1 Nm that makes it suitable for navigating concrete, asphalt, and dirt roads. When using Eco Mode, the fuel-injected engine saves fuel and improves the vehicle’s touring capability.


The Can-Am Ryker’s auto-twist, stability control, and go-transmission keep it stable when transitioning from asphalt to gravel roads.


The Can-Am Ryker comes with a standard front storage bin with a USB plug. The three-wheeler also comes with a detachable Lin-Q top case. You can remove the detachable passenger seat and backrest to reposition it onto the top case and increase storage capacity.

When riding with a passenger, the top case won’t be available but you can use the side panniers to carry belongings. The small tank bag can carry documents, a phone, keys, etc.

Load Capacity

The Can-Am Ryker has a luggage capacity of 1.85 gal/7 L.

Towing Capacity

The Can-Am Ryker’s towing capacity is not mentioned in the manual, indicating the trike is not able to pull camp trailers.

1.4 Can-Am Ryker Rally

Can-Am Ryker Rally


The Can-Am Ryker Rally runs on a 900 cc three-cylinder Rotax engine capable of a horsepower of 82 hp and a torque of 58.5 lb-ft. This engine contributes to this trike’s lightweight build, easy handling, and off-road performance. The Can-Am Ryker is a beginner-friendly vehicle with easy handling due to its automatic CVT transmission system with reverse control makes the motorcycle beginner-friendly and easy to handle.

Ground Clearance

The Can-Am Ryker Rally has a ground clearance of 112 mm. Though lower than most Can-Am Spyder models; its off-road-friendly features reduce the risk of crashing.

Off-Road-Friendly Features

Out of all the Can-Am motorcycles, the Ryker Rally is the trike best suited for off-roading. This motorcycle comes with reinforced wheels, skid plates, and front grill protection to help keep the motorcycle steady on grassy, rocky, bumpy, and muddy roads. The hill hold control, stability control, traction control, and anti-lock braking system contribute to this vehicle’s overall stability.

In addition, the Can-Am Ryker Rally features a comfortable seat, anti-slip footpegs, hand guards, and rally handlebars for a comfortable upright position that gives confidence to the rider to handle different terrains.

Rally Rider Mode

The Can-Am Ryker Rally has a rally mode that allows smooth dirt cornering and reduces the risk of drifting, keeping the motorcycle stable on uneven, slippery, and muddy trails. The Can-Am Ryker Rally’s upgraded tires and robust suspension setup ensures you maintain control even when traveling over different terrain.

Storage Capacity

The Can-Am Ryker Rally comes with a standard glove box with a storage capacity of 1.85 gal/7 L. To increase carrying capacity and storage space, this vehicle also includes the Max Mount feature. Able to be attached under the rider seat, this optional feature can be easily installed and allow the rider to carry more belongings.

Carrying Capacity

The Can-Am Ryker Rally has a carrying capacity of 449.7 lbs/204 kg. A rider weighing 90-100 kg can easily load camping gear weighing 104-110 kg on the Max Mount structure.

2. How to Increase Can-Am Motorcycle’s Storage Capacity?

If you want to increase the carrying capacity of your Can-Am motorcycle, you can load luggage on the passenger seat using a simple net. With a large dry bag full of camping essentials mounted on the passenger seat, saddlebags can carry larger items to ensure better comfort.

But if you plan to camp with another person, you would have to switch the top case with the passenger seat and backrest, resulting in less carrying capacity. Here are some tips on how to increase a Can-Am motorcycle’s storage capacity:

2.1 Use Mini Motorcycle Camper Trailers

Best for: Riding Solo or with a Passenger to a Campsite

The Can-Am Spyder has a towing capacity of 400 lbs/182 kg and can easily tow mini mate camper trailers weighing 260 lbs. These trailers feature a built-in full-size bed able to fit two people, eliminating the need to carry tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and pillows. It is best to use aluminum and microfiber glass trailers since they are lightweight and waterproof. At the rear, you will find plenty of storage space to place your cooking supplies, heater, stove system, clothes, water, cooler, and solar panels.

Note: Can-Am Spyders are more suited to pull trailers, so avoid using Can-Am Rykers for this purpose.

2.2 Add Small Luggage Bags/Pouches

Best for: Riding Solo to a Campsite

Mini campers are extremely useful, but they are also quite expensive. A cheaper option would be to install small pouches and mesh bags to the trike's dashboard and seat backrest or mount a tank bag with cinch straps.

2.3 Switch Passenger Seat

Best for: Riding Solo to a Campsite

Can-Am motorcycles feature removable passenger seats that can switch with a hard top case or a large soft dry bag. You can also use the pillion to load your heaviest camping gear.

3. What to Pack on Can-Am Motorcycles for Motocamping?

When packing camping gear on a motorcycle, the general rule is to pack belongings that will fit within the available storage space without exceeding the vehicle’s maximum weight limit. When camping with a Can-Am motorcycle, there are two possibilities:

  • Riding solo and storing stuff in saddlebags and mounting luggage on the passenger seat.
  • Riding solo or with a passenger with a trailer attached.

The trailer gives you a chance to camp in style, carrying all the essentials for a homey feel hundreds of miles away from home.

Can-Am Motorcycle with Trailer Packing List
Compact Travel Refrigerator - To store frozen fruits, milk, and other perishables
Propane Heater - Best for winter motorcycle camping trips
Propane Fuel Canisters - Not having a multi-fuel stove can create problems. It is best to carry multiple small propane canisters for stove system
Stove System & Cooking Kit - Includes flatware, pots, pans, knife, glasses, cutting board, plates, and cookware
Stanley Coffee Press - Provides great coffee when outdoors
Stereo System - Enjoy music in breathtaking settings; but make sure to not disturb wildlife and other campers nearby
Portable Solar Panel Charger - To charge your camera gear, phone, laptop, and other electronic devices
Groceries - Pack adequate groceries to make favorite meals
Waterproof Cover - Pack to protect the trike from rain, dust, and other weather conditions
Clothing - Pack ample clothing based on the weather conditions you expect to encounter at the campsite.
Camping Furniture - Pack foldable chairs, tables, and a recliner (optional)
Motorcycle Tools - read to find out must-have motorcycle tools
Camping Equipment (Optional) - In case you plan to hike up elevated areas and set your camp and sleeping equipment at a place where motorcycles aren’t allowed, it is best to carry the following:
  • Tent/Hammock/Bivy Bag
  • Sleeping Pad
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillow
  • Blanket

Carry compact equipment that can be carried inside a backpack.

4. Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

Can-Am motorcycles have proved their reliability and exceptional on-road touring performance many times. Although Can-Am trikes are not designed exclusively for off-road terrains, motorcyclists are actively using Can-Ams for camping which also involves limited and light off-road use in the designated dirt trails and campgrounds.

The impressive storage capacity, towing capacity, fuel capacity stability, riding comfort, and effortless handling make Can-Ams ideal vehicles for motorcyclists who want to familiarize themselves with the intriguing concept of motorcycle camping and the challenges of off-road riding.

When riding with a passenger, you may need to come up with creative ways to carry your luggage on a Can-Am motorcycle or tow a trailer. On the other hand, solo motorcycle camping with Can-Am demands you to pack light or innovatively to carry all your essentials in luggage bags. These challenges will help you learn the art of packing light and allow you to gradually upgrade to adventure tourers that can transport you to spectacular places but offer tight weight limits.

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