Motorcycle Camping

Motorcycle Camper Trailers

Motorcycle Camper Trailers

Heading up to the Laconia Bike Week this past June I noticed more than one trike and mid-sized bike hauling small camping trailers behind them. They looked pretty easy to maneuver both on the highway and around curves.

Motorcycle Camper Trailers

I am not a camper type of biker. My tastes are more towards small motels with character and some history along the way. If I did want to give camping a try, I’d probably move towards one of these boys to see if I like it.

One of the reasons I was never really into motorcycle camping was watching bikes shoot by with tents, poles, sleeping bags and packs hanging from every available square inch of space. Add to that mess that once you get to the campgrounds and you have to find a nice spot to lay your head down free of roots etc. and you can see why many consider it a hassle after a long day of riding.

Motorcycle Camper Trailers

If you want to travel with a greater sense of civility and comfort while camping with your bike, a trailer may be for you.

First off, if you want a camper, you’ll have to make sure your bike can handle a hitch and the wiring needed to send power to the units rear brake lights. As an example, a bumper hitch for a Harley FLHX, FLHXS or FLHRSE is right around $350 plus the cost of a flat four plug wiring system. They are relatively inexpensive and pretty easy to install.

Campers such as the popular Mini Mate are pretty bare bones. The apparent reason is weight and aerodynamics. The Mini Mate like most other motorcycle campers weighs in at right around 300 pounds. No satellite TV, no potty, no microwave. But you’re out to camp anyway, not out to watch ESPN.

What you do get is a comfortable bed, protection from the elements, room to change, a place to store a couple of chairs, clothes and some gear and the option to buy accessories like an awning. The cost for all of this luxury? Right around $2,000. Again, not a bad investment if you’re constantly traveling the country and don’t want to stay at a motel.

Motorcycle Camper Trailers

Mini campers set up in just a couple of minutes, are easy to maintain, fuel efficient, and can store in your garage in a space approximately 65”x 43.” When you hit a good campground you'll be in the class between RV’s and tent pitchers which will give you some real options on where you can park and set up.

If you’re a motorcycle camper, take a look at this step up in comfort. Also, let us know what other options are available if you decided to go a different route.

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