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Make Your Motorcycle Rides Exquisite with the Harley-Davidson App

Make Your Motorcycle Rides Exquisite with the Harley-Davidson App

Whether they are motorcyclists or not, no individual soul is unaware of the name Harley-Davidson. However, the brand is renowned as one of the world’s best motorcycle manufacturers. Their sustained place at the top of the wish list of every rider is translucent. Harley-Davidson, therefore, has been in this business for nearly 116 years and continues to surprise its customers with its innovations.

In particular, this article will cover the works of these beasts' makers in the field of the latest technology. In recent years, Harley-Davidson launched a motorcycle app that, within no time, became the best motorcycle app for Harley-Davidson users.

This app contains all the useful features that will definitely make your motorcycle ride exquisite. The following are the features of the Harley-Davidson App:

1. Features of the Harley Davidson App

  • Ride Planning and Tracking
  • GPS and Navigation and Ride Record
  • News and Upcoming Events
  • My H-D
  • Further. Faster.
  • Set Your Favorite Dealership

1.1 Ride Planning, Tracking, and GPS Navigation

Wouldn’t it be easy to get all the ride-relevant information in the palm of your hand? Or maybe you prefer the old way or want to go with the paper map. It’ll only waste your time by making you stay time and again on the map.

However, the Harley-Davidson app puts the power of ride planning in the palm of your hand. Always find the best motorcycle routes by using the Harley-Davidson App.

Primarily, the feature that makes this the best of all motorcycle apps is that you can customize everything on this app. Moreover, you can easily add your stops, gas stations, waypoints, and Harley-Davidson dealerships to visit along the way.

The H-D app also comes with a route-saving option that allows you to save your ride details so you can access them later on your laptop or computer if you need them.

Once your route is completed, you can synchronize it with the pre-installed Boom! Box Navigation System. If your bike lacks this feature, you can use real-time GPS navigation to stay on course.

Along with GPS and navigation, the Harley-Davidson App also provides a tracking facility for its users. Once you reach your destination, you can check how far you have traveled and all of the adventures you’ve had along the way.

And, if you are a beginner looking to plan a ride, you should completely rely on the ride plans of other experienced riders. Although this is, comparatively, the best way to find a new place to go.

1.2 News and Upcoming Events

As mentioned above, Harley-Davidson has always been innovative and has come up with new things on a regular basis. So, the Harley-Davidson app will keep you up to date with all the news and upcoming events.

It also provides easy access to connect with the Harley-Davidson community and learn about upcoming events across the country.

1.3 My H-D

This feature allows you to manually customize your riding experience in the app by saving the routes, destinations, and achievements to look back on. Furthermore, you can participate in challenges with other riders in the community. You can gain points for every ride and climb the leaderboard to earn achievements.

1.4 Further. Faster.

Along with the other key features, this app allows you to take a close-up look at all the Harley-Davidson models, motorcycle parts, and rider apparel featured in "Further. Faster."

1.5 Set Your Favorite Dealership

One of the most convenient and user-friendly features of the Harley-Davidson app is that it allows you to save your favorite motorcycle dealership. However, this feature keeps you connected and is a perfect way to stay updated with anything new coming up.

2. How to Download the Harley Davidson App?

You can easily download the Harley-Davidson App on both the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store to make your motorcycle riding experience exquisite.

3. FAQ

3.1 What Makes Harley-Davidson the Best Bikes?

The rider’s comfort, excellent quality, convenience, lavish looks, and exceptional design are some of the fundamentals on the basis of which a motorcycle should be examined. And Harley-Davidson has one hundred percent of such statistics because, from the beginning to the present, Harley-Davidson has never compromised on quality, regardless of their models or makes. Each model has that classy Harley look, a unique design, and a classic design that will never grow old. Followed-up features make Harley-Davidson the best bike in the world.

3.2 What Accessories You Will Need as a Harley-Davidson Bike Owner?



3.3 Is the Harley-Davidson 883 a Good Bike for Beginners?

On account of its performance and massive engine power of 45 hp, the size of its engine, and overall weight, the Harley-Davidson 883 is not a good bike for beginners. It is an overpowered machine for beginners, which makes it hard to control for them.

3.4 Where Can I Rent a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle?

There are a large number of motorcycle rentals around the globe where you can easily rent a Harley-Davidson for your motorcycle riding trips while your bike is being serviced.

In the USA: EagleRider and Riders Share are the big names that manage the rentals.

Outside the USA: Visit an authorized Harley-Davidson Rentals location.

3.5 How Does Harley-Davidson Insurance Work?

USA: All rentals include the state's minimum liability insurance when you pick up your motorcycle. Supplemental liability insurances and damage waivers are available for purchase at most EagleRider stores. More information on insurance and damage/theft waivers can be found here. If you have motorcycle insurance coverage, check with your agent to determine if a rental motorcycle is covered. Also, inquire with your credit card company to see if you are covered by the card's protection.

Outside the USA: Most Harley-Davidson® Authorized Rental dealers offer additional liability, personal accident, and property coverage options with your rental. Check with the dealership to see what insurance options are available. If you have motorcycle insurance coverage, check to see if you are insured when riding a rented motorcycle.

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