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How to Stop Motorcycle Windshield Buffeting

How to Stop Motorcycle Windshield Buffeting

Installing windshields on your motorcycle can protect you from heavy winds while riding. Heavy winds can be dangerous since they can cause loss of vision and increase the likelihood of getting into a motorcycle crash. However, despite being built to block the incoming wind, windshields can also cause turbulence known as windshield buffeting. Windshield buffeting can cause riders to suffer headaches and become fatigued during long rides. Read this article to learn how to stop motorcycle windshield buffeting.

1. What is Motorcycle Windshield Buffeting?

As a motorcycle windshield blocks incoming wind, a vacuum is formed between the rider and the windscreen, resulting in cluttered airflow that can cause discomfort for riders.

2. How to Stop Motorcycle Windshield Buffeting

Motorcycle windshield buffeting is a natural phenomenon, but it can be reduced or prevented by using the tips listed below:

2.1 Proper Installation

The first thing you need to do if you are experiencing windshield buffeting is check that the windshield is installed correctly. Windshield buffeting can be due to a loose windshield that is vibrating excessively due to its mounting bolts being loose.

2.2 Using an Appropriate-Sized Windshield

If the wind is able to get into your helmet from underneath, it means you are using an incorrectly-sized windshield. Wind entering your helmet from underneath can cause it to vibrate and push your head backward, resulting in discomfort. Make sure to adjust the height of your windshield to match your height. The windshield must be tall enough so the wind passes over your helmet or at least blows at eye level.

2.3 Wear an Appropriately-Sized Helmet

Sometimes wind buffeting is not due to the windshield installed on your motorcycle but your helmet. Wearing an incorrectly-sized helmet can cause an irregular airflow around the helmet. This can cause a distraction and cause more pressure to be exerted on your head and neck which could result in pain in the upper body and a headache.

2.4 Create a Gap Between the Windshield and Fairing

One possible solution to prevent wind buffeting is to reduce the size of the vacuum between the windshield and the rider by directing the wind to the gap between the windshield and the fairing. Most modern motorcycles have gaps between their windscreens and fairings to reduce wind buffeting. This gap only allows a small amount of airflow to pass through it. If your motorcycle does not have a gap between the windshield and fairing, you can install spacers to create a gap.

2.5 Install Lower Fairing

To check the airflow around your motorcycle, you will need to ride on open roads. Sometimes, the lower half of the front fairing may deflect the wind toward your chest and helmet. To prevent this, you can install lower fairings to instead deflect the airflow toward your legs. The lower fairings are installed below the front fairing on both sides.

2.6 Install an Aftermarket Windshield

If the stock windshield on your motorcycle provides inadequate wind protection and causes wind buffeting, there are several aftermarket options available on the market to choose from.

3. Takeaway

Riding a motorcycle without a windscreen can be unpleasant for most riders, especially on highways and open roads. It is important to install a windscreen and a fairing on your motorcycle to protect your eyes from dust, block incoming wind, and ensure a comfortable riding experience. Despite being wind protection, motorcycle windshields can be the cause of turbulence and wind buffeting, resulting in an extremely uncomfortable riding experience. If you experience motorcycle windshield buffeting, you can follow the steps covered in this article to prevent it and ensure your safety while riding.

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