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How to Fix Saggy Motorcycle Saddlebags

How to Fix Saggy Motorcycle Saddlebags

Motorcycle saddlebags not only can improve your motorcycle’s storage capacity but also its aesthetics. If you love touring and long-distance riding, saddlebags are essential to carry luggage on your motorcycle. The cruiser and touring bike look would also be incomplete without saddlebags. However, leather saddlebags become saggy after constant use for several years. They lose their shape and make your motorcycle look ugly. It becomes difficult to store stuff in saggy saddlebags. Read this article to learn how to fix saggy saddlebags.

1. How to Fix Saggy Saddlebags

Fixing saggy saddlebags can be easy as it only requires installing a metal frame to help them retain their firm shape again. You do not need to remove the saddlebags or weld them to return them to their original shape.

1.1 Using Saddlebags Stiffeners

Ride Solutionz Bag Iron Saddlebag System

Open the lids of the saddlebags and unscrew the bolts without removing them from the motorcycle. Install the Ride Solutionz frames into the openings of the saddlebags. Saddlebags usually lose their shape due to constantly opening and closing the lids. When you install the Ride Solutionz frames in the saddlebags, it causes them to stretch into a rectangular shape, restoring their original look. The Ride Solutionz Bag Iron Saddlebag System is a simple and easy-to-install frame that does not require any nuts and bolts for installation.

Papa Bags Saddlebags Stiffener

There are several other saddlebag stiffeners available in the market to help restore the shape and look of your saddlebags. One such product is the Papa Bags saddlebags stiffener. It has a thicker frame, ensuring better support for saggy saddlebags. The Papa Bags saddlebags stiffener is also easy to install and does not require any drilling and screwing.

Unscrew the mounting bolts without removing the saddlebag from the motorcycle and insert the stiffener frame into the opening. Using a wrench, tighten the bolts after installing the stiffener. It provides a firm structure that extends the corners of the saggy saddlebag on all sides.

1.2 Customized Complete Saddlebags Stiffener Kit Installation

You can also install plastic stiffeners separately inside the bag and the lid. This can help give your saddlebag a new look. The plastic stiffeners are carefully designed to fit the size of individual saddlebags. To install the complete stiffener kit, the saddlebags will need to be removed from the motorcycle, including all the rivets and bolts.

After the rivets are removed, push the plastic stiffener inside the saddlebag until it fits against the walls through to the base. Reinsert the rivets to hold the plastic stiffener in place. Similarly, you install the plastic stiffener for the lid by removing the rivets and leather straps to be reinstalled later. Using a drill, drill holes into the plastic stiffener where you will reinsert the rivets and leather straps.

1.3 Other Ways to Restore the Shape of Your Saddlebags?

Minor wrinkles and deformation in the saddlebags can be treated by soaking them in hot water for half an hour. This makes the leather soft and malleable, then you can restore the saddlebags to their original shapes by filling them with newspaper until they fully stretch out.

2. Final Words

Saddlebags become saggy over time as they lose their original shape and texture due to constantly being handled. If you want to maintain the look of your saddlebags, there are several ways to fix their shapes. By installing stiffener frames and kits, you can restore the saddlebags to their original classic looks.

If you love to go on motorcycle tours, it is good to make sure your motorcycle has adequate storage capacity. Viking Bags offers various motorcycle luggage bags, including saddlebags, handlebar bags, sissy bar bags, tank bags, and trunk bags to carry more stuff on trips. You can also improve your riding experience by installing a sissy bar, backrest, crash bar, and fairing on your motorcycle.

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