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How to Stay in Riding Shape Over the Holidays

How to Stay in Riding Shape Over the Holidays

Motorcycle riding is a healthy activity that requires the active involvement of the body and mind. If you ride a motorcycle every day, you may feel stiffness in your muscles, particularly in the arms and calves. If you are a fitness freak, you know how bad holidays can be for your fitness routine and healthy diet. During holidays, people often eat a lot of junk food full of carbs, fat, and sugar. Holidays also promote a sedentary lifestyle as you binge eat and drink while watching movies and sitting still on your couch all day.

For those passionate motorcycle riders who want to stay in riding shape over the holidays, this article brings a list of exercises, gym workouts, and activities to help work the body and mind.


1. Exercises

1.1 Push-Ups


One of the most basic exercises that you can do anywhere, even in your garage, is push-ups. Some fitness freaks consider push-ups as only a warm-up exercise; however, it is a full-body workout that improves stamina and core muscle strength. Push-ups mainly target the upper body and have several variations depending on skill level. These variations include hand-release pushups, diamond/triangle push-ups, knee push-ups, knuckle push-ups, and decline push-ups. While doing push-ups, the abdominal muscles help keep the body rigid and put pressure on the biceps, triceps, chest muscles, hip muscles, and spine. Spend at least 10 mins doing standard push-ups.

1.2 Chin-Ups / Pull-Ups

Chin-Ups / Pull-Ups

Photo Credit: @Today

Chin-ups and pull-ups are foundation exercises that work most of your body’s muscles as you lift your body’s entire weight. However, most people cannot perform these exercises at home as they require a hanging rod or a bar.

Chin-ups and pull-ups can keep you flexible and active. Pull-ups and chin-ups y target the wrists, biceps, wings, back, and shoulder muscles. They can be performed by hanging the body from a rod or bar and pulling your body up using your arms and hands.

1.3 Planks


Photo Credit: @Master Class

Planks are also beginner-level exercise that targets the core and abdominal muscles. First, you need to lie down with your belly facing the ground. Lift your body with your forearms and toes while keeping your neck straight. If you want to make it more challenging, you can try lifting one of your legs at a time while staying in the plank position. Planks do not involve reps or sets as it is a form. Start by staying in this position for 30 seconds before gradually increasing the time.

1.4 Squats


Squats are another good exercise that does not require machinery or even a mat. It mainly works the lower body muscles, including the front and back of the thighs, hips, buttocks, and groin muscles. Squats also target your body’s core muscles to help improve body strength.

First, start by standing straight before gradually bending your knees until you are positioned as if sitting in a chair. You can balance your body weight by keeping your back forward and hands straight. While doing squats, make sure to keep your feet planted on the floor. Do not fully rest on your feet and keep your hips level or above your knees. Do a minimum of 15 reps before increasing the time spend in the squat position.

1.5 Walking Lunges

Walking Lunges

Photo Credit: @Exercise Encyclopedia

Walking lunges work the lower body muscles and improve your core strength and balance. Walking lunges requires taking wide steps forward while keeping both knees bent, the foot forward, and the back knee on the ground. A person should also keep his/her back straight while performing walking lunges. It primarily targets the hamstrings, calves, and thigh muscles and improves core strength.

1.6 Stretches


Photo Credit: @Men’s Health

Stretches can help keep your body active and flexible. Most people have a busy routine that wears them down mentally and can cause muscle soreness. Most activities or exercises do not involve working every muscle. Stretches can target and keep every muscle active. It is possible to practice stretching at home, at a park, or in a garage.

1.7 Walking and Jogging

Walking and Jogging

Photo Credit: @Very Well Fit

Walking and jogging can help build stamina and core strength and burns extra calories. If you want to lose weight and stay fit, healthy, and in shape, you should try jogging every day. Walking and jogging in the morning in an open space like a park or a jogging track can have several health benefits. Fresh air and natural scenery can help improve your mood. Jogging is also a good way to lose extra fats and carbs you gained over the holidays to help you stay in riding shape.

2. Head to the Gym

If you think that you have gained a lot of weight and cannot get back into shape with simple exercises alone, head to the gym to access machinery for extreme workouts. There are several exercise machines you can use in the gym to target all the core muscles necessary to stay in riding shape.

2.1 Leg Press Machine

Leg Press Machine

Photo Credit: @Atlantis Strength

The leg press machine helps strengthen your lower body by working your calves and thigh muscles, requiring your legs to hold and push the weight. Though the leg press machine looks simple, it should be used carefully to avoid injury.


2.2 Chest Fly Machine

Chest Fly Machine

Photo Credit: @Very Well Fit

The chest fly is one of the most popular gym machines that target the upper body, particularly the chest region. It can help you strengthen your core muscles in the upper body. The chest fly also helps keep your upper body and spine straight. Though it primarily targets your chest, it also works your arms muscles and strengthens your grip.

2.3 Cable Machine for Triceps Extensions

Cable Machine for Triceps Extensions

Photo Credit: @Lauren Gleisberg

The cable machine for triceps extension is often used to help warm up. As you stand straight, you pull the rope downwards by gripping both ends of the rope with your hands. It targets the triceps and helps improve your arm and grip strength.

2.4 Chest Press / Bench Press

Chest Press / Bench Press

Photo Credit: @Iron Man Magazine

The chest press or bench press is an effective way to improve upper body strength and balance. If you are a beginner, you can use the chest press machine for balancing weight on both sides. The chest press helps improve muscle strength and can help you better lift and push heavy weights.


3. Get Involved in Healthy Activities

3.1 Cycling

Cycling improves your cardiovascular health and overall body strength. Cycling for at least 30 mins every day can reduce the likelihood of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and obesity. It is a fun and light form of exercise suited for riders of all ages. You can also use a cycle to get to school or work.

3.2 Yoga

Yoga involves multiple poses and relaxing positions that keep you fit and benefit your mental health. Yoga is suited for all ages. Most yoga poses do not require0 multiple and continuous reps and can be done at a leisurely pace.

3.3 Karate

Learning a new discipline is a good way to keep your mind and body active. Karate is a good activity to start with since it can help improve body and bone strength. Karate can also help you get away from a sedentary lifestyle.

3.4 Swimming

Just as walking and jogging involve working the whole body, swimming also requires working every muscle. Swimming involves using both your upper and lower body to propel yourself through the water.

3.5 Sports

Sports can help keep you fit and improve your cognition, decision-making, and reaction time. Sports like football, basketball, badminton, tennis, and cricket can improve both physical and mental health.

3.6 Gaming

Playing video games is not often considered a good form of exercise. However, it can be a good form of brain exercise. You can improve your decision-making skills and reaction time. If you want to become an expert motorcycle rider, you need to be responsive and make quick decisions to avoid sudden, incoming hazards.

4. Why are Physical Strength, Strong Muscles, and an Active Mind Important for Motorcycle Riding?

Motorcycle riding requires exerting several body muscles and remaining active mentally and physically to improve safety on a motorcycle ride. Arm, spine, back, hands’ grip, and calves need to be strengthened to ensure better control while riding. If you are a fan of adventure or touring bikes and love to go on long-distance rides, these characteristics will help when riding continuously for hours and traveling over rough and challenging terrains.


5. Final Words

For fitness freaks, holidays can be detrimental to your healthy routine and diet. As motorcycle riding requires good physical and mental health, it is important to you stay in shape over the holidays by exercising at home or at the gym. If you only want to stay in shape and active without having to spend money or pay registration fees for fitness clubs, simple exercises should be adequate to stay fit. Gyms are for lifting heavy weights and bodybuilding. You can also participate in sports, martial arts, and other activities, like karate and swimming.

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