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Viking Bags Motorcycle Fairings 101 Guide

Viking Bags Motorcycle Fairings 101 Guide

1. Purpose of Motorcycle Fairings

Motorcycle fairings are panels that can be fixed along the length of your vehicle to help accessorize its appearance and reduce wind resistance. They are also useful for shielding your motorcycle from flying debris and increasing your level of comfort as you ride at high speed. They are typically made out of fiberglass, aluminum, carbon fiber, polymers and, other durable materials. It is possible to mount them in front of the headlight(s), along the sides, or towards the tank and exhaust pipes.

If you are interested in purchasing a motorcycle fairing, this guide will give you a detailed overview of what Viking Bags has in stock.

2. Types Of Motorcycle Fairings

Because motorcycle fairings are built with a universal design and can be fitted to custom models, it is possible to mount this equipment on a variety of motorcycle models that fall under the Harley-Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Victory, Indian, and Triumph categories.

All versions of the motorcycle fairings are built to satisfy both aesthetic appeal and functionality. But there are variations between models as some have more practical features or place extra emphasis on style than others. Depending on the motorcycle model you own, you may require an option that best accommodates your needs. Listed below are the various types of motorcycle fairings you can choose from:

  • Quarter fairings: The most common option that comes with stock-standard motorcycles. This version encompasses the headlight.
  • Half fairings: This version covers the upper area of the front of the motorcycle which offers better aerodynamics while keeping the lower area exposed.
  • Full fairings: This version offers a full-sized windscreen that covers both the upper and lower areas of the motorcycle. Though they add extra weight, they help improve the level of comfort and stability while riding at high speed.
  • Handlebar fairings: This version encompasses the handlebars which make it easier to attach and protect gadgets that are attached.
  • Wheel fairings: This version encompasses both the front and back wheels to help prevent debris from hitting the rider.

3. Most Popular Motorcycle Fairings

Whether standard or custom-made, there are motorcycle fairings that stand out from the others in the market. The unique examples have specific features that either increase their functionality or improve the riding experience.

The Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing is a customizable product built from ABS plastic and layered with Lucite polymer. The windshields can be fitted in three sizes or painted with seven colors. It is easy to mount or remove thanks to the No-Tool Trigger-Lock mounting kit which uses a quick disconnect system. It is also possible to include a windshield tri-pouch to increase your motorcycle’s storage capacity.

The Arlen Ness Original Fairing Kit is constructed out of ABS plastic and includes a plexiglass windshield to help protect the rider from flying debris. This product is a universal fit as it can be mounted onto almost every motorcycle model. To aid with this, the universal mounting brackets can have their position adjusted depending on what model and where it is being mounted.

The Maier GP Sport Fairing is constructed out of ABS plastic and includes an acrylic windshield to help protect the rider from flying debris while giving your vehicle a stylish look. This product is a universal fit as it can be mounted onto almost every motorcycle model. However, because it can be fitted to different kinds of motorcycles, custom-made mounts or modifications would have to be purchased separately.

The National Cycle Wave Fairing is built from a polycarbonate material with FMR hard coating to ensure it is long-lasting and durable. This product is easy to mount and remove thanks to the quick disconnect system. The chrome quick release brackets and rake adjustability makes it easy to reposition it to your preferences.

The Burly Outlaw Bikini Fairing is made out of ABS plastic and includes an acrylic windshield which is able to withstand flying debris without cracking. This product is a universal fit as it can be mounted onto almost every motorcycle model. In order to mount it to a motorcycle, you would have to attach the heavy duty steel brackets. It is possible to adjust its positioning thanks to the adjustable clamps.

4. Types of Motorcycle Fairing Mounts

Depending on whether you rely on your motorcycle as a regular means of transportation or only take it out of the garage for long excursions, this may determine whether you want motorcycle fairings that are easy to install or difficult to budge. Included with your purchase of a motorcycle fairing, you are given mounting hardware to aid in installation. When mounting your motorcycle fairing, you either have the option of using a quick disconnect or hard mount system.

The quick disconnect system saves time by being easy to attach to your motorcycle. You are able to fasten or remove it from your vehicle within a few seconds. It is convenient if you do not operate your motorcycle everyday.

The hard mount method offers a more permanent and hardier means of keeping your motorcycle fairing fixed to your ride. Though it takes longer to mount or remove, this method helps the motorcycle fairing remain tightly fastened. Even in the face of the elements, the motorcycle handlebars will not be easily loosened.

5. Tips On How To Select Motorcycle Fairings

As you continue to browse for motorcycle fairing, you may have trouble narrowing down your choices. If you are presented with a plethora of options, it can be hard to determine which is the best choice for your specific motorcycle model. You may have difficulty deciding the criteria for what you are looking for in motorcycle fairing and determining which ones satisfy your concepts of functionality or style. Here is a list of suggestions for how to go about selecting the best motorcycle fairing for you:

  • For weight, be mindful that any motorcycle fairings you mount to your motorcycle will affect handling and gas consumption.
  • For the fitting, it is possible to attach motorcycle fairings of various sizes, but versions that are closer to the OEM measurements tend to fit best and reduce wind resistance
  • For placement, it is possible to attach a motorcycle fairing to either the frame or fork which will affect the handling, turn radius, and stability depending on its position.
  • For style, a motorcycle fairing can come in different colors, finishes, and glosses which gives you a large selection for your vehicle’s look.
  • Pick motorcycle fairing that is within an acceptable price range and is designed to fit the model you own

6. How To Install Your Motorcycle Fairings

At Viking Bags, you are provided an installation guide that you can download for free before or after purchasing your motorcycle fairing. The instructions are easy-to-follow so that the process of mounting your new equipment is quick and simple. Here are the step-by-step directions for how to install your motorcycle fairing:

  1. Prop up your motorcycle using the kickstand and clean the area where you plan to attach the motorcycle fairing
  2. Assemble the pieces of the motorcycle fairing and the windshield
  3. Position fairing brackets over the intended position and fasten them to your motorcycle using a screwdriver
  4. Position fairing forks at the upper fork, but do not fully tighten with a screwdriver until you are ready to place the motorcycle fairing
  5. Move the motorcycle fairing into place so that it fits into the grooves
  6. Align adjustment brackets with both the fairing brackets and fork brackets
  7. Position adjustment brackets before fully fastening all of the components
  8. Make sure the motorcycle fairing is facing the correct direction and make adjustment accordingly

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