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Top 6 Cameras to Take Pictures of Your Ride

Top 6 Cameras to Take Pictures of Your Ride

Motorcycle touring has become a popular worldwide trend. People love seeing and taking pictures of new and beautiful places. Modern gadgets have made it easier to record videos, take pictures, help you navigate, and stay in touch with friends and family. Useful gadgets, especially cameras, can help make your motorcycle trips more enjoyable. This article covers a list of the top six cameras to capture images of your ride.

1. DSLR Cameras

DSLR Cameras
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Although DSLR cameras are slightly heavier than most other pocket-sized digital cameras, they can take high-quality pictures. This camera can make your trip more memorable by taking photos of the scenery and friends accompanying you. However, you cannot use a DSLR camera while riding and is slightly heavier if you carry a separate lens. The latest DSLR cameras can also record videos.

Because DSLR cameras provide high-quality pictures, they are more expensive than other cameras. A DSLR camera can cost $450 to $850 depending on the brand and quality. However, an entry-level DSLR camera usually costs less than $450.

2. Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones
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Almost everyone owns a mobile phone these days. A person cannot survive without an android or an IOS smartphone in this technological world. An excellent mobile phone also comes with a camera that can take high-quality pictures and record videos. With a good camera phone, you can also upload and share any images or videos with your friends, families, and others. Mobile phones are important because they help you stay in contact with friends and family, provide directions when navigating, and can play music while riding.

Mobile phones are also easy to carry since they can be put in your pocket and can also be mounted to your motorcycle’s handlebars. This makes it easy to access your phone, play music, make a call, and use a GPS.

3. Helmet Camera

3.1 GoPro

Photo Credit: @expertreviews

The GoPro Hero 10 is a multi-purpose camera that can be mounted on a helmet or handlebars. A GoPro camera is popularly used to record videos of sports, including skateboarding, skiing, running, and motorcycling.

A GoPro camera, also known as an action camera, is often used by travel vloggers and social media influencers nowadays. YouTubers widely use helmet-mounted cameras to record them test-driving motorcycles and making motorcycle review videos. With helmet-mounted cameras, riders can focus on the road ahead and are aware of their surroundings while riding and making a video at the same time.

The latest GoPro Hero 10 provides high-quality images and videos. You can capture images that provide good views of the motorcycle, road, and traffic. The GoPro Hero 10 is an amazing camera with 20-megapixel picture quality and 5K video quality.

4. Drone Camera

Drone Camera
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Drones are an emerging technology that has not been utilized to their full extent. Many big cargo and food delivery companies plan to use drones to deliver parcels and food. However, drone cameras are widely used to capture aerial views of events and gatherings. Many amazing videos and images of motorcycles were captured by drone cameras. You do not need to worry about controlling a drone with a remote while riding a motorcycle as the latest drones come with a tracking feature that follows you wherever you go. Though these types of drones are expensive, entry-level drones like the Snaptain S5C can record a video with 1080-pixel quality.

5. A 360° Camera

A 360° Camera
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A 360° camera can easily rotate towards almost every side and angle. It can easily be mounted to your motorcycle or your helmet, providing a clear view of your motorcycle while it is in motion. A 360° camera also comes with a display screen that can be rotated to help you better view videos.

Many brands compete with each other to create the best 360° cameras. However, the most popular and advanced 360° camera is the new Insta360 X3. Able to be mounted on a motorcycle or a helmet, the Insta360 X3 comes with two camera lenses on both sides of the camera. You can switch to the single camera lens mode or dual camera lens mode for a 360° view. The Insta360 X3 is also waterproof and has a large battery. The Insta360 X3 is a lightweight gadget that can be easily carried in your pocket when it is not mounted. The Insta360 XS has a base price of $450.

6. Dash Cam

Dash Cam
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A dash cam can be fitted to your motorcycle’s fairing, front fork, or rear end to provide a clear front or rear view. It also comes with a separate small display screen with different options, allowing you to connect the dash cam to your phone if you wish to watch live on your phone’s screen. Dash cams can be installed on all vehicles, especially cars and trucks. However, they can also be mounted onto motorcycles. Dash cams also provide good-quality images and videos of yourself or the road ahead depending on which direction you point the dash cam. They remain firmly mounted on your motorbike and do not vibrate to ensure clear images.

7. Takeaway

Motorcycle touring can be a fun and exciting activity. When going on a long-distance motorcycle ride, you make unforgettable memories and get to see new places. If you want to relive those memories and remind yourself of the best moments of a trip, you should carry a reliable camera capable of recording high-quality videos and taking good pictures. Many cameras can be securely mounted to your motorcycles, providing a clear view of the front, rear, and sides. Also, if you are a travel Vlogger or make motorcycle review videos, you can use any of the cameras discussed in this article to record or take pictures of your ride in the highest possible quality.

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