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How to Find Color-Matched Touring Motorcycle Luggage

How to Find Color-Matched Touring Motorcycle Luggage

Motorcycle touring luggage bags have become an indispensable accessory for all motorcyclists whether they ride a standard street bike, a power cruiser, an adventure motorcycle, or a fully-decked bagger. Motorcycle luggage bags owe their popularity to their ability to enhance the storage capacity of the motorcycle, making it a more practical and comfortable mode of transportation. What started as a wartime motorcycle feature, eventually became a standard accessory in bagger motorcycles from highly prominent motorcycle manufacturers, especially Harley Davidson. As more people developed an interest in experiential motorcycle travel, the demand for motorcycle touring luggage surged exponentially.

Over the years, motorcycle luggage bags have taken on multiple roles. Initially, motorcycle luggage bags were only responsible for accommodating riders’ essentials, but now, they provide ease of access, theft protection, water repellency, and optimal visibility. In addition, contemporary motorcycle luggage bags also play a key role in augmenting a bike’s styling and aesthetics. Besides OEM manufacturers, the principal acclaim for the evolution and progress of the motorcycle luggage industry is also attributed to aftermarket motorcycle luggage bag manufacturers, such as Viking Bags, as these brands helped broaden the customization options for riders by introducing luggage bags with different finishes, textures, shapes, and designs.

However, despite the availability of a wide assortment of motorcycle luggage bags, many riders still struggle to find color-matched luggage bags. While black motorcycle luggage collections are readily available with OEM and aftermarket luggage bag manufacturers, color-coordinated options are still few and far between. This article explores different places where you are likely to find luggage bags that are a perfect match for your bike’s original paint scheme.

1. What Are Color-Matched Motorcycle Luggage Bags?

What Are Color-Matched Motorcycle Luggage Bags
Photo credit: @Harley Davidson

Color-matched motorcycle touring luggage bags are storage accessories that feature the same color as your bike’s specific paint job. These luggage bags are first manufactured by OEM brands, typically at the time of the launch of a new model. Since manufacturers offer bikes in different paint schemes, it is common practice to also design color-matched optional accessories, including luggage bags. Aftermarket motorcycle luggage brands follow suit after the motorcycle is launched or its colorways are revealed. The main reason behind the increasing popularity of color-matched options is that they help create a highly appealing uniform look by seamlessly blending with the original paint scheme of a particular motorcycle.

Riders who custom paint their motorcycles may also require color-matched luggage bags; however, in this scenario, finding one at an OEM store will be challenging. If a paint scheme is not available in a motorcycle manufacturer’s lineup, it is also likely to be absent from their optional luggage catalog. Aftermarket color-matched luggage bags help fill this gap, offering color-coordinated and well-polished luggage pieces that reflect riders’ individual color preferences.

2. Types of Color-Matched Touring Motorcycle Luggage

The modern motorcycle luggage industry has invented more than 10 types of luggage bags, including saddlebags, roll bags, tank bags, tour packs, tail bags, specialized backpacks, sissy bar bags, motorcycle trunks, handlebar bags, fork bags, swingarm bags, tool bags, windshield bags, and more. However, when it comes to color-matched options, the choices shrink to hard saddlebags or side panniers and tour packs or top cases, while soft and leather luggage bags mostly feature black or brown finish. You may be able to find a few soft luggage options in vibrant hues, but their color may not match your bike’s paint scheme.

Indian Challenger limited
Photo credit: @Indian Motorcycles

This is because hard saddlebags and tour packs are crafted from ABS plastic or fiberglass, which can be easily molded or painted to get the desired color and finish. Moreover, most motorcycles boast a high-gloss metallic finish that can only be achieved on plastic. On the other hand, soft and leather luggage is crafted from synthetic leather, nylon, Cordura, canvas, or polyester. While these materials can also be dyed, achieving an exact color match is extremely challenging if not impossible. Consequently, you will find soft luggage in a wider array of colors that would be appealing but non-color-coordinated. Similarly, if riders choose to custom paint their motorcycles, along with luggage bags, they will be better equipped to achieve a seamless color match if they own hard luggage bags.

3. Available Finishes for Color-Matched Motorcycle Luggage

Available Finishes for Color-Matched Motorcycle Luggage
Photo credit: @Kawasaki Motorcycles
Harley Chopped Tour Pack - Golden White Pearl
Photo credit: @Harley Davidson

Color-matched luggage bags for motorcycles come in different finishes to accommodate riders’ preferences and match their bike’s finishes. Modern motorcycles feature a wide range of paint options, including high-gloss, matte, pearlized, satin, textured, candy, flake, duo-tone, metallic, and even chameleon paint finishes. To precisely match the bike’s paint finish, color-matched hard luggage bags also offer these finishes.

4. Pros and Cons of Color-Matched Motorcycle Luggage Bags

Harley Color-Matched King Tour Pack - Blue Burst
Photo credit: @Harley Davidson

From customization to aesthetic appeal and even retention of resale value, color-matched luggage bags for motorcycles boast many benefits. However, they also have many downsides other than being highly difficult to find. To get more insight into the pros and cons of color-matched motorcycle luggage, check out the chart below.

Color-Matched Motorcycle Touring Luggage Bags
Pros Cons
Color-matched luggage excels at improving the bike’s allure and charm by imparting a seamlessly uniform look. Compared to black luggage bags, color-matched options can be more expensive, especially if you purchase OEM ones.
If well-maintained, potential buyers show great interest in bikes with color-matched accessories, especially luggage bags. Therefore, color-matched luggage bags can influence your bike’s resale value. Since exact color-matching is only possible on hard luggage bags, they restrict choices and also affect a bike’s storage capacity.
In the event of a scratch, color-matched hard luggage bags can be painted the same color as your bike, as finding the right color from the hardware store is less challenging. While it is possible to re-paint the color-matched hard luggage if it experiences scratches, since color-matched luggage is usually crafted from plastic, it lacks impact resistance and can break easily in the event of a crash. Replacing a broken or damaged color-matched luggage bag can be quite challenging.
OEM color-matched luggage bags may be available as an optional accessory for the latest models, but they are designed specifically for your bike, offering you the desired aesthetics and value for money. Plus, it reduces the effort to find the right match. Due to their specificity, color-matched luggage bags are only compatible with a particular motorcycle model. Their lack of universality hinders you from using them on other motorcycles.
Hard color-matched OEM and aftermarket luggage bags can be adorned with a multitude of finishes, allowing you to express your creative genius.
They are easier to maintain. Regular cleaning sessions and occasional waxing will preserve their color, finish, and appeal for a long while.

5. Where to Find Color-Matched Touring Motorcycle Luggage

Where to Find Color-Matched Touring Motorcycle Luggage
Photo credit: @Kawasaki Motorcycles

To find color-matched touring motorcycle luggage bags, a strategic search approach is necessary. Simply typing ‘color-matched motorcycle luggage bags’ in the Google search bar may yield limited results. Locating the exact color-matched luggage for your bike can be time-intensive without knowing where to look. However, you may have better luck finding a color-matched piece in a second-hand market, at a motorcycle shop, or at a motorcycle show, where options not available at the OEM and aftermarket suppliers may be found. In essence, expanding the scope of your search can lead to discovering the perfect piece. Here are some suggestions to help you begin your search.

5.1 Official Websites of Different Motorcycle Manufacturers

On their official websites, motorcycle manufacturers not only introduce their bikes but also display different accessories and luggage options for customized configuration. Whether you visit the official websites of Triumph, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Indian, Harley Davidson, or any other motorcycle brand, you will find a separate page of accessories for the configuration of each model available in their latest lineups. Likely, the brand has also launched a line of accessories and luggage for motorcycles, so make sure you visit these web pages. However, on the official website, you will only find color-matched luggage for the latest bikes. If you own an older model, these luggage bags may not be compatible with your bike. Be sure to consult customer service for details before making your purchase, even if you find the right color.

5.2 Authorized Motorcycle Dealerships

Authorized motorcycle dealerships sell original manufacturer equipment (OEM) luggage bags and may be better equipped to help you find a color-matched tour pack or saddlebags even for an older model. By purchasing a color-coordinated motorcycle bag directly from the dealership, you can ensure fitment compatibility of the product with your bike as well.

5.3 Online Aftermarket Motorcycle Luggage Stores

Many aftermarket motorcycle luggage manufacturers have developed a name for themselves and are well-reputed for their expertise. One such example is Viking Bag fall under this category. If you are unable to find a color-matched luggage option at authorized dealerships or on the official websites of motorcycle manufacturers, be sure to check these online aftermarket luggage stores. Even if you find the right match, you must still browse aftermarket motorcycle luggage collections to compare prices and specialized features.

5.4 Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy help you connect with lesser-known brands that are new in the market but offer high-quality color-matched motorcycle luggage bags. These online marketplaces make it easier to compare prices, explore different brands, and also provide reliable customer reviews to help you shortlist luggage bags. It is recommended that you search specific terms, such as ‘color-matched motorcycle tour packs’ or color-matched motorcycle saddlebags, to yield accurate search results.

5.5 Online Motorcycle Forums & Social Media Groups

Thanks to the digital network and social media platforms, the global motorcycle community has been knitted into one fabric. Motorcycle enthusiasts owning bikes from different brands from around the world can share ideas, and suggestions, and even recommend products through social media groups. Moreover, motorcycle brands have also created official forums where motorcyclists can post queries and get prompt support not only from the brands’ customer service but also from motorcycle community members. When looking for color-matched motorcycle luggage, be sure to check social media pages and motorcycle forums.

5.6 Second Hand Market

It is also possible to find color-matched luggage bags through online secondhand marketplaces, as many riders sell their motorcycle accessories when looking to upgrade. Some of the best places to find second-hand color-matched motorcycle luggage bags are Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. It is worth mentioning that finding the right piece at a second-hand market can be considered a chance occurrence as the color you need may not be available. Therefore, if you need a color-matched luggage bag immediately, then a second-hand marketplace may prove to be an unreliable source.

5.7 Motorcycle Events

At motorcycle events, different vendors offer merchandise and motorcycle accessories, including color-matched luggage. However, much like second-hand marketplaces, finding an exact color match and the right fitment is a happenstance.

5.8 Speciality Motorcycle Shops

Specialty motorcycle shops tend to create custom pieces to create work portfolios and showcase their artwork. When finding color-matched hard luggage for your bike, check with local motorcycle custom paint and specialty shops. If they don’t have the piece, they will help you create your color-matched luggage bag.

6. Last Words

Color-matched touring motorcycle luggage bags are in high demand due to their distinct aesthetic appeal and ability to complement the bike’s OEM paint finish. However, there is still a large gap in the demand and supply chain, making it difficult for riders to find luggage bags with spot-on colors and fitment. Luckily, there are some places where you can find desired pieces, provided you limit your search to hard luggage, particularly fiberglass or ABS plastic tour packs and saddlebags/side panniers.

When looking for color-matched luggage bags for newer models, be sure to search OEM sources, manufacturers’ official websites, and authorized dealerships. For older motorcycles, check with aftermarket luggage brands and online marketplaces. During your search, keep checking Craigslist and other second-hand marketplaces, as you might be able to find the ideal color-matched luggage bag.

If you remain unable to find the right color luggage after exhausting all the options, choose an affordable black hard luggage bag and get it custom-painted to match your bike’s paint job. Viking Bags offers a large selection of black hard tour packs and saddlebags in different sizes and storage capacities at highly competitive prices, which will keep the overall price of your luggage bags on the lower side even if you opt for custom painting options.

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