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BMW Motorrad USA and Backcountry Discovery Routes Unveil New Northern California BDR Route

BMW Motorrad USA and Backcountry Discovery Routes Unveil New Northern California BDR Route

Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR) is an esteemed non-profit organization working for years to promote off-road and adventure motorcycle riding in the U.S. The organization discovers and establishes new routes in the wilderness and remote areas all over the U.S. for adventure riders to have more fun and enjoy a fresh experience of a newly explored route every time they plan a motorcycle tour. If you want to explore the beauty of your country and plan an adventure tour, visit the BRD’s official website to get more information and inspiration from the hard work the organization puts in to serve the motorcycling community. Continue reading this news post to learn about the latest collaboration between the BDR and BMW to unveil the Northern California route.

BMW Motorrad USA and Backcountry Discovery Routes Unveil New Northern California BDR Route
Photo credit: @Cycle World

BMW Motorrad USA has always been an integral partner of the BDR for a very long time and this is the 3rd time both organizations have collaborated to establish a newly unveiled adventure and dual-sport route.

The unveiled Northern California route by the BDR in collaboration with BMW is extended to 940 miles of true scenic experiences, starting from Mammoth Lakes in California. This extended route comprises several breathtaking views and experiences, including the adventurous spots in the desert of Madoc Plateau and the hills, paddocks, and woods of the Great Sierra, Nevada. The route finally ends at the Oregon border outside of Alturas, California. Along with the natural scenic topographies, riders will also get to witness the old locations and towns that have a history of more than 140 years.

BMW Motorrad USA and Backcountry Discovery Routes Unveil New Northern California BDR Route2
Photo credit: @BMW Group Press Club

Ron West, who is serving as the Board Member at the BDR and the architect of the Northern California BDR Route expresses his excitement at the launch of the newly unveiled BDR route:

“This route, born of countless scouting trips over the last five years, captures the essence of a remote and beautiful Northern California, one that may be difficult for the casual tourist to comprehend. But we found it! Just as countless adventurers before you from California’s earliest days seeking gold or a new beginning, so can you find your adventure by simply downloading and following the tracks laid before you. Eureka!”

Richard Few, a guest rider from the BMW Motorrad USA and the trainer at the BMW U.S. Rider Academy in Greer, South Carolina, got the opportunity to ride alongside the BDR team to explore the newly unveiled route.

Richie Few, on his experience of exploring the BDR route, said:

“Riding the BDR on a BMW R 1250 GS gave me new insights that will help us better prepare students who are training for their first or fifth BDR. We have been teaching students important skills, from their very first MSF course to getting them ready for a once-in-a-lifetime ride through Africa, for many years. If you can dream it, we can get you ready for it. So, I invite everyone to join us in South Carolina and take a class at the BMW U.S. Rider Academy. Together, we can help make that dream a reality.”

BMW Motorrad USA extends its support to BDR for various good reasons which include providing more options to adventure riders and making off-road touring safer for the motorcycling community.

Luciana Francisco, the Head of the Brand and Marketing Department at BMW Motorrad USA, also shared his views regarding the newly unveiled BDR route:

“BMW Motorrad is very excited to partner with BDR on their newest route in Northern California. We strongly believe in and support BDR’s mission of making our great country more accessible to the adventure-riding community. BDR routes not only bring riders to memorable locations, but they also bring economic support to the communities that exist in these regions. This is a cause that BMW Motorrad USA will always champion.”

To get familiar with the unveiled route, both esteemed partners, including BMW and BDR, have announced the premier of the documentary that captured the whole adventure tour of the BDR route. The featured documentary will include every detail of the BDR route to ensure riders get familiar with everything they may require during the adventure ride, including the BDR Motorcycle Map, travel resources, and free GPS tracks. The film premiere, along with the free GPS tracks, will be released on February 17, 2024. To get further information regarding the event and the unveiled Northern California BDR route, click on the link to visit the BDR’s website.

The tickets are expected to be available at the film's premier event at 5:00 pm PST on 17th February 2024 at Sofia Performing Arts Center in Sutter Theatre, Sacramento, California.

For those living in Southern California who don’t want to miss out on this event, BDR is also coming to Bike Shed Moto, Los Angeles Art District on 16h March 2024 to organize the mini-ADV Expo and film screening.

All those motorcycle clubs and dealerships interested in hosting the BDR’s film screening can contact the organization using the information provided on the website’s dealership page.

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