Harley Davidson Touring

All You Need to Know About Harley Davidson Touring Luggage Bags

All You Need to Know About Harley Davidson Touring Luggage Bags

Harley Davidson was one of the first motorcycle manufacturers to introduce the concept of touring on a two-wheeler. Due to the extensive highway system in the United States, Harley Davidson focused heavily on designing and engineering motorcycles that could easily cover long stretches of asphalt without much difficulty. While the company worked at enhancing the engine’s capacity to generate adequate torque and horsepower for long-distance travel, it also innovated different accessories and functionalities to make these tours comfortable and relaxing.

When it came to making touring-friendly accessories for Harley Davidson motorcycles, the American motorcycle manufacturer focused heavily on providing class-leading, reliable, and capacious saddlebags and tour packs. Most of the Harley Davidson cruisers and baggers, such as the Harley Davidson Road King, the Harley Softail Heritage Classic, and the Harley Softail Sport Glide featured saddlebags, while grand touring bikes, including the Harley Road Glide, the Harley Electra Glide, the Harley Street Glide, the Harley Ultra Limited, and the Harley CVO models, come with an additional full-size tour pack.

While Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts appreciated the stock Harley luggage bags, over the years, their motorcycle luggage needs evolved, along with the industry. As more OEM and aftermarket Harley luggage options emerged in the market, Harley riders gained more control over curating their unique luggage systems that adapted to their changing riding styles and needs. As a result, you are now more likely to spot a Harley Dyna, Harley Sportster, Harley Softail, or Harley Street bike with luggage bags. Initially, a luggage bag was used to transport belongings over a longer distance, but in the modern motorcycle scene, motorcycle luggage bags have various utilities, ranging from storage to accessibility, aesthetics, improved safety, and elevated passenger comfort.

However, to fully benefit from the enduring Harley motorcycle luggage movement, it is important to know what options you have at your disposal, the purpose of different Harley Davidson luggage bags, and how different bags mesh together like missing pieces of puzzle to create a cohesive luggage system that is versatile and purposeful. Whether you are looking for Harley saddlebags, Harley tour packs, adventure luggage for Harley Davidson motorcycles, or small Harley bags for windshields, handlebars, or fuel tanks, this article will help you learn all there is to know about Harley Davidson touring luggage bags, so you can pick the option that supports your riding needs and add to your bike’s aesthetic charm.

Table of Content
1. The History of Harley Davidson Motorcycle Luggage Bags 1.1 World War II and the Beginning of Luggage Bags 1.2 Harley Davidson Luggage Range in the Post-World War II Era 1.3 Beginning of Installing Stock Harley Luggage Bags 1.4 Improvement in Harley Luggage Bags During the 1970s and 1980s 1.5 Continued Improvements in Harley Luggage Bags Range 2. The Emergence of Aftermarket Harley Davidson Luggage Bags and Their Success 3. Types of Harley Davidson Motorcycle Luggage Bags 3.1 - Harley Davidson Saddlebags 3.2 - Harley Davidson Handlebar Bags 3.3 - Harley Davidson Sissy Bar Bags 3.4 - Harley Davidson Tail Bags 3.5 - Harley Davidson Motorcycle Trunks 3.6 - Harley Davidson Motorcycle Tour Packs 3.7 - Harley Davidson Backpacks 3.8 - Harley Davidson Windshield Bags 3.9 - Harley Davidson Tank Bags 3.10 - Harley Davidson Swingarm Bags 3.11 - Harley Davidson Solo Bags 3.12 - Harley Davidson Tool Bags 3.13 - Harley Davidson Roll Bags 3.14 - Harley Davidson Fork Bags 3.15 - Harley Davidson Adventure Touring Luggage Bags/ System 4. Features and Benefits of Harley Davidson Touring Luggage Bags 4.1 Material Construction 4.2 Built-in Weather Resistance 4.3 Maximize Storage Space 4.4 Versatility and Dynamic Storage 4.5 Easy Installation Systems 4.6 Innovative Key-Lockable Mechanisms 4.7 Styles and Designs 4.8 Additional Features 5. How to Create an Ideal Harley Davidson Touring Luggage System 5.1 Evaluate Your Needs 5.2 Choose Luggage Types 5.3 Consider Storage Capacity 5.4 Determine Compatibility 5.5 Consider your Bike’s Aesthetics 5.6 Ensure Durability and Water Repellency 5.7 Look for Additional Features 5.8 Check Fitment 5.9 Check for Safety Features 5.10 Ease of Maintenance 6. Last Words

1. The History of Harley Davidson Motorcycle Luggage Bags

The history of the Harley Davidson motorcycle luggage bags coincides with the history of the Harley bagger lineup. Though there is no exact point in time that helps us determine the exact year in which the reign of Harley baggers was ratified; however, it can be safely suggested that the concept of the Harley baggers and Harley luggage bags was conceived back in the days of World War II. The baggers we know today come with Harley tour packs, saddlebags, or both, but in the beginning, it was not the case.

1.1 World War II and the Beginning of Luggage Bags

Initially, the baggers (or a motorcycle with luggage bags), called the Harley WLA models, were used during World War II for military efforts, helping military officers carry discreet weapons and tools, convey important messages, and distribute war supplies.

1.2 Harley Davidson Luggage Range in the Post-World War II Era

During the post-World War II era, the American motorcycle manufacturer experienced many financial challenges despite being part of the war efforts and getting its motorcycles successfully delivered to the military wing. But just as America received a state-of-the-art highway system post World War II, Harley Davidson came up with the idea to create production motorcycles with luggage bags. The fact that the demand for Harley Davidson’s powerful motorcycles grew exponentially further helped the company work on its new bagger concept. The soldiers who had participated in the war also sought freedom in Harley’s motorcycles. Though the company was planning to launch motorcycles with luggage bags, its focus immediately shifted towards meeting the high demand. Therefore, luggage bags on Harley motorcycles didn’t appear for another few decades.

1.3 Beginning of Installing Stock Harley Luggage Bags

In the 1960s, as people had more money to invest in motorcycles and spend on adventure and trips, a new motorcycle movement began. Riders had now begun using their motorcycles for long-distance motorcycle escapades and explorations. For these trips, they had to carry essentials for survival and a comfortable experience on the road. Harley Davidson quickly picked up on its customers’ needs and started offering a wide range of motorcycle touring luggage bag varieties to motorcycle touring enthusiasts. These options included everything from saddlebags to windshield bags, top cases, and backpacks, all of which were designed to enhance the bikes’ storage capacities to make carrying clothes, food, tools, and other luggage possible.

1.4 Improvement in Harley Luggage Bags During the 1970s and 1980s

During the 1970s and 1980s, Harley Davidson expanded its lineup of luggage bags to include more styles and designs to cater to the diverse needs of riders. The company introduced features such as reinforced construction, weatherproof materials, and quick-release mounting systems to make it easier for riders to install and remove luggage bags from their motorcycles.

While initially, Harley’s luggage bags came as an optional feature, motorcycles launched in the 1970s and 1980s boasted standard saddlebags. However, other luggage bags, such as tank bags, handlebar bags, roll bags, tool bags, etc were available as optional accessories. The fact that Harley added new styling and designs to its motorcycle luggage range left little room for riders to complain. During these decades, regular leather-made motorcycle luggage bags were introduced with functionalities such as weatherproofing, quick-release systems, throw-over systems, reinforced construction and stitching for durability, and also locking mechanisms.

1.5 Continued Improvements in Harley Luggage Bags Range

All of these features were aimed at enhancing riders’ confidence to use motorcycles for long-distance rides without any hesitation. As the motorcycle scene continued to evolve, riders wholeheartedly embraced the era of customization and modifications. Initially, these personalization features were restricted to paint jobs, seats, and lighting, but soon luggage bags also became a major part of customization due to their aesthetic appeal and utility on the road.

In the late 1980s and onwards, Harley Davidson launched its most admired Electra Glide and Road Glide motorcycles which were considered luxury two-wheeled touring machines and were equipped with large saddlebags that offered greater storage space, large tour packs or top cases, and stock aluminum luggage racks to securely install the tour packs on the bike. All of these accessories were added bearing riders’ comfort and needs during extended motorcycle journeys. For a more comfortable pillion riding experience, Harley Davidson also began attaching passenger backrests to the Harley tour pack.

While these functionalities themselves were great improvements, they didn’t stop Harley from improving its motorcycle luggage range. Moreover, the American motorcycle brand also collaborated with different brands to produce high-quality co-branded luggage and accessories. Eventually, aftermarket Harley Davidson luggage bag brands also entered the market, widening the range of Harley luggage and related accessories.

Overall, post World War II, Harley Davidson emerged not only as a leading motorcycle manufacturer but also as a champion in the world of motorcycle luggage and touring. The company quickly adapted to changing market trends and the preferences of different riders, expanding its touring luggage range for greater functionality, practicality, better aesthetics, and comprehensive motorcycle storage solutions.

2. The Emergence of Aftermarket Harley Davidson Luggage Bags and Their Success

As mentioned, Harley Davidson eventually began focusing some of its efforts on providing proper luggage bags and storage solutions to riders when a large demographic began using its motorcycles for interstate travel. However, the company’s luggage range despite styling, improvements, and design was quite limited. Riders who enjoyed customizing their bike to create a two-wheeler that did not have any accessories similar to other riders were rather dissatisfied with what the American motorcycle manufacturer had to offer in terms of luggage bags. This created a gap in the market and a new era of aftermarket Harley Davidson touring luggage bags began.

Aftermarket luggage bags for Harley Davidson motorcycles quickly became a value-adding part to the motorcycle luggage industry with their feature-rich varieties and affordable prices. Distinct and quirky, the aftermarket Harley luggage bags sparked a desire in many riders to make their bikes first-and-only-of-its kind. From pop of color to sophistication, utility, and dynamic versatility, the aftermarket luggage bags helped fill the large gap the OEM luggage bags had created. Focused search was all it took to find the perfect luggage bag that could morph your old Harley into your dream two-wheeler. Unlike the factory clones of Harley luggage bags, the aftermarket luggage bags effectively broke the styling monotony, creating room for diversity, creative expression, bold experimentation, turning a mere task of choosing and installing a motorcycle luggage bag into an exciting hobby/craft that many took pride in. Furthermore, aftermarket luggage bags helped riders maintain the traditional essence of their bike by adding pieces that belonged and complemented their bikes.

Contrary to original Harley Davidson luggage bags, aftermarket Harley bags came with more features, such as the backpacks included hydration packs, tour packs came with detachable duffel bags, saddlebags came with carry handles and pockets, and solar chargers were provided with different products catering to riders’ needs other than storage.

When the issue of compatibility arose, aftermarket Harley luggage bag brands also took responsibility and engineered bags specifically for different lineups and model years. For example, different luggage bags with proper mounting systems unique to Dyna, Sportster, and Softail motorcycles were introduced. Moreover, as the demand increased, aftermarket luggage bags for Harley were also introduced with universal fitment so if riders have more than one Harley motorcycle, they can use a single luggage system on different motorcycles. This greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness is usually not available in stock or OEM Harley luggage bags for touring. By focusing on high-quality craftsmanship, using durable industrial-grade materials, and innovating special designs for their luggage bags, their bags stand out from factory products.

Therefore, aftermarket Harley Davidson luggage bags and touring accessories have played a significant role in providing riders with luggage options tailored perfectly to their individual needs. Whether for commuting, university, work, long-distance touring, short rides, camping trips, and other utilities, there is a unique piece available for every rider thanks to the ever-growing and improving aftermarket Harley luggage industry. The growing competition has also kept brands on their toes, preventing them from decreasing their product quality.

3. Types of Harley Davidson Motorcycle Luggage Bags

3.1 - Harley Davidson Saddlebags

Harley Davidson saddlebags are specialized luggage bags that are mounted on the rear, on each side of the rear fender. Saddlebags are the most popular type of motorcycle touring luggage for Harley. Harley Davidson also coined the term bagger for its motorcycles that are dressed with saddlebags. Harley saddlebags, if crafted from leather, are called soft or leather saddlebags, while those made from ABS plastic, aluminum, or fiberglass are called side panniers. They usually feature a streamlined shape to help keep the rear of the bike narrow and not disturb the handling of the bike.

In addition, high-quality saddlebags guarantee equal weight distribution, which is also crucial for a safe and stable motorcycle ride. Harley Davidson saddlebags, regardless of their material construction, are well-designed to retain shape. Moreover, these bags are rigorously tested to withstand and resist some of the most damaging conditions on the road. Therefore, saddlebags are ideal for on-road and off-road adventures.

3.2 - Harley Davidson Handlebar Bags

Harley Davidson handlebar bags are small and compact pouches usually featuring a Velcro mount for attachment. These bags provide a quick and convenient solution to carry phones, sunglasses, wallets, cash, keys, and maps on a motorcycle. Crafted from synthetic leather or nylon, these bags are tested for scratch and weather resistance.

Though they lack any specialized anti-theft systems, these bags provide a safe storage solution to riders who only need a small compartment to carry their small essentials during everyday rides. Handlebar bags feature straps, magnetic closures, and buckles as closures and mounting systems. Whether you ride at highway speeds or moderate speeds suitable for urban settings, these bags remain securely in place, allowing you to focus on riding instead of worrying about your belongings falling off the bike.

3.3 - Harley Davidson Sissy Bar Bags

Harley Davidson sissy bar bags are quite similar to backpacks as they have a vertical design, multiple zipper pockets, and specialized compartments for storage. They are a popular accessory for riders who own choppers as sissy bars are a stylish custom feature of these bikes. Cruiser motorcycle owners also install sissy bars and luggage rack combinations on their bikes, and what better way to further accessorize it than with sissy bar bags.

Typically crafted from nylon, synthetic leather, or synthetic fabrics, sissy bar bags can be used for carrying luggage during commutes, adventure riding, and motorcycle camping, and even come in handy when engaging in recreational activities, like hiking and nature walks.

3.4 - Harley Davidson Tail Bags

Available in different shapes and sizes, Harley Davidson motorcycle tail bags are mounted on the rear, preferably on the passenger seat or luggage rack, and provide a lightweight and convenient luggage solution to riders who do not like small luggage bags mounted on the handlebars or fuel tank. Tail bags neither add significant weight to the bike’s rear nor obstruct the rider’s view; therefore, they help preserve the bike’s stability and are a safer option when visibility is a concern for riders. Crafted from synthetic leather or synthetic textiles, Harley motorcycle tail bags are weather resistant and hence a safe choice to carry luggage during extended journeys where you can encounter rain.

3.5 - Harley Davidson Motorcycle Trunks

Harley Davidson motorcycle trunk, also called motorcycle top case, is a large luggage bag used to carry large items such as a rider jacket, rain suit, helmet, and even a motorcycle cover. The motorcycle trunk is mounted on the rear and is attached securely to the Harley luggage racks.

Leather-wrapped or painted, Harley Davidson motorcycle trunks come in matte or gloss finish and are mostly crafted from ABS plastic, aluminum, or fiberglass as these materials help give it a box-like shape. Harley Davidson motorcycle trunks feature key-lockable systems and come with a quick-release detachable system. When embarking on a cross-country trip, Harley Davidson motorcycle trunks provide you with the storage to accommodate all your essentials.

3.6 - Harley Davidson Motorcycle Tour Packs

Harley Davidson motorcycle tour packs are similar to motorcycle trunks, just larger with greater storage space and additional features that may or may not be available in a motorcycle trunk. Similar to Harley motorcycle trunks, the Harley Davidson tour packs are crafted from industrial-grade fiberglass, ABS plastic, or aluminum to attain a specific shape. They are available in black high-gloss or matte finish, but those who prefer classic styling can also opt for leather-wrapped tour packs for Harley Davidson motorcycles. Key-lockable systems are considered a standard feature of Harley Davidson tour packs.

Due to the excellent functionality and higher price range of the Harley Davidson tour packs, most riders prefer to carry them when not riding the motorcycle. Consequently, detachable Harley tour packs are more in demand compared to rigid mount ones. However, both varieties are readily available on the market. The additional features found in a tour pack that might be missing in a Harley motorcycle trunk, include foam liners, waterproof seals, organizers, dividers, USB ports, speakers, and an attached passenger seat.

3.7 - Harley Davidson Backpacks

Harley Davidson backpacks are similar to sissy bars but slightly more specialized as they almost always feature a laptop sleeve, shoulder strap, waist strap, and carry handle. They are designed for commutes, adventure riding, and motorcycle camping trips. Crafted from polyester or nylon, these backpacks can easily withstand harsh landscapes and weather, something a regular backpack struggles with. Some Harley Davidson motorcycle backpacks also come with a hydration pack and mesh net pockets for additional storage. These specialized Harley backpacks can be easily positioned atop Harley luggage racks or even passenger seats if the rider considers donning them throughout the extended journey a vexing and bothersome affair.

3.8 - Harley Davidson Windshield Bags

Windshield bags for Harley Davidson motorcycles are small in size but offer remarkable utility that cannot be ignored. From quick access of frequently used small essentials to better organization, convenience, and decoration, the addition of windshield bags add a distinct character to the otherwise plain and rather lackluster wind-deflecting component. Many argue that windshield bags is just another fancy term to describe the handlebar bags, considering the analogous function, identical characteristics, and look-alike features the two varieties have, but that is not the case. Crafted from nylon, synthetic leather, or equivalent synthetic textiles, this soft luggage option retains shape and provides a dependable storage compartment at the front of the bike without impacting its geometry, handling, and flickability. Other features associated with windshield bags include discreet pockets, magnetic, zipper, or Velcro closures, and buckles or securing straps.

3.9 - Harley Davidson Tank Bags

Harley Davidson tank bags are another storage compartment/ accessory designed to secure at the bike’s front — the fuel tank to be exact. Crafted from man-made textiles that are considered high-quality conventional fabrics for weather-resistance, abrasion-resistance, and durability, the Harley tank bags boast all the qualities of its material construction. Tank bags for Harley motorcycles come in different sizes; however, they all have one dimension in common: reduced vertical elevation for an unobstructed view of the road and a safe riding experience. The fact that the Harley Davidson tank bags offer more storage compared to handlebar bags and windshield bags combined make them a worthwhile investment and a prudent purchase.

3.10 - Harley Davidson Swingarm Bags

Harley Davidson swing arm bags are small or medium-sized luggage bags that are mounted on the swing arm of the rear suspension and help increase the storage space and storage capacity of a motorcycle. Many riders consider Harley Davidson swing arm bags dangerous; however, if they are the right fit, they will provide adequate clearance and a secure mount. Swing arm bags for Harley motorcycles feature heavy-duty straps and quick-release buckles that prevent it from coming loose even if the bike produces vibrations. Swing arm bags for Harley Davidson motorcycles are crafted from synthetic leather or nylon and offer similar benefits as a tank bag. Furthermore, these bags remain completely out of sight, ensuring the rider does not get distracted or lose focus while riding.

3.11 - Harley Davidson Solo Bags

Harley Davidson solo bags are similar to leather or soft saddlebags. The only difference is that saddlebags usually come in pairs, while solo bags can be mounted on one side of the Harley motorcycle’s rear fender strut. Weather resistant and versatile, the Harley Davidson solo bags offer the same storage benefits as the saddlebags, but they offer less space. Harley Davidson solo bags are best for those who need Harley luggage bags to run errands or to carry essential motorcycle tools.

3.12 - Harley Davidson Tool Bags

Usually mounted on the rear, Harley Davidson tool bags are small or medium sized bags specialized to store tools. These bags fall under the category of soft Harley Davidson luggage and are crafted from nylon or other synthetic fabrics. Though designed specifically for motorcycle tool storage, these bags are versatile and can also be used to carry other items.

3.13 - Harley Davidson Roll Bags

Harley Davidson roll bags are cylindrical shaped bags crafted from heavy-duty commercial grade synthetic leather. Mounted on the luggage racks or passenger seats, these bags are quite similar to tail bags on purpose, but they provide a unique aesthetic appeal to the bike.

3.14 - Harley Davidson Fork Bags

Harley Davidson fork bags are designed to mount on the front fork/suspension and they help increase the storage capacity by providing compact but much-needed increments of storage space. Much like swing arm bags, fork bags can be used to carry small items without obscuring the rider's view or adding unnecessary weight to the rear. Stylish and unique, fork bags provide a reliable storage solution to riders who only need a small bag to carry their everyday essentials on the Harley Davidson motorcycle.

3.15 - Harley Davidson Adventure Touring Luggage Bags/ System

Designed exclusively for Harley Davidson Pan America 1250 models, the Harley Davidson adventure touring luggage system is a comprehensive setup purposefully crafted to cater to all your adventure riding and luggage needs. Whether you embark on long-distance on-road escapades or prefer hardcore off-road riding, these luggage bags will ensure you have everything you need to make the experience comfortable and memorable.

Usually crafted from commercial-grade aluminum for its crash-resistant properties, adventure touring luggage systems for Harley Davidson motorcycles can include pieces of soft luggage bags, such as a backpack, leather saddlebags, and nylon tank bags. However, ABS plastic or fiberglass Harley luggage bags are not preferred for adventure touring as they can get severely damaged in the event of a fall, drop, or crash.

Most adventure touring luggage pieces of Harley Davidson motorcycles boast a rugged aesthetic and Harley Pan America’s signature off-road compatible style. The Harley Davidson adventure touring luggage system is available in both rack-mounted and rack-less varieties depending on the preferences of riders. Both types of adventure touring luggage bags for Harley Davidson bikes come with mounting hardware and other components necessary to ensure a secure fit.

Other prominent features of Harley adventure touring luggage include key-lockable design, waterproofing, shape-retention, and ample storage capacity. Reflective accents, integrated sound systems, integrated lighting, USB charging ports, dividers, and liner bags may also be provided with the Harley Adventure top cases or tour packs.

4. Features and Benefits of Harley Davidson Touring Luggage Bags

Harley Davidson motorcycle luggage bags offer a wide range of benefits due to their specialized features that are designed to maximize a rider’s experience by fulfilling all of their changing luggage needs. Here are some of the most sought-after features of Harley Davidson luggage bags:

4.1 Material Construction

Harley Davidson luggage bags feature different material constructions ranging from aluminum to ABS plastic, nylon, leather, and other synthetic fabrics that can withstand rugged riding conditions and harsh weather. Most of these materials are preferred for their built-in weather resistance, excellent shape-retaining properties, moisture repellency, impact and crash resistance, ease of maintenance, and ability to accommodate large amounts of luggage. When featuring reinforcements, these materials ensure longevity despite prolonged rough use and offer reliable performance in varying landscapes and weather conditions.

4.2 Built-in Weather Resistance

Though all automobiles encounter bad weather, motorcycles are the most exposed and vulnerable vehicles. Yet, Harley Davidson motorcycle luggage bags prove their functionality by resisting the damaging effects of rain, snow, humidity, harsh UV rays, and other environmental factors. The inherent weather resistance of all Harley Davidson motorcycle luggage bags makes them a practical and dependable accessory. In addition to the weather resistance of the material, some Harley motorcycle bags, especially tour packs and Harley trunks feature weather seals lining the lids to prevent moisture from seeping in and damaging your belongings.

4.3 Maximize Storage Space

Whether it is a Harley street bike, Harley Grand touring motorcycle, Harley Sportster, Dyna, or Softail models, the installation of Harley luggage bags tends to immediately increase the storage capacity of the bike. Sometimes, a rider fits all of his belongings in the stock Harley tour packs and saddlebags, but there is no space left to carry motorcycle tools. Having a Harley tool bag can quickly fix this issue and help you carry the tool kit to deal with any mechanical issues arising en route.

4.4 Versatility and Dynamic Storage

Harley Davidson motorcycle luggage bags are designed to be mounted on different components and each serves a specific purpose. Those mounted on handlebars, tanks, windshields, and fairing allow ease of access. While those mounted on the sides or rear help you carry larger items with ease. Therefore, different pieces of Harley luggage combine perfectly to enhance the bike’s multifaceted character, simultaneously allowing you to customize your luggage needs.

4.5 Easy Installation Systems

In the beginning, Harley Davidson motorcycle luggage bags only came with rigid mount systems that made installation and removal of Harley saddlebags, trunks, and tour packs a time-investing process. Eventually, the quick-release detachable systems, throw-over design, and mounting straps were introduced to help reduce time and effort during Harley luggage installation and removal processes.

4.6 Innovative Key-Lockable Mechanisms

Only a few Harley Davidson motorcycle luggage bags feature a sound key-lockable system for optimized security, and Viking Bags is one of the aftermarket brands ensuring their bags offer reliable security. These built-in locks make unauthorized access to luggage difficult, offering protection and peace of mind to riders.

4.7 Styles and Designs

Harley Davidson motorcycle luggage bags feature unique designs ranging from two-tone colors to glossy paint finish, matte paint finish, and leather wrapping. These different styles of Harley luggage bags allow you to match the styling of your bike.

4.8 Additional Features

Harley Davidson luggage bags come with multiple additional features, including carry handles, reflective elements, straps, dividers, pockets, organizers, and foam liners. Each of these features is purposefully designed to make luggage packing, transporting, and organizing, a seamless affair for riders.

5. How to Create an Ideal Harley Davidson Touring Luggage System

Creating an ideal Harley luggage system involves careful consideration of your specific needs, preferences, and riding style. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you create the perfect setup:

Sometimes purchasing a single type of motorcycle bag is not adequate for all your luggage needs. You might buy a tour pack to store your helmet, or a windshield bag to store your wallet and keys, some people prefer handlebar bags due to the ease of access they offer and their stylish designs; however, a proper Harley Davidson luggage system has different versatile pieces that work in perfect sync to make your bike functional for all kinds of rides. You can simply mount or remove some of these pieces to adjust to your immediate riding needs. Creating an ideal luggage system also does not mean that you buy every type of luggage bag out there. On the contrary, curating an ideal Harley luggage system requires several considerations:

  • Do you travel long distances?
  • How often do you travel interstate?
  • Do you enjoy motorcycle camping?
  • Do you own a Harley adventure touring motorcycle?
  • Do you use your motorcycle for short trips only?
  • Does your motorcycle act as a commuter?
  • What kind of features do you need in a luggage system?

As you ponder on these questions, jot down your answers and follow these steps to design your unique Harley Davidson luggage system.

5.1 Evaluate Your Needs

While some questions are provided above, you should also assess your other requirements and expectations, consider the duration of your long trips, whether you plan to go off-road, whether will you stay in a hotel or campground, and what items you want to carry with you.

5.2 Choose Luggage Types

Choose different pieces of luggage that will cover different luggage needs. For example, a backpack with a laptop sleeve is best if you use your motorcycle for motorcycle camping and work or university. Moreover, a tour pack is necessary if you are traveling to states where wearing a helmet is mandatory, Harley saddlebags will work perfectly as your tool bags and regular luggage bags as they support both long hauls and urban action. Having a tank bag or windshield bag always comes in handy as it allows you to quickly access your phone, gloves, wallet, and maps.

5.3 Consider Storage Capacity

Motorcycle luggage bags are available in different sizes and storage capacities. The type of riding you do requires a certain storage capacity. Make sure you choose luggage bags that have sufficient storage space to accommodate all your belongings. Here, it is also important to consider your bike’s weight-carrying limit. Even if your Harley luggage bags have a storage capacity, do not exceed your bike’s weight capacity as it can lead to instability and pose safety risks on the road.

5.4 Determine Compatibility

Make sure that the Harley luggage bags you are purchasing are compatible with your motorcycle model year. Unless the bags have universal fitment, they will not fit your motorcycle. Hence, check the mounting points, passenger seat, rear fender, rear tire size, and luggage racks for compatibility and a secure fit.

5.5 Consider your Bike’s Aesthetics

Touring luggage bags for Harley Davidson motorcycles are now readily available in different colors, designs, and textures. From two-tone bags to painted panniers, matte finish, high-gloss finish, brown or black leather wrapping, chrome rivets, fringes, and stylish stitching, there is a wide range of styles available for Harley enthusiasts. When choosing the luggage bags, you can take inspiration from your bike’s original styling to create a uniform appearance or you can be creative and create a quirky contrast.

5.6 Ensure Durability and Water Repellency

Water repellency, weather resistance, and durability, these features are paramount if you want to keep your belongings safe inside your Harley Davidson luggage bags. Always opt for luggage bags crafted from high-quality and resilient materials, such as synthetic leather, ABS plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, and high-grade nylon. It is best to choose saddlebags with hard-shelled construction as they retain shape for a longer time. The materials mentioned all have inherent water-repellency and can easily withstand the rigors of motorcycle adventure and travel. When it comes to durability, look for reinforced stitching, impact-resistant corner covers, strong metal rivets, and sturdy mounting hardware all contribute to the overall durability and strength of Harley Davidson motorcycle luggage bags.

5.7 Look for Additional Features

Well-reputed brands that manufacture aftermarket Harley Davidson luggage bags tend to provide additional features to enhance functionality, versatility, and convenience. These features are designed to bear riders’ needs on the roads. Therefore, look for bags that come with solar chargers, hydration packs, sunglasses pouches, detachable organizers, external and internal pockets, a removable liner bag, soft lining inside hard luggage bags, and discreet organizers.

Some saddlebags and tour packs for Harley Davidson motorcycles also come with reflective accents to enhance visibility and safety on the road. For riders who prefer keeping their motorcycle luggage bags with them, they should opt for bags with carry handles, quick-release detachable systems, and shoulder straps. Integrated key-lockable mechanisms also come in handy when prioritizing safety in motorcycle luggage systems.

5.8 Check Fitment

Most aftermarket Harley Davidson motorcycle luggage bags come with a limited-time return policy, allowing you to check fitment. This convenience is especially available in Harley Davidson luggage bags purchased online. Therefore, always check how well your Harley Davidson motorcycle luggage bags fit as soon as you receive your order. If the bags fit right but there is a slight glitch in clearance or balance, make sure you modify for necessary adjustments or take measurements and discuss the issue with the seller to configure a securely fit luggage system.

5.9 Check for Safety Features

As mentioned, key lockable systems, carry handles, and detachable systems offer you peace of mind by eliminating all threats of theft and unauthorized access to your luggage. Sometimes, even empty motorcycle luggage bags get stolen and to avoid all such incidents, you can simply carry the bags with you when spending time away from your bike en route. Moreover, organize your luggage in Harley motorcycle bags to ensure quick and easy access. It is also important for road safety to ensure that the handlebar and windshield luggage bags do not obscure your view on the road or impede your vantage point in roadless areas. Furthermore, a Harley motorcycle luggage bag that meddles with or compromises your bike’s operations, such as a swing arm bag collapsing with the moving parts, straps of backpack or saddlebags getting stuck in the rear tire, should not get a place in your Harley Davidson touring luggage system.

5.10 Ease of Maintenance

Choose motorcycle luggage bags that are easy to clean and maintain, so you can easily incorporate Harley Davidson luggage bag care in your Harley motorcycle maintenance schedules. It is also necessary to check for any signs of wear and tear, like frayed threads, scratched leather, broken zippers, failing Velcro closures, broken closure clips, and loose or missing mounting bolts. By staying at the top of your Harley Davidson motorcycle luggage bag maintenance, you can reap the benefits of a highly functional and aesthetically appealing Harley touring luggage bag system.

Furthermore, by applying all of the tips and tricks when purchasing different luggage bags for Harley to create an ideal touring luggage system for your Harley Davidson motorcycle, check out the following Harley Davidson touring luggage bags collection, pick unique pieces, elevate your touring style, and design an ideal Harley touring luggage setup that will work for every riding occasion.

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Harley Davidson touring motorcycle luggage bags provide riders with a dependable and complete riding solution for a wide range of riding styles, conditions, and preferences. Whether you are an adventure seeker, enjoy long-distance interstate travels on a two-wheeler, an avid motorcycle camper, or a university student, you can choose saddlebags, backpacks, tour packs, motorcycle tail bags, motorcycle roll bags, motorcycle trunks, windshield bags, handlebar bags, and other similar Harley Davidson luggage options for touring and adventure. Crafted from high-quality materials and available in different designs, you can easily combine different pieces of Harley Davidson aftermarket luggage bags to curate a luggage setup that meets your diverse riding needs.

With features like reinforced corners, double stitching, hard-shelled construction for shape retention, key lockable mechanisms, carry handles, and quick-release systems, Harley motorcycle luggage bags offer a safe and secure way for you to carry your precious belongings to remote locations without compromising your peace of mind. Specialized compartments, dividers, detachable pouches, and pockets make packing and luggage organization a breeze, if mounting hardware is provided free of cost with luggage bags for Harley Davidson motorcycles like Viking Bags does, then aftermarket Harley luggage bags are also easy to install accessories. Therefore, if you are planning to use your Harley Davidson motorcycle for recreational riding and touring, check out our range of aftermarket Harley Davidson touring luggage bags and accessories and take advantage of generous discounts and highly affordable prices.

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