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How Fuel Prices Affect Your Motorcycle Tour

How Fuel Prices Affect Your Motorcycle Tour

Fluctuations in fuel prices can affect the transportation sector worldwide. It not only affects the sales of automobiles, including cars and motorcycles, but it also affects how far individuals can travel. Motorcycles are a cheaper mode of transportation as they consume less fuel than cars. However, as fuel prices increase, motorcyclists have to compromise on how often they can go on motorcycle tours. Read this article to learn how fuel prices can affect your motorcycle tour.

1. How Fuel Prices Affect Your Motorcycle Tour

Fuel prices are always changing, with riders being forced to adjust their riding habits accordingly. If you love motorcycle touring, then fuel prices will have a major impact on you. Even if there is a small increase in fuel prices, there will be a substantial increase in the budget that goes into planning a motorcycle tour. You may have to cut your motorcycle trip short due to fuel prices.

1.1 Motorcycle Fuel Economy

Modern motorcycles are fitted with powerful engines that produce high horsepower and torque, making them suited for touring and adventure rides. Though they are not as safer as cars, they are equipped with several ride-assist features. Nowadays, bulky touring bikes include a multi-purpose infotainment system with a touchscreen, speakers, Bluetooth, mobile connectivity, GPS, and a music system. However, these inclusions have resulted in more weight and fuel consumption. With increasing fuel prices and a low fuel economy, it becomes difficult for riders to manage their touring expenses.

1.2 Other Motorcycle Touring Expenses

The cost of fuel is the majority expense that riders have to pay for while going on a motorcycle tour. However, there are other motorcycle touring costs to consider, including maintenance, repair, engine oil, lodging, food, and emergency funds. If the fuel price increases, it will also result in an increase in the prices of lodging, food, and maintenance due to inflation.

2. How to Calculate the Cost of Fuel for a Motorcycle Tour

Calculating the cost of fuel for a motorcycle tour will ensure you do not run out of money during the trip. Calculating the cost of fuel involves taking several factors into consideration to get a better cost estimation.

2.1 Find Out the Number of Miles

You can calculate the number of miles on Google Maps by entering your starting point, stops, destination, and returning point. Make sure to plan the trip according to your budget as traveling more miles means more fuel consumption and a higher cost of fuel.

2.2 Find Out Your Motorcycle’s Fuel Economy

You can check your motorcycle’s fuel economy on the motorcycle manufacturer’s website. However, it is best if you do not solely rely on the fuel economy stated on the website. You should calculate your motorcycle’s fuel economy yourself. The fuel economy can fluctuate depending on where you travel. For example, riding in the countryside will provide more fuel mileage than riding on busy roads due to constant braking.

2.3 How to Calculate Your Motorcycle’s Fuel Economy

Start calculating the number of miles after you fully refuel your gas tank. Find out your motorcycle’s fuel tank capacity. Divide the total number of miles you covered (with a full tank) with the motorcycle’s fuel tank capacity measured in gallons. You will get your motorcycle’s fuel consumption in miles per gallon.

2.4 How to Calculate the Amount of Fuel Required

After calculating the distance of your trip in miles, divide it by your motorcycle’s fuel mileage to get the amount of fuel required. For example, if you are planning to go 5,000 miles and your motorcycle has a fuel economy of 45 mpg, you will need 112 gals of fuel. It can also fluctuate depending on the traffic and if you take a different route. So, make sure to keep extra cash or a credit card if you do not want to run out of money on a motorcycle tour.

2.5 Calculate the Fuel Cost

Multiply the amount of fuel required to go on a motorcycle tour by the average price of fuel in your state. This will give you an estimate of the total cost of fuel. For example, if you are living in California, a 5,000-mile trip will cost you $543 in fuel.

Fuel prices can vary in different states. Texas is one of the states with the cheapest fuel prices. The average price of regular gas in Texas is $3.086 (March 2023). Meanwhile, Hawaii and California sell the most expensive fuel. The average regular fuel price in California is $4.846 (May 4, 2023), while the national average regular fuel price is $3.574 (May 4, 2023).

3. How to Cut the Cost of Fuel on a Motorcycle Tour

  • Keep the motorcycle trip short
  • Keep your stay short
  • Stick to the planned route, stops, and destination
  • Make sure your motorcycle is well-maintained and in good shape

4. Final Words

Fuel prices can have a tremendous effect on motorcyclists, riding preferences, and how frequently a rider rides. Fuel cost is one of the factors you should consider while planning a motorcycle tour. If you are new to motorcycling and want to go on a motorcycle tour, plan out all your expenses to avoid any trouble. Find out your motorcycle’s fuel economy and the number of miles to calculate the fuel cost. If you love to go on long-distance rides and wilderness trips on your motorcycle, Viking Bags offer several luggage options, including saddlebags, motorcycle trunk bags, sissy bar bags, and tank bags. You can also improve comfort on long-distance rides by installing sissy bars, backrests, crash bars, fairings, and handlebars.

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