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Honda Shadow Sissy Bar 101 Guide

Honda Shadow Sissy Bar 101 Guide

1. What is a Honda Shadow Sissy Bar?

A Honda Shadow sissy bar is a tall steel extension fixed securely at the back of the Honda Shadow.

Its main purpose is to provide another place to carry your luggage. It can be used to carry sissy bar bags, roll bags, and other large luggage bags that cannot be secured elsewhere in your vehicle. Using the attached motorbike luggage or a separate sissy bar pad, it can also be used as a backrest for a passenger.

A Honda Shadow sissy bar can also improve your motorbike’s aesthetic appeal by offering a sleek and attractive design.

2. Features

2.1 Size

Honda Shadow sissy bars can come in different sizes: small, medium, and large. The sissy bars can stand at heights ranging from 12 to 25 inches.

Riders can choose the sissy bar that best matches their height. Taller sissy bars are best suited for long rides as they offer more space to carry additional luggage.

The model of the motorbike might also affect the sissy bar's height. They typically measure 12 to 25 inches. A sissy bar's height may also be changed by modifying it to suit your needs.

2.2 Material

The Honda Shadow sissy bars are made from sturdy steel bars that are durable, weather-resistant, and rust-resistant.

The sissy bar has a foundation made of high-quality steel, but they all have different designs according to the type of finish used. They are also coated with solid paints or stainless chrome that shield the surface from rainfall, debris, and other hazards.

2.3 Design

Honda Shadow sissy bars can either have a rounded or pointed tip. The pointed tip is bent at an angle to help keep motorcycle luggage secure, while the rounded tip makes it easy to fit straps around the bars.

2.4 Padding

The Honda Shadow sissy bars can be fitted with a separate sissy bar pad in the center, offering a cushion for your passenger to recline against during long rides.

2.5 Mounting

The type of mount depends on how frequently you rely on using your Honda Shadow. You are provided with mounting hardware when you purchase a Honda Shadow sissy bar. You have the choice of choosing a quick disconnect or hard mount Honda Shadow sissy bar.

The quick disconnect system saves time as it only takes a few seconds to install or remove the sissy bar from your bike. If you don't use your Shadow sissy bar daily, this mounting system is the most practical.

The hard mount system offers a more permanent way to keep your Honda sissy bar attached to your vehicle. The mounting bolts are more difficult to tighten or loosen, ensuring the Honda Shadow sissy bar will not easily be dislodged even in rough weather and road conditions.

3. Tips

  • A short Honda Shadow sissy bar will extend to the lower back of a passenger, a medium Honda Shadow sissy bar will rise to the middle of the back, and a tall Honda Shadow sissy bar will cover the entire back
  • Depending on how much surface area you'll need to support a passenger or your motorbike baggage, you may choose between Honda Shadow sissy bars with thin or wide center gaps
  • Honda Shadow sissy bars may include detachable or built-in padding to improve comfort and make it easier to transport motorcycle luggage
  • Verify that the Honda Shadow sissy bar can support specific weight and storage capacities without affecting your bike's performance.
  • Determine whether to get a quick-release or rigid mount Honda Shadow sissy bar depending on how frequently you ride your motorcycle
  • Choose a Honda Shadow sissy bar that is within your budget and complements your model

4. Installation

  • Clean your Honda Shadow’s fenders to get rid of debris that could get lodged between the fender strut and sissy bar mounts.
  • Unbolt and remove two fender strut bolts on each side until you have four total. 
  • Place the sissy bar so that the Honda Shadow's fender holes line up with the holes in the sissy bar mounts
  • While keeping them aligned, place the mounting bolts through the holes in the sissy bar mounts, then through the Honda Shadow’s fender holes 
  • Tighten the four fender strut bolts

5. Last Words

Sissy bars are installed on motorcycles to improve comfort, utility, and style. The Honda Shadow sissy bars vary in size, style, and mounting systems. Hopefully, the Honda Shadow sissy bars features, tips, and installation steps covered in this article will help make it easier to decide what kind of Honda Shadow sissy bars you should get.

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