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Honda Shadow 750 Vs. Harley Iron 883: Which is Better?

Honda Shadow 750 Vs. Harley Iron 883: Which is Better?

The Harley Davidson Iron 883 is a popular motorcycle with a bigger engine and more horsepower than the Honda Shadow 750. However, the Shadow 750 is less expensive and is good competition for the Iron 883 with its power delivery and smooth handling. This article provides a detailed comparison between the Honda Shadow 750 and Harley Davidson Iron 883 to determine which of the two motorcycles is better.

1. Honda Shadow 750 Vs. Iron 883

Both the Honda Shadow 750 and the Harley Iron 883 have unique styles. The Honda Shadow 750 is more affordable compared to the Iron 883 and has several modification options available. Meanwhile, the Iron 883 can be upgraded to a 20%0 cc motorcycle by adding a few performance-enhancing parts. Both motorcycles are reliable for daily commutes.

2. Detailed Specs Comparison of Honda Shadow 750 Vs. Iron 883

Motorcycle Honda Shadow 750 Harley Davidson Iron 883
Maker Honda Harley Davidson
Year 2022
Models/Trims Aero, Phantom Iron 883
Motorcycle Type Cruiser
Base Price Shadow Aero 750: $7799
Shadow Phantom 750: $7,899
Colors Available Aero 750: Ultra Blue Metallic Phantom 750: Matte Black Metallic, Adventure Green White Sand Pearl
Gunship Gray
Black Denim
Engine and Transmission
Displacement 745 cc 883 cc
Engine Type 52° V-Twin Evolution®
No. of Cylinders Four Two
Cooling System Liquid-Cooled Air-Cooled
Compression Ratio 9.6:1 9:01
Stroke 76 mm 96.8 mm
Bore 79 mm 76.2 mm
Valves Per Cylinder Three Two
Horsepower 44.6 hp 54 hp
Torque 64.94 Nm 73.21 Nm
Transmission Five-Speed, Wide-Ratio Five-Speed
Clutch Wet Multi-plate
Transmission Type Shaft Drive Chain Drive
Fuel Delivery System PGM-FI Fuel Injection Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection
Start Electric
Emission Standard Current EPA Standards BS-VI
Exhaust Two-Into-Two Two Separate Blacked-out Mufflers
Fuel Capacity and Consumption
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.7 gal 3.3 gal
Mileage 56 mpg 51 mpg
Dimensions and Weight
Trail 161 mm 116.84 mm
Rake 34° 30°
Seat Height 25.9 in 25.7 in
Wheelbase 64.5 in 59.6 in
Wet Weight 560 lbs 564 lbs
Ground Clearance 5.1 in 5.5 in

3. Honda Shadow 750 Vs. Iron 883: Looks

3.1 Honda Shadow 750’s Looks

The Honda Shadow 750 and Harley Iron 883 have slightly different engine sizes and horsepower, with the Shadow 750 being bigger in size compared to the Iron 883. The Iron 883 has a slimmer design and a lower seat height compared to the Shadow 750.

On the other hand, the Shadow 750 has a bulky look with large skirt fenders, a wider fuel tank, and a passenger seat. This motorcycle has a more classic cruiser look compared to the Iron 883’s modern cruiser look. It comes in glossy blue color with chrome and blacked-out parts. The swept-back handlebars, chromed headlight, fuel tank-mounted speedometer, turn signals, and fender-mounted taillight give this motorcycle a vintage look.

The Honda Shadow 750 is longer than the Iron 883 thanks to its large trail and rake angle, wheelbase, and long-skirt fenders.

3.2 Harley Davidson Iron 883’s Look

The Harley Iron 883 has a modern cruiser look with blacked-out parts and matte color schemes. Despite being heavier, the Iron 883 is slimmer compared to the Shadow 750 due to its heavy metal parts. Unfortunately, the Harley model does not come with a passenger seat. The Iron 883 has smaller parts fitted towards the front including the fender, headlight, and speedometer to keep it simple and lightweight, and the handlebars are fitted with turn signals and side mirrors.

4. Honda Shadow 750 Vs. Iron 883: Engine and Performance

4.1 Honda Shadow 750’s Engine and Performance

Honda Shadow 750’s Engine and Performance
Photo Credit: @hondaprokevin

The Shadow 750 is equipped with a 52° V-Twin 745 cc engine that can produce a horsepower of 44.6 hp at 5,500 rpm and a torque of 64.94 Nm at 3,500 rpm.

The Shadow 750 is not only affordable, but it is also easier to maintain and repair. Honda designed this motorcycle’s engine to produce a smooth power output. Though It is an entry-level motorcycle, the Shadow 750 can also be an intermediate-level motorcycle if you had previous experience riding a Honda Rebel 300.

The Honda Shadow 750 has comparatively better aerodynamics, a lower center of gravity, and is more lightweight which helps make it easier to handle. If you have an old Honda Shadow model, you can easily upgrade it so that it will perform better.

4.2 Harley Davidson Iron 883’s Engine and Performance

Harley Davidson Iron 883’s Engine and Performance
Photo Credit: @rallypointharley

The Iron 883 is powered by an 883 cc two-cylinder engine that can produce a horsepower of 54 hp at 6,000 rpm and a torque of 73.21 Nm at 3,750 rpm. Harley Davidson fitted this model with a rubber-mounted engine to reduce vibrations at higher speeds. With its five-speed gearbox coupled with a belt final drive, the Iron 883 can reach a top speed of 105 mph.

Despite being a little heavier between the two, the Iron 883 can accelerate and travel faster than the Shadow 750.

The 2016 Iron 883 model received major upgrades, including adjustable high-performance suspension and dual-piston brakes at both the front and rear.

The Shadow 750 has a liquid-cooled engine while the Iron 883 has an air-cooled engine. It is difficult to ride the Iron 883 in hot weather as the engine produces a lot of heat and the rider has to spread his/her legs to avoid getting burned.

5. Honda Shadow 750 Vs. Harley Iron 883: Comfort and Ergonomics

5.1 Honda Shadow 750’s Comfort and Ergonomics

The Shadow 750 has a comfortable riding position, and its low center of gravity makes it easy to handle for almost every type of rider. With its swept-back handlebars, upfront footrest position, low seat height, and bulky appearance, a six-foot rider can easily ride on this motorbike, whereas the Iron 883 is not comfortable for taller riders.

There is only a slight difference in seat height between the Shadow 750 and Iron 883. However, the Shadow 750 has a 64.5-inch wheelbase while the Iron 883 has a 59.6-inch wheelbase.

The Shadow 750’s front and rear springs are softer with good damping rates while traveling through the city. However, when the rider rides at highway speeds, the springs are unable to reduce vibrations.

5.2 Harley Davidson Iron 883’s Comfort and Ergonomics

The Iron 883 is a cruiser with a sportier stance, meaning it does not offer the same comfortability as standard cruisers. Normally, a cruiser’s footrests are installed towards the front and the rider’s feet are positioned ahead of his/her knees. Because of its sportier riding ergonomics, the Iron 883 is not comfortable on longer rides compared to the Shadow 750. The Iron 883’s handlebars and footrest positions provide a forward riding position.

The Iron 883 is also fitted with softer springs at both the front and rear, with its damping being slightly better than the Shadow 750. Although, the Iron 883’s slouched seating position can cause lower back pain on longer rides.

6. Honda Shadow 750 Vs. Iron 883: Technology and Features

Technology and Features Honda Shadow 750 Harley Davidson Iron 883
ABS Shadow Aero 750: Optional
Shadow Phantom: No
Speedometer Analogue
Tachometer No Yes
Fuel Gauge No Yes
Pillion Seat Yes No
Engine Kill Switch No Yes
Gear Indicator No
Pillion Grab rail No
Clock No Yes
Trip meter Digital
Fuel Indicator Yes

7. Honda Shadow 750 Vs. Harley Iron 883: Which is Better

Both the Honda Shadow 750 and Iron 883 have their advantages and disadvantages. The Honda Shadow 750 beats the Iron 883 when it comes to comfortability and price. It is also more beginner-friendly as it is easier to maintain and repair.

However, the Iron 883 has better handling when twisting and turning, and also has a 138 cc edge over the Shadow 750 which allows it to be quicker. The Iron 883 also has better braking thanks to the upgraded dual-piston brakes towards the front and rear with an optional ABS.

8. Pros and Cons of Honda Shadow 750 Vs. Iron 883

8.1 Honda Shadow 750 Pros

Honda Shadow 750 Pros Honda Shadow 750 Cons
Affordable The starter switch becomes faulty if the motorcycle is not used for a long time
Cheaper to maintain and repair If parked in a garage for a longer period, the petcock starts leaking
Comfortable cruiser ergonomics Engine produces less power
Low center of gravity The rider’s seat is narrow which can be uncomfortable on longer rides.
Classic cruiser style
Comes with a passenger seat
Good for beginner and taller riders
Several aftermarket parts are available
Good mileage

8.2 Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 Pros and Cons

Sportster Iron 883 Pros Sportster Iron 883 Cons
Better handling Expensive to repair and maintain
Slim design Less fuel-efficient
Available in attractive matte color schemes Not suitable in hot weather due to less effective engine cooling system
Different upgrade options Uncomfortable riding position
Engine displacement can be increased with modifications
Better performance
Sportier cruiser ergonomics
Upgraded dual-disc front and rear brakes
Fewer vibrations at higher speeds due to the rubber-mounted engine

9. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

9.1 Can Iron 883 Be Converted into a 20%0 cc Motorcycle?

If you started with the Iron 883 and want to move on to an intermediate-level motorcycle, you do not need to buy another motorcycle. With the help of a stage one kit and by fitting large pistons and cylinders to the Iron 883’s engine, the horsepower and the engine displacement can be increased to 20%0 cc.

9.2 How Fast Does a Honda Shadow 750 Go?

With its five-speed wide ratio transmission, the Honda Shadow 750 can attain a top speed of 95+ mph. Riders can operate this motorcycle at a constant speed of 75 mph without feeling vibrations.

9.3 Is Honda Shadow 750 Good for Highway?

With a top speed of 95+ mph, the Shadow 750 can easily be ridden on highways. Depending on the wind and other riding conditions, this motorcycle can maintain an average speed of around 75 mph without shaking.

9.4 How Can You Make Honda Shadow 750 Faster?

The Shadow 750 can be modified to travel at higher speeds if you install the appropriate aftermarket parts. But you should consult a motorcycle expert before modifying as any significant changes to your motorcycle may invalidate its official warranty.

By making the following changes, you can make your Honda Shadow 750 faster:

  • The Shadow 750’s suspensions can be upgraded with adjustable springs
  • Lightweight wheels can be installed
  • The long skirt fenders can be removed
  • The exhaust, header pipes, and air intake can be improved

9.5 Is the Iron 883 Fast?

Despite its sportier riding ergonomics with mid-positioned footrests, the Iron 883 is not as fast as other Harley Davidson motorcycles. After the Harley Davidson Street 750, the Iron 883 is the Harley Davidson motorbike with the smallest engine. The Iron 883 can reach a top speed of 105 mph, but it is not comfortable riding over long distances and has a heating problem as well.

9.6 How much is a Honda Shadow 750 worth?

The 2022 Honda Shadow Aero 750 costs only $7,799, which is cheaper than most Harley Davidson models. Also, it has classic cruiser looks, produces a pleasing sound, is good for daily commutes, and can be ridden on highways. This motorcycle is beginner-friendly and is easy to maintain and repair.

9.7 Is the Harley Davidson Iron 883 a Motorbike for Women?

Most of the Iron 883’s sales showed that primarily female riders purchased this Harley model, indicating that it is highly suitable as a motorbike for women.

9.8 Is the Iron 883 Reliable?

The Harley Davidson Iron 883 is powered by an 883 cc Evolution® engine. The Iron 883’s engine is easy to maintain and fix, lasting longer if service maintenance is done after every six months or 4,000 miles.

10. Takeaway

The Honda Shadow 750 and Harley Iron 883 are cruisers with different riding positions. It is difficult to pick one over the other because they both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are a beginner and looking for a cheap motorcycle with good handling, the Shadow 750 is a reliable option. If you are looking for a little extra power and better handling, the Iron 883 will not disappoint.

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