Honda Shadow Saddlebags

Honda Shadow Saddlebags

The Honda Shadow is almost legendary and timeless in essence. The bike was introduced in 1985 and by then it had taken the US market by storm. Many Harley riders have been introduced and charmed by the Japanese cruiser bike that gave American bike companies; a run for their money. With the traditional 1100 engine, the Honda Shadow is a full size cruiser with the muscle to back it all up. With different variations and styles of this popular bike, you can’t go wrong. If you purchase the shadow spirit, make sure you take advantage of that rear seat pad and purchase one of our sissy bar bags. Shop with confidence with our customer service representatives who can assist you with choosing what bags to put on your Shadow. The Honda Shadow loves to be ridden long distances, compliment those trips with saddlebags to store all of your gear.

Engineered For Freedom


All our leather saddlebags and hard bags are lockable and come included with a pair of keys.


We offer saddlebags for each kind of rider. From our 2024 quick-disconnect series to time-tested hard bags, choose the one that fits your riding style.


Our Hard bags are made from durable composite materials and our saddlebags have internal hard shells to stand the test of time.

Why Choose Viking Saddlebags for Honda Shadow

For Honda Shadow owners, customizing the bikes with luggage is no simple task. The saddlebags must not only look great on the bike, flowing naturally with the existing lines of the Shadow's rear section, but the bags must also be sturdy enough to hold the contents when weather conditions become downright sketchy. We welcome you to the best collection of Viking saddlebags available for the Honda Shadow – an online market for all your storage needs. Take a moment and check out the awesome collection of Honda Shadow saddlebags here, because we're confident you'll find something perfect for your daily travel needs.

When Viking set out to construct these elegant saddlebags for the Honda Shadow series of motorcycles, the designers kept both the stylish aesthetics and physical functionality in mind. Because Viking feels so strongly about producing a high quality bag for riders, the end result is something truly marvelous. No matter which one of these Honda bags you select for your bike, you can be sure that the same premium build quality goes into each of the products featured in this section. These saddlebags have been rated highly for providing both savvy luggage solutions and state of the art crafting. Viking saddle bags come with a free mounting system that saves you up to $100 and allows you to easily mount to your bike. How great is that?

These saddlebags also come in a wide variety of stylish designs to suit all sorts of Honda Shadow riders, both young and old. No matter if you prefer your saddlebags in plain, studded or braided styles, Viking has every style you could possibly imagine. Innovative features, such as a locking mechanism for anti-theft, quick release buckles and hidden pockets for secure storage, are what make these Honda Shadow saddlebags stand out from the competition.

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