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Honda CRF250L: Detailed Technical Specs and Performance Review

Honda CRF250L: Detailed Technical Specs and Performance Review

1. Honda CRF250L

2020 Honda CRF250L

2020 Honda CRF250L
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The Honda CRF250L is the smallest and lightest Honda motorcycle with an engine displacement of only 249 cc. Like all the other CRF models, it is a lightweight dual-sports bike with a very simple build and design. The Honda CRF250L is a slim and tall motorcycle with knobby off-road tires, flat saddle, adequate ground clearance, and long-stroke front forks.

The Honda CRF250L was introduced in 2012 and it was successfully produced in good numbers until 2020 when the production was stopped in favor of the Honda CRF300L. There was not much difference in both motorcycles, except for a 50 cc increase in the displacement and a small increase in the power output. However, the Honda CRF250L is a complete motorcycle for beginners. It is lightweight, versatile, adequately maneuverable, both off-road and on-road capable, and comfortable. Continue reading this article to learn more about the detailed technical specs and performance reviews.

2. 2020 Honda CRF250L Detailed Technical Specifications

2020 Honda CRF250L Detailed Technical Specifications
Basic Info
Manufacturer Honda – Japanese Top Automobile Brand
Year Model 2020
Motorcycle Type Dual-Sports Bike (On- and Off-Road)
Introduced In 2012
Discontinued In 2020
Color Red
Variants Honda CRF250L ABS
Honda CRF250L
Cost Non-ABS: $5199
ABS: $5,499
Displacement 249 cc
Type 20° Single-Cylinder Engine
No. of Cylinders One
Valve Configuration Four Valves; DOHC
Fuel Delivery System Programmed Fuel Injection
Throttle Body Single 38 mm Throttle Body
Engine Stroke Four-Stroke
Stroke 55 mm
Bore 76 mm
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Starting Mechanism Electric Starter
Torque 22 Nm at 7,000 rpm
Horsepower 23 hp at 8,500 rpm
Top Speed 80 mph
Fuel Economy 63.05 mpg
Gearbox Six-Speed
Clutch Multi-Plate Wet Clutch
Final Drive O-Ring Sealed Chain
Frame Semi-Double Steel Frame
Front 43 mm Upside-Down Telescopic Front Forks
Wheel Travel 9.8 in
Rear Pro-Link® Rear Monoshock
Wheel Travel 9.4 in
Front Wire-Spoked 21-inch Front Wheel
Rear Wire-Spoked 18-inch Front Wheel
Front IRC Trails GP-21F; 3.00-21
Rear IRC Trails GP-22R; 120/80-18
Front 256 mm Single-Disc Brake with Hydraulic Caliper
Rear 220 mm Single-Disc Brake with Hydraulic Caliper
ABS Standard on ABS Variant
Dimensions & Measurements
Seat Height 34.4 in
Curb Weight 321.9 lbs
Ground Clearance 10 in
Trail 4.5 in
Rake 27.6°
Wheelbase 56.9 in
Gas Tank Capacity 2.1 gal
Height 47 in
Width 32 in
Length 86.4 in

3. The Honest Review of Honda CRF250L

3.1 City Commuting

For most riders, the Honda CRF250L is an ideal bike for city travel. It can be easily maneuvered on paved roads, offering a comfortable experience. Regardless of its small capacity engine, it makes riding easier when it comes to straight road performance, turning corners, slow-speed maneuvering, and even riding in slow-moving traffic. It feels as light as riding a scooter in the city while being slimmer for better command and control. When it comes to speeding up, the Honda CRF250L does not disappoint you, as it is agile enough for overtaking. The rider can use this bike for daily commuting, thanks to its upright stance. Being a dual-sports bike, the rider can also carry weight on it comfortably.

3.2 Performance on Highways and Open Roads

For most novices, the Honda CRF250L is an ideal motorcycle to learn road riding. The bike’s top speed is 80 mph, but it can be ridden comfortably at 62 mph all day long on highways and open roads. It is light enough as a dual sport that it can take corners easily and still maintain its speed. However, while you are going around corners or maintaining a constant speed on twisty roads, you will only feel that your suspensions are bouncy due to being off-road oriented. These suspensions are preload adjustable but to make your Honda CRF250L more road-worthy, some money must be spent. However, it will reduce its off-road performance. This bike has been provided with longer suspension travel and soft spring rates for better off–road capability.

3.3 Braking Capability

Considering that the Honda CRF250L weighs only 146 kg, its brakes are powerful enough to stop the bike. The ABS also works quite well under normal on-road conditions.

3.4 Riding Position and Comfort

The Honda CRF250L is not an impressive on-roader when it comes to riding quality and sitting position. Rather, the ride position and quality are more in favor of dirt trail riding.

The rider triangle, which incorporates seat position, seat level, and legroom, allows riders to sit in a comfortable upright position. However, for comfortable long rides, there is not enough legroom. The motorcycle's seat is sensibly cushioned; however, the design and ergonomics of this bike aren't appropriate for long-haul journeys.

3.5 Long-Haul Capabilities

While considering this bike's riding position and comfort, it's not ideal for long or adventurous rides. The ergonomics don't uphold going long miles on this motorbike. One more significant downside of the Honda CRF250L is its small fuel tank size of 2.1 gals. Overall, it is decent for dirt trail riding and city traveling.

3.6 Rough Terrain Ability

The Honda CRF250L performs well on rough terrain tracks, especially if you plan to start learning off-roading. This bike can get you going on various rough landscape conditions and keep you engaged. With the long-stroke suspension, and bumpy rough-terrain tires that are slim build with slim build, riders can ride the Honda CRF250L through nearly all hard terrains.

This motorbike has a slim design that makes it more stable and manageable, even in extreme off-road conditions. Most Honda CRF250L specs and parts make this bike the best choice for most riders who need dependable, all-round off-road performance. Nonetheless, for those riders with exceptional off-road skills who frequently get into extreme off-roading situations, need quick acceleration and high power output. This motorcycle does not have enough power output to enable you to perform many dirt riding techniques.

For instance, you cannot use the instant power and throttle response to comfortably overcome an obstacle. You would have to employ the long-stroke suspension and your body to hop over the barrier. Furthermore, this lack of power did not enable them to ascend inclined surfaces during off-roading.

4. Final Verdict

Considering the performance, ergonomics, and other qualities of the Honda CRF250L, it is more suitable for urban travel. The ergonomics, weight, handling capability, and engine performance are best suited for urban transportation. It can be comfortably used on daily commutes either going to work or study. Otherwise, if you think it’s an adventure tourer, there are certain limitations and lackings. The Honda CRF250L is not the most ideal bike for long-distance rides due to the lack of touring-supported ergonomics. The saddle is not highly comfortable and the legroom is also slightly compact. You may also find turning corners challenging due to being fitted with soft and bouncy suspensions. However, if you are low on a budget and do not mind an entry-level bike, the Honda CRF250L can serve as a light tourer as well.

The Honda CRF250L can also serve as a good dirt bike for most riders with entry-level riding skills. The knobby off-road tires, long suspensions, and decent ground clearance make it an easy-to-ride off-road bike. You can enjoy riding it on dirt and can maneuver it on almost every surface unless you consider low power as a major drawback in an off-road bike.

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