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Features of SENA SMH5-FM Headset/Intercom

Features of SENA SMH5-FM Headset/Intercom

Features of SENA SMH5-FM Headset/Intercom

A long distant traveling on a motorcycle can be made enjoyable by tuning a favorite radio station or you by listening playlist of your favorite songs. A new headset/intercom model has been introduced by SENA under the name of SMH5-FM. This headset is provided with many new features as compared to the last model of headset introduced by SENA. Following are given some points highlighting features of SMH5-FM:

1. Facilitate the Rider to Communicate Conveniently:

This model of headset facilitates the rider to communicate with a person sitting on the back seat of the motorcycle. This makes it possible for the rider to have a full-duplex two way communication with any other person within a range of 700 meters.

2. Enable the Rider to have Uninterrupted Ride:

The headset enables the rider to have an uninterrupted ride. The reason is that it facilitates the rider to attend the calls on his/her mobile freely without stopping the motorcycle.

3. Rider can Listen Music during Ride:

If you are fond of listening music during traveling then this product fulfills this desire of yours by enabling you to listen stereo music.

4. Bluetooth Enabled headset helps in listening GPS Instructions:

This model of headset/intercom is provided with the modified Bluetooth version 3.00 that enables the rider to listen voice instructions from its GPS device during traveling.

5. Facilitate the Rider with High Quality Voice:

This motorcycle accessory enables communication in high quality voice. Presence of any kind of distortion and interruption does not feel during the communication.

6. Easy Handling during the Ride:

This model is provided with the easy-to-operate jog-dial that enables the rider to easily dial it during the ride even wearing motorcycle gloves.

7. Time Duration for Usage during traveling:

This headset device is capable to be recharged during traveling. In a single charge this provides the talk time up to 7 hours and stand-by-time of 6 days.

8. Provided with Customer Support for Installation:

Each registered user of SMH5-FM is provided with the customer support access. If the user is facing any trouble in installing this device with his/her motorcycle, he/she is free to contact the support center.

SMH5-FM is available in the market with 2 years warranty along with the offering of free update to the module.

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