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Ducati Introduced New Superquadro Mono 660 Single-Cylinder Engine

Ducati Introduced New Superquadro Mono 660 Single-Cylinder Engine

Ducati has always been at the forefront when it comes to revolutionizing motorcycle engine technology with the capability of doing engineering marvels. In the small and middleweight displacement category, the company first introduced its patented engine technology, called the L-twin engines. Originally, an L-twin engine was a V-twin that Ducati designed in an L-shape layout to achieve several benefits. Basically, the cylinder facing the front end is placed parallel to the ground. Due to such an orientation and the 90° angle between the two cylinders of the V-Twin, the rear cylinder naturally stands horizontally to ensure reduced vibrations and attain the primary balance. Despite the top-end engineering excellence and mastery in manufacturing large V4 engines, Ducati is bringing a change in its production and marketing strategies. The company is planning to target cost-effective and low-powered engine designs to install in their middleweight motorcycle category.

In an effort to turn this idea into a reality, Ducati has recently introduced its revolutionary Superquadro Mono 660 single-cylinder engine. It is a perfect time for Ducati to stay ahead in the motorcycle engineering world with its single-cylinder engine after being confronted by the parallel-twin engine technology.

Apart from several other benefits provided by the single-cylinder Superquadro Mono 660 engine, it also takes less manufacturing of main parts as this engine uses several parts taken from Ducati motorcycles. The cylinder head comes from the high-performing Ducati 1299 Panigale.

Ducati Introduced New Superquadro Mono 660 Single-Cylinder Engine
Photo Credit: Ducati

In the stock form, Ducati confirms that the 659 cc Superquadro Mono engine pumps a throbbing horsepower of 77.5 hp. The power-producing capability can be further enhanced by installing a Termignoni exhaust system as an optional equipment which makes the Superquadro Mono engine generate a substantial 84.5 hp of horsepower at 9,500 rpm. These power values make the Ducati new Superquadro Mono 660 the most robust single-cylinder engine thanks to the completely new design and intric10 Best Motorcycles Ducati Ever Madeate engineering.

It is after a very long time, probably more than three decades, that Ducati thought of coming back to basic and producing a single-cylinder engine. Since the time when the news came out, the motorcycling community was sure that the Superquadro Mono 660 would not be just an ordinary single-cylinder engine. When it comes to research, development, design, and engineering, Ducati has one of the most extraordinary and renowned departments working tirelessly for their future products.

As per the sources, the company plans to install this iconic Superquadro Mono 660 engine in a motorcycle inspired by the Ducati Hypermotard.

Let’s look at the notable features and characteristics of the Ducati Superquadro Mono 660 engine:

Ducati Superquadro Mono 660 Single-Cylinder Engine Specifications
Engine Name Superquadro Mono 660 Single-Cylinder
Engine Displacement 659 cc
No. of Cylinders One
Horsepower 77.5 hp at 9,750 rpm
Torque 62.76 Nm at 8,000 rpm
Boosted Horsepower Output
(with Optional Termignoni Exhaust)
84.5 hp at 9,500 rpm
Peak RPM 10,250 rpm
Based on Ducati Panigale 1299 Engine
Piston Size (Diameter) 116 mm
Bore 116 mm
Stroke 62.4 mm
Exhaust Valve (Material) Steel
Exhaust Valve (Size) 38.2 mm
Intake Value (Material) Titanium
Intake Value (Size) 46.8 mm
Emission Standards Euro 5
Oil Change (Service Interval) 15,000 km
Valve Clearance Adjustment (Service Interval) 30,000 km

The other tech features that are expected to be blended with the Ducati’s Superquadro Mono 660 engine, as revealed by the Ducati, include:

Tech Features Expected to be Integrated With the Ducati Superquadro Mono 660 Engine
Six-Speed Transmission
Long First Gear Ratio
Three Power Riding Modes
Ride-By-Wire Throttle

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