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6 Best Motorcycle Maintenance Apps

6 Best Motorcycle Maintenance Apps

A major cause of motorcycle breakdowns is a lack of timely maintenance. Many mechanical issues can be avoided by regularly conducting maintenance checks. For many riders, maintenance is the worst part of owning a motorcycle. It can be hard to keep track of all the components that need to be inspected, cleaned, or replaced, including the transmission fluid, engine oil, brake fluid, tire pressure, air filter, brake pads, and battery.  Many riders set reminders of upcoming maintenance checks on their phone calendars or use Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel to track the list of maintenance tasks.

Luckily, mobile apps are readily available to help you keep track of your motorcycle’s maintenance schedule and tasks. Some phone apps require a paid subscription, while others are free. A maintenance app that notifies you about upcoming maintenance tasks can be handy. Since most people carry their phones with them all day, this ensures they will always be updated.

Below is a list of the best motorcycle maintenance apps that can help you maintain and organize service records, fuel costs, repairs, and create a custom maintenance schedule.

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1. Road Trip MPG

Road Trip MPG

Photo Credit: @Road Trip MPG

Road Trip MPG is one of the most versatile motorcycle maintenance tracking apps. The main features of this app include interactive graphs and voice integration. The statistics are presented in a way that makes it easy to analyze all data. The app can help you keep track of maintenance history, fuel economy, costs, and road trip costs. You can set reminders for upcoming service intervals to prevent premature damage due to a lack of maintenance. This app also can check how much money you have spent on your motorcycle in the past six months or years. This information helps you set a reasonable price if you decide to sell your bike. This app can also help you calculate costs per day or per kilometer. Other features Road Trip MPG has includes:

  • Service, Replacement, and Repair Logs
  • Summer and Winter Tire Logs
  • Geo-Mapping for Road Trip Planning
  • Motorcycle Price Depreciation Tracking
  • Uses International Unit Systems, including imperial, metric, U.S.
  • Can customize the app by creating shortcuts for quick access to your favorite features
  • Provides information about same-day, partial, and missed fill-ups, and the maximum distance you can cover on a full tank of gas
  • Can function as an odometer
  • Includes currency conversion if visiting another country 

Road Trip MPG can also be used to track car maintenance tracking and electricity use at home.

Costing $6.99, Road Trip MPG can function as your motorcycle trip planner, budget tracker, resale value calculator, and 

Ratings 4.8⭐
Cost $6.99
Compatibility iOS 12 or Later
Download Here
  • Automatic Syncs and Backups
  • Can Log Multiple Motorcycles
  • HD Version for iPads Available
  • Straightforward Data Entry
  • Great Customer Service
  • Sets Reminders
  • Multiple Language Options
  • Fuel & Maintenance Tracking
  • Helps Create Tags for Insurance, Maintenance, & Registration
  • Separate Pages Dedicated to Statistics and Graphs to Compare Riding Conditions, Fuel Efficiency, Fuel Type, & Temperature
  • Cannot Print Maintenance Reports
  • Cannot Upload or Take Pictures of Repair Receipts

2. Moto Log

Moto Log

Photo Credit:

Moto Log can track your bike’s fuel costs, maintenance costs, mileage, odometer readings, and maintenance tasks, including repairs, replacements, cleanings, and inspections. This maintenance app is a useful tool for maintaining service records and other information that may come in handy if you file an insurance claim, rent out or sell your bike, or consider trade-ins. If a potential buyer asks you questions about the last oil change, tire change, brake pad or battery replacement, etc, this app can help you quickly check information you cannot remember.

Some riders find the metric system a bit challenging to use and there is no option to switch to the imperial system. The app’s interface is small but manageable. When traveling on the highway, you can set the app to track progress from the start to the end of your trip. Over the course of your trip, the app will also send you notifications about necessary maintenance tasks. There is a separate section that tracks how much you have spent on motorcycle maintenance in the past year. It is possible to customize the list of maintenance tasks; however, you can only log one motorcycle with this app.

Cost Free; In-App Purchases
Compatibility Android
  • Customizable
  • Provides Notifications for Future Maintenance Checks
  • Keeps Track of Maintenance & Fuel Costs
  • Riders Can Set Reminders
  • Includes Backups
  • Efficient
  • Can Log Only a Single Motorcycle
  • Data Available Only in Metric Units
  • Slow Learning Curve
  • Small Interface
  • Information Stored in Internal Memory; Lost After Device Reset

3. AUTOsist


Photo Credit: @autosist

The AUTOsist maintenance app is a car maintenance app, but it can be used to track the maintenance schedule and costs for any vehicle, including motorcycles. Featuring a user-friendly interface, riders can quickly learn how to use the AUTOsist app. After you log your motorcycle, a virtual garage will appear before you. If you opt for the free version, you can only log one motorcycle. The pro upgrade costs $20 and allows you to log up to five vehicles. The gold package costs $50 annually and allows you to log more than five vehicles. You can also use this app to track fuel and maintenance costs for generators and other machinery.

You can add all the important information about your bike, including model, make, license plate number, odometer reading, and vehicle identification number. This app can also help you maintain service, road trip, fuel, and repair records, along with reminders, notes about repair shops you have visited, modifications you want to make in the future, and other details. You can also print service records for any official use. This can help you maximize your bike’s resale value, provided your bike is well-maintained and you have kept all records. You can also include pictures of receipts that can be shown as proof of maintenance.

This app sends frequent reminders to help you stay on top of your bike’s maintenance schedule. AUTOsist can also help you research which types of motorcycles are worth buying by providing all necessary data you wish to know. Before upgrading to the more expensive subscriptions, try out the free version first. 

Cost Free; In-App Purchases (Single Bike Log)
$20 for Pro Upgrade: Five Slots Allowed
$50/year for Gold Package: Five Slots+ Allowed 
Compatibility Android & iOS
  • No Ads
  • Can Print Service Records
  • Responsive Customer Support
  • Automatic Maintenance Alerts
  • User-Friendly
  • Expensive
  • Limited Slots for Motorcycle Logs
  • Offline Use Only Available for Gold Plan

4. Drivvo


Photo Credit: @drivvo

Drivvo has several features to help with vehicle maintenance and cost management. This app can be used for motorcycles as well as other automobiles. With Drivvo, you can track exactly how much you spend on fuel. In addition, you can keep track of and adjust your bike’s maintenance schedule, re-fills, oil changes, and other services.

Drivvo provides custom graphs and reports that provide statistics for your bike, including average mileage, daily fuel costs, average distance covered per day, repairs costs, and frequency of repairs. By analyzing this data, you can adjust your riding style to improve fuel efficiency and reduce the frequency of repairs. The app also can track registration costs, insurance, parking fees, and other taxes.

If you rent out your motorcycle, Drivvo can track the income you receive. If your bike is registered on Twister Roads, Riders Share, or other online motorcycle-sharing platforms, you can download Drivvo to help with money management.

Cost Free
In-app purchases available:
  • Yearly Subscription (50% off):$11.99
  • Annual Subscription: $5.99
  • Quarterly Subscription: $2.49-$4.99
  • Monthly Signature:$1.99
  • Fleet Unlimited: $199
Compatibility Android & iOS
  • 60 Languages
  • User-Friendly
  • Maintenance Alerts
  • Maintenance Records
  • Custom Graphs
  • Keeps Track of Costs
  • Keeps Track of Fuel Consumption
  • Report Analysis
  • Keeps Track of Rental Income
  • Cloud Backups
  • Synchronisations
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Ads in the Free Version
  • Logging Information Takes Time

5. aCar/Fuelly


Photo Credit: @fuelly

aCar and Fuelly are part of the same brand, both apps designed for automobile maintenance tracking. The difference between them is that aCar is designed for Android, while Fuelly is meant for iPhones.

You can use aCar and Fuelly to log maintenance tasks, fuel economy, refuels, service schedules, trip plans, costs, and collision records. You can also keep track of aftermarket parts purchases and replacement costs. Riders who like to customize their motorcycles can save customization plans in the personal notes section.

aCar and Fuelly can provide a maintenance record that can come in handy during trade–ins and sales. You can also calculate your bike’s resale value based on the data provided by the app. Maintenance tasks that require frequent work, such as oil changes, are listed in the Services section.

Cost aCar
  • Free Version Available
  • Premium Subscription: $4.99/year
  • Free Version Available
  • Premium Subscription: $4.99/year
Compatibility Android (aCar) & iOS Fuelly)
  • No Ads (premium version)
  • Unlimited Attachments (premium version)
  • Efficient
  • User-Friendly
  • Maintains All Records Related to Motorcycle Maintenance & Costs
  • Sync Notification Pop-Ups Can Hinder User
  • Automatic Data Transfers
  • Online Backups (premium version only)

6. Vehicle Maintenance Tracker

Vehicle Maintenance TrackerVehicle Maintenance Tracker

Vehicle Maintenance Tracker can help keep track of your motorcycle’s maintenance history. You can add your motorcycle’s details, including vehicle identification number, model year and make, oil filter type, year of purchase, odometer reading, tire size, and annual fuel and maintenance costs.

The app allows you to view and change the dates of your motorcycle maintenance schedule to ensure you do not miss any service intervals. In addition, you can add, delete, or view your motorcycle’s repair records. If you are no longer using a motorcycle or do not want to maintain its records, you can move the information to the archives. You can restore or delete any records in the archives if necessary. Maintenance tasks are arranged in chronological order for easier management.  

Using the app to take pictures of maintenance receipts ensures you have proof if needed. You can also include dates repairs were made or replacement parts were purchased, and keep copies of any warranties. Keeping this information will improve your bike’s resale value. You can also share or print these maintenance records and receipts by converting the stored data into CSV format. 

Cost Free
Pro Version: $9.99
Compatibility iOS
  • Responsive Customer Support
  • Keeps Track of Motorcycle Maintenance and Fuel Costs
  • Keeps Track of Mileage
  • Keeps Track of DIY Maintenance Projects
  • Can Log Multiple Motorcycles
  • Complicated Picture Attachments
  • Android Version Not Available

7. Takeaway

Motorcycle maintenance apps can help you follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule consistently. Keeping up with motorcycle maintenance can help conserve fuel, budget the purchase of aftermarket parts, and avoid expensive repair costs. Maintenance apps can do more than just remind riders of upcoming for maintenance checks. They can provide graphs and reports for analysis, store proof of maintenance receipts and lifetime warranties, help you plan trips, and update on your bike’s depreciation rate and resale value. Depending on what you need, you can select the app that provides the most relevant features. There are free versions of all the apps listed above so you can test out each one before selecting one for long-term use. Ratings and reviews for these apps are also available if you need help deciding on the best option.

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