Yamaha V Star Seats

Yamaha V Star Seats

The Yamaha V-Star motorcycle is considered a good entry-level cruiser for novice riders who want to learn the ropes while still being able to ride at a reasonable yet fast speed. Capable of low to mid-range levels of torque, V-Stars manage to cover great distances efficiently while being responsive to your handling of the vehicle.

As you navigate onboard a V-Star, there may be tight corners or sudden stops that could have your body leaning precariously off to the side. The smooth metallic chassis does not produce enough friction to keep your bottom from sliding around. But a Yamaha V-Star seat can.

Yamaha V-Star seats provide an elevated position still close to the vehicle, plus keep riders within reach of the handlebars and controls. Usually made of pleasantly soft material, V-Star motorcycle seats still are rugged enough that they can catch onto the surface of your bottom.

Yamaha V-Star motorcycle seats are the deciding factor that determines whether you are comfortable or constantly in pain throughout a trip. Despite having a rigid frame, V-Star seats have a built-in cushion that evenly distributes your weight and keeps unwanted pressure from digging into your tailbone.

Since it is not safe nor possible to ride a two-wheeler without a motorcycle seat in place, you want the most comfortable and useful Yamaha V-Star seat available.

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Types of Yamaha V-Star Motorcycle Seats

If you are just looking for a V-Star motorcycle seat that is easy to mount and has enough room for you to sit down, then almost any kind of Yamaha V-Star seat will do the trick.

All of the V-Star seat variants come with a seat pad for comfort, have a durable framework, and come in different sizes to better accommodate every rider.

But some V-Star motorcycle seats are built slightly longer or wider so to provide the necessary space to seat at least two people. Others have extensions that make it possible to attach additional parts such as a backrest or custom fitments.

This chart covers all the types of Yamaha V-Star motorcycle seats from stock seats to aftermarket seats. As you analyze what qualities the seats do or do not have, figure out what seat would be most reliable during most of your excursions:

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