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Viking Battle Axe Yamaha Bolt Sissy Bar With Backrest Gloss Black Main viewViking Battle Axe Yamaha Bolt Sissy Bar With Backrest Gloss Black Bag on Bike View @expand
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Sissy Bars for Yamaha Bolt

A sissy bar is a metal bar attached to the rear of a motorcycle that most often is used for reclining while riding. With better improvisation, it can serve as a support or anchor point for mounting bags and other luggage. Nowadays, sissy bars are commonly used for the purpose of stylistic and attractive looks for the bikes. Leather pads are also attached to some sissy bars for making it more comfortable while leaning on them. Your search for Bolt Sissy Bars has landed you at the best place, for these accessories, ‘Viking Bags', here you can find the sissy bars of prime quality for your rides. Durability in our Yamaha Bolt sissy bars makes us the best in this competition. We have Yamaha Bolt sissy bars in all the possible sizes (short, medium and tall). These Yamaha Bolt motorcycle sissy bars, best and affordable for everyone, have stainless steel matte, black and chrome finishing which refurbish the look of your bike. Ease in removing and attaching to your bike is also a plus point of our detachable motorcycle sissy bars for Yamaha Bolt. The weather-resistant characteristics of these sissy bars override the shortcomings of riding in bad weather conditions.

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