Kawasaki Vulcan Seats

Kawasaki Vulcan Seats

You will find that Kawasaki Vulcan motorcycles are cruiser types that perform well at low to mid-range speeds. Being relatively lightweight, it is possible to pull off maneuvers on Kawasaki Vulcan models that tend to only be possible for sports bikes.

Much like how they are handled, Kawasaki Vulcan models have a smooth and streamlined structure. However, it is because of the sleek surface that it becomes difficult to stay seated without installing a motorcycle seat.

A Kawasaki Vulcan seat is the softest part found atop the upper chassis, offering your bottom a pillion to sink into amongst the metallic features of your motorcycle. Besides being the only position where you can legally be seated on your ride, a Vulcan motorcycle seat can be an implement that aids your vehicle’s durability and an accessory to give your vehicle a flashier look.

If you take good care of your Kawasaki Vulcan seat, it can last you for many years even if subjected to the elements and traveling over long distances. Of course, you will only want your Kawasaki Vulcan seat to last if it prevents you from getting Charley horses most of the time.

This page will give you the rundown on what you need to know about Vulcan seats so to help you narrow down the most comfortable seat for Kawasaki Vulcan models.

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Types of Kawasaki Vulcan Motorcycle Seats

Depending on the number of passengers you take on board or how much luggage you strap to your motorcycle, you will want specific types of Vulcan motorcycle seats best suited to carry each kind of load. Each of the Vulcan seats differs in its designs and capabilities in small ways.

Though only big enough to fit the operator, the Vulcan solo seat is space-efficient since it leaves enough room to add accessories or attach baggage.


Covering the center and rear of your motorcycle, the Vulcan 2-up seat has two indentations designated for the operator and passenger. The rear indentation can be raised slightly, giving the passenger some elevation over the operator.

If you prefer a larger buffer space between you and your passenger, the Vulcan passenger seat with a backrest gives you the room to breathe while making sure your passenger can recline against a padded surface.

While they do not have distinctive aesthetic features, you will have little difficulty mounting Vulcan stock seats since they are built to be a universal fit.

Though they are structurally identical to the stock seats, Vulcan aftermarket seats can have additional accessories or customizations so long as they are limited to aesthetics.

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