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Viking Challenger Large Kawasaki Leather Wrapped Hard Motorcycle Trunk Main viewViking Challenger Large Kawasaki Leather Wrapped Hard Motorcycle Trunk Bag on Bike View @expand
Sale price $399.99 $339.99 with coupon
Viking Premium Extra Large Kawasaki Leather Wrapped Hard Motorcycle Trunk Main viewViking Premium Extra Large Kawasaki Leather Wrapped Hard Motorcycle Trunk Bag on Bike View @expand
Sale price $399.99 $339.99 with coupon
21L - Century Medium Kawasaki Leather Motorcycle Trunk BagViking Century Medium Kawasaki Leather Motorcycle Trunk Bag Bag on Bike View @expand
Sale price $199.99 $169.99 with coupon


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Luggage Trunks for Kawasaki Motorcycles

Most of the time, Kawasaki trunks are used to carry items that need extra protection from all kinds of risks that afflict riders. These risks include natural dangers like harsh terrains, bad weather and unforeseen accidents. In every case, strong impact or force can harm the contents inside in an undue manner. With these hard-bodied trunks however, these risks can be significantly minimized for riders. They can withstand even the most terrible impact and still stay strong due to their amazing shock absorbent powers. This power comes from the winning mix of materials that include a super strong layer of fiberglass with hardy plastic both of which are layered inside a hard shell of Viking leather. We offer a wide range of best trunks for Kawasaki Vulcan, Mean Streak and Eliminator motorcycles.

Vikingbags' Trunks for Kawasaki Motorcycles

Known to impenetrable, this leather and the combo it is mixed in with canvas and rubber meshes to keep the interiors dry and waterproof at all times. This is one of the greatest advantages that the motorcycle Kawasaki trunks offer all their users. No matter how delicate or how important the goods are, they will always be safe from the elements. Then there is the excellent security system that has been built into these products right from their inception. The advanced models have embedded locks that open to special keys and codes and are quite hard to break into. But one can also opt for the older version of padlocks which are known for their intractability as well, when it comes to intruders.

Prime Quality Hard & Leather Trunk for Kawasaki Models

The space inside these trunks for Kawasaki motorcycles is literally cavernous. Deliberately built to hold larger items in the center, this large space is surrounded by smaller pockets all around the inner walls. These of numerous shapes and sizes offering perfect compartmentalization opportunities for users and helps them keep good neatly in place. There is also a narrower foam padded section to keep laptops or iPads in, to be tightened with a Velcro strap. It is this minute attention to detail that makes all Viking products so popular. Ease of use also comes from the pockets on the outside which are zippered and meshed to hold frequently used smaller items for quick access.

More and more users are opting for the Kawasaki motorcycle trunks as they have realized that few other products can offer this kind of protection for their goods. They want to be absolutely free of worries when they are cruising down the high road to adventure when it comes to their luggage. They also don’t want to go about buying the same kind of bags and accessories again and again, wasting both time and money. The superiority of the Viking products make all these perfectly possible. Now one can enjoy the thrill and freedom of every ride in very reasonable prices, proving that quality and affordability can go hand in hand.

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