Kawasaki Motorcycle Sissy Bars

Kawasaki Motorcycle Sissy Bars

A sissy bar is a tall, loop-like frame fitted to the rear of a bicycle or motorcycle saddle, functioning chiefly as a backrest for either rider or the passenger. A sissy bar can be used for mounting your luggage and makes carrying your duffel way more manageable than before. A favorite of bikers everywhere, depending on the design and look you select, your motorcycle’s sissy bar could be nothing short of a work of art. Sissy bars can be an invaluable accessory for both style and functionality. If you are looking for Kawasaki sissy bars, check out ‘Viking Bags’ because we have the finest collection of sissy bars for you. These Kawasaki motorcycle sissy bars available in our stock are exceptionally durable and you can find them in any size (short, medium and tall) from here. These motorcycle sissy bars for Kawasaki have captivating stainless steel matte, black and chrome finishing in chief quality and are easily affordable for everyone. Their quick-release detachable and weather-resistant quality makes them preeminent sissy bars. We offer specific motorcycle sissy bars for Kawasaki Vulcan, Eliminator and Mean Streak.

Riders pay close attention to the road in front of them and the condition of their vehicles. But they tend to overlook how much room is available on their motorcycle. That is until they need their motorcycle to carry a load, whether it be luggage or passengers.

Many motorcyclists favor packing their inventory before they bother checking if it will even fit on their vehicles. By the time they try to secure it all, they realize there is little choice but to shed some weight.

There is nothing more disappointing than being reminded that there is only a limited surface area suitable for transporting cargo. Would it not be nice if there was an implement capable of extending your motorcycle by a few feet?

Luckily, such a piece of motorcycle equipment does exist called a Kawasaki motorcycle sissy bar. If you are the owner of a Kawasaki model, then you will find the most well-built yet low-cost sissy bars available on the market here at Viking Bags.

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Our lightweight and aerodynamic fairings will help you manage the wind efficiently while giving you bike a fuller. more customized aesthetic.

Foldable Sissy Bars

Our patent-pending foldable sissy bars maintain the sleek look of sissy bars with a foldable luggage rack that can be used to carry luggage.

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Explore our wide variety of motorcycle handlebars designed to make each bike unique. Whether you like 14'' hangers or sporty z-bars, we got you covered.

Models for Kawasaki Motorcycle Sissy Bars

Vulcan Sissy Bars

The foam padding used for the backrest of Vulcan sissy bars is shaped in a way so that it will fit perfectly around the outline of your spine. Though the backrest can come with a plain leather and vinyl surface, you also have the option of including chrome studs lined along the edges. This feature can be removed if not being used but is handy if you or a passenger need to lean back when traveling over hundreds of miles.

Eliminator & Mean Streak Sissy Bars

Eliminator and Mean Streak sissy bars manage to stay in place thanks to the mounting brackets fastened on either side of your motorcycle’s rear. The bolts cannot be easily knocked loose from the holes nor will the sissy bars suddenly fall off due to the heft of the mounting brackets. Aside from the length of the Eliminator and Mean Streak sissy bars, it is possible to mount a luggage rack to provide an extra area to store your luggage.

Features of Kawasaki Motorcycle Sissy Bars

A Kawasaki motorcycle sissy bar is an attachment behind the driver’s seat meant to carry baggage that cannot fit on your motorcycle. If all the spots on your motorcycle are already occupied, you can secure luggage to the Kawasaki sissy bar instead.

Made of stainless steel, the surface of a Kawasaki sissy bar is smooth enough to allow your luggage to slide seamlessly by the straps. Yet the metal has enough grip to keep your belongings secure at the bottom. You will also find the density of the steel bars make them strong enough to survive impacts with little to no visible signs of damage.

Besides expanding your vehicle’s storage capacity, a Kawasaki sissy bar can also be a backrest for you or your passenger. The frame of the Kawasaki sissy bar fits the average width and height but the edges of the steel bars can dig painfully into your passenger’s back.

That is why there is space to install a built-in or removable foam pad in the middle of the Kawasaki motorcycle sissy bar. The foam pad is densely packed so that there is a cushion serving as a buffer between you and the metal frame.

Though the Kawasaki sissy bars do not come in many color schemes, there is some customization when it comes to the finish. You can choose either a chrome or matte black finish.

Design of Kawasaki Motorcycle Sissy Bars

Starting from the top of the Kawasaki motorcycle sissy bar, the head is where the twin steel bars are fused. The head can either come with a U- or V-shaped tip, which in turn determines the shape of the space formed by the Kawasaki sissy bar.

The height of the Kawasaki motorcycle sissy bars can vary from short to tall so that each product can be tailored to multiple height ranges. The average height of the Kawasaki sissy bars at Viking Bags is 25 inches. However, this aspect of your Kawasaki sissy bar can be changed if you order an aftermarket version.

Upon reaching the base, you will find the rounded yet flat mounting brackets. There should be holes at both the front and back ends big enough to fit the fender struts. Though the brackets usually are perfectly round, some have contours and/or rungs along the surface to aid in fitting.

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