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Motorcycle Luggage Hardware

Motorcycle Luggage Hardware
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Weather Resistance
  • Easy Installation

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Luggage Hardware For Your Motorcycle

Viking has crafted some of the most resilient, elegant and reliable motorcycle luggage on the market, but it's their understanding of total rider customization that makes them a leader in the industry. In this section of our catalog, you'll find everything from saddlebag brackets for better stability to turn signal relocation kits for better positioning on the bike. Yes, you'll find everything you need in terms of luggage hardware on this website, and we promise you'll simply love the selection of gear here. Each page provides ample specifications on what all you'll need, but most of these luggage kits come standard with all the pieces and instructions needed.

The many different luggage hardware systems featured in our online catalog are manufactured by Viking Bags to work directly with your saddlebags, trunk bags and more. For instance, the quick disconnect system was developed in order to give riders an easy way to remove and mount their saddlebags without wasting any time. Perfect for riders with multiple saddlebags or multiple motorcycles, simply install this quick disconnect system on your bike(s) for a more controlled access point for removal. This makes off-bike transportation a breeze!

The turn signal relocation kit gives riders a way to install larger bags or any luggage that may impede other motorists from easily viewing the turn signals. Riders can simply relocate their turn signals to the license plate, freeing up the space behind the rider and allowing the bags to mount easily. Although some of these kits may require some basic mechanical work, all hardware is included and detailed instruction make it a cinch to do it yourself.

Viking as the Ultimate in Luggage Hardware

Hard mount kits are available from Viking as the ultimate in luggage hardware. Hard mount your saddlebags to your motorcycle so there's never a question about reliability when tearing down the open road at high speeds. Load your saddlebags down with as much riding gear, clothing and accessories that they can handle, and these hard mount kits will ensure no sliding or knocking of goods when traveling. These mounting systems are prefect for riders who travel far and travel often.

Throw over kits are exactly what they seem – they allow riders to quickly throw their saddlebags over the rear fenders without wasting too much time when removal is necessary. This convenience has made it easy for riders to remove and mount their saddlebags within seconds, a perfect luggage companion when traveling out of town or commuting daily. No matter what motorcycle you own and what Viking Bags you've chosen, this luggage hardware puts you back in the action without wasting time having to screw in and fool with difficult hardware.

No matter which luggage hardware kit you choose, Viking Bags ensures compatibility with as many applications as possible. Of course, there are some circumstances where these kits might not work for your specific needs. If you have any questions about which kits may work best for your needs or fit your intended purposes, feel free to give us a call. We love helping people find the right luggage and accessories, because we love everything about motorcycles!

Just like all other hardware kits, luggage bags and products we sell here in our online store, these luggage hardware components all come with a 30-day money back guarantee. We wouldn't want you to get stuck with merchandise you can't use, so that should provide you with a bit of confidence when ordering pro/ducts online. Aside from providing full refunds and exchanges on any of these luggage hardware systems, we would also be happy to help you find the perfect accessories for your specific motorcycle.