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Motorcycle Indian Luggage Guide

Vikingbags Guide for Indian Bags

Indian Motorcycles are synonymous with sculpted perfection and macho swagger. They are a perfect fit for the experienced and hardy riders who like to beat all odds and overcome all terrains just because they have a trust mate in this brand. It is therefore our aim to create saddlebags that will complement this tough image and help riders enhance their look even further. No matter which series you own or prefer, all these bikes are all a perfect blend of modern technology with classic styles. Despite their hardy look however, they are known to be very comfortable and convenient rides. That is why they motorcycle saddlebags created for them have the same basic philosophy behind their makes.


Indian Chief Classic
Saddlebags Guide

Harley Dyna Saddlebag Guide

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Chief Vintage
Saddlebags Guide

Harley Softail Saddlebag Guide

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Indian Chieftain
Saddlebags Guide

Harley Sportster Saddlebag Guide

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Welcome to the Viking Motorcycle Bags Resource Center. This page is dedicated to help our customers choose the right product easily. There are many products in the market to choose from, creating veritable confusion for buyers. The easy way to clear this confusion is to opt for a brand that is perfectly synonymous with quality, like As one of the leading names in the motorcycle luggage industry, Viking bags have become the other name for durability and reliability for all riders. This sense of high quality pervades through all its products, across all its brands making it an easy standard for all to get the best fit for their motorcycle.

Vikingbags Guide on Choosing, Installing and Maintaining Indian Saddlebags



While the Chieftain series demands the classic sculpted looks, the Chief Vintage saddlebags are more of a combination of traditional and modern styles, just like the bikes themselves. The classic series demands that the saddlebags match their even looks and offer the same style of comfort that they have done to their riders for so long. At Vikingbags we take all this into account to offer styles that will be a perfect match for these unique motorcycles.


Whichever style you choose, you can expect all Indian saddlebags from Vikingbags to have ample room for all your goods in them. This roominess is a feature unique to these bags because no one understands the needs of riders better than brand Viking. Moreover, we have also designed them in such a way that thing can be neatly compartmentalized and kept no matter how many days you are on the road.


Most Indian motorcycles are meant for long and hard trips primarily because they are built that way. It is only natural that these bags are also equally reliable and durable so that riders continue to enjoy the same comfort. The bags therefore are built with super hardy materials that make them damage resistant and weatherproof. They also come with sturdy built in locks to prevent theft or loss.


Every Saddlebag that you purchase come with a complimentary mounting kit that allows users to switch their riding styles from hard mount to throw over saddle or vice versa. This makes for better and easier adjustments as per need. As a result riders can expect more comfort and fun for change is at hand whenever they want it.


When you are a proud owner of an Indian motorcycle you will be expecting your saddlebag to be hardy and sculpted like your bike. You will get these same styles but with the added benefit of functionality and reliability that makes these bags last for a long time. You will get more value for your money here than anywhere else.