Indian Springfield Saddlebags

Indian Springfield Saddlebags

Are you the owner of an Indian Springfield or Springfield Dark Horse? Do you want to add a pair of Indian Springfield saddlebags but are worried about how it may affect your riding? Are you also worried that they may be too expensive for you? 

The saddlebags for Indian Springfield at Viking Bags are built from high-quality materials that offer plenty of protection from the weather and impacts. When closed, the tight seals around the lids help prevent water from infiltrating and ruining your electronics, clothes, and documents. If you buy one of the medium to extra large bags, you will get to take advantage of the key-lockable feature, using the pair of keys that allow you to lock the lids. The large amount of space in the main compartments makes it easier to organize and rearrange your belongings so you can maximize the available room you can use. 

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All our leather saddlebags and hard bags are lockable and come included with a pair of keys.


We offer saddlebags for each kind of rider. From our 2024 quick-disconnect series to time-tested hard bags, choose the one that fits your riding style.


Our Hard bags are made from durable composite materials and our saddlebags have internal hard shells to stand the test of time.

The leather Indian Springfield saddlebags are made from Viking leather, a soft yet tear-resistant material with a nice velvety texture. Their exterior has a weather-resistant quality that helps prevent damage due to rain or wind. Most of these bags have their lids secured using straps, buckles, Velcro, and/or turning tabs. All these features are easy to release so you can quickly access your belongings, but will help keep your bags closed even if you travel over bumps. Though most of our leather bags have a smooth and plain appearance, others have steel studs traveling along the curvature of their seams if you prefer luggage bags with a bit more shine. 

The hard saddlebags for Indian Springfield are constructed from shining fiberglass that is easy to clean and clear enough to show your reflection. The glossy black finish acts as a protective layer for your bags from rain and helps reduce scratching. The easy-to-use latch helps to keep the lid locked in place when you are traveling. The shell remains rigid even when battered by heavy winds or small flying projectiles, ensuring that they have shape retention even after being used repeatedly. 

When you receive your bags, you will also be provided the mounting brackets, bolts, nuts, screws, and other essentials required to complete installation. You will be provided a few extra pieces just in case as well. You do not need to go out and source mounting gear from other locations unless you wish to make any custom modifications. 

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