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Motorcycle Fairings for Victory Vegas

Now only available on the second-hand motorcycle market, the Victory Vegas is a motorcycle that breathes as if it were alive. The rumbling engine and smooth metal plating send pleasant vibrations you can feel through the handlebars. This vehicle is reliable thanks to the multiple safety features attached and is ideal for short-distance commutes. Though expensive and unsuitable for long trips, many motorcyclists love to ride the Victory Vegas. Especially those who love to customize their bikes with aftermarket motorcycle parts, like the Victory Vegas fairings. Whether you love to customize your Victory Vegas because you want to improve its overall look or to attach an extra safety feature, you can accomplish either goal by installing Vegas fairings

Features & Design of Victory Vegas Fairings

Victory Vegas motorcycle fairings have a tough shell made out of ABS plastic and fiberglass. This fusion of rigid plastics provides a protective surface for your motorcycle’s chassis towards the front. Besides being tough enough to be struck by debris without cracking or getting scratched, the surface of the Victory Vegas fairings is rustproof and waterproof. The acrylic windshield protects your head from incoming debris, rain, or wind, shields your eyes from the sun, and gives you a full panoramic view of your surroundings. Built with a curved, rounded shape, the Vegas fairings’ front is thicker and bulkier to function as a reliable set of armor, the back is open with steel clamps, and there is a large circular hole in the center that can be fitted around the headlight.

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