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Handlebars for Honda Rebel 300

With shiny, newly-installed Honda Rebel 300 handlebars on your ride, navigating the city on short commutes or traveling between cities on highways should be a breeze. Rebel 300 handlebars are constructed with a narrow width, a standing height of 9 or 12 inches, and pulled-back handles. These Honda Rebel handlebars combine the design features of the Z, mini ape, and drag handlebars. The steel rods are thin yet thick, having a smooth surface that ensures a steady grip when holding onto the handles. To complement your motorcycle’s style and look, Rebel 300 handlebars and controls are covered with chrome, matte black, or glossy black finish. 

Features of Honda Rebel 300 Handlebars

Rebel 300 handlebars and controls are connected to your motorcycle’s electrical system by fitting in the wires through the pre-drilled holes at the bottom of the base rung and the handles. Using the internal pulling wires, you can guide and pull the wiring along the length of the hollow interior until they stretch to the end of the grips. The Honda Rebel 300 handlebars are slightly pulled-back, which brings them closer to the rider’s reach. You can grab hold of the grips without having to stretch forward or slouch your back, allowing you to relax your hands and wrists to help reduce fatigue.

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