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What Is Considered a High Mileage for an Adventure Touring Motorcycle?

What Is Considered a High Mileage for an Adventure Touring Motorcycle?

As of today, the most fascinating and trending motorcycle category that has gained a lot of momentum in terms of sales is the adventure touring bikes. The reason why ADV touring bikes are making waves is mainly because of their versatile purpose. As people’s interests in their hobbies have evolved, the nature of motorcycling has also changed a great deal. Now riders do not want to restrict themselves only to the paved roads or off-road terrains. They are looking for a hardcore machine that feels as smooth as a cruiser on the road and as adventurous as a dirt bike on unpaved terrains.

Adventure touring bikes have been serving this purpose for years now as they are designed to take you long miles comfortably while not shying away from difficult terrains. To be better in both motorcycling worlds, the motorbike must be tough and durable and handle the off-road beating strongly. Otherwise, they will not be able to survive for long enough as expected.

The current-day adventure bikes are highly advanced, encompassing almost every electronic rider aid to make adventures safe and memorable. These ADV touring bikes are made autonomous to adjust the power, throttle response, traction, and control according to the riding situations, making them quite luxurious and expensive. Also, due to being trendy and desirable, ADV touring bikes are a great investment if you are one of the thrill seekers.

However, as you invest more, you naturally want them to last longer which may sound a bit difficult considering their tough operation. You can still do your part well to get a high mileage from your ADV touring bike. However, despite all the efforts, the question remains: “What is considered high mileage for an adventure touring motorcycle?” Continue reading this article to learn how long you should expect your ADV touring bike to last.

What Is Considered a High Mileage for an Adventure Touring Motorcycle

1. What is the High Mileage For Adventure Touring Motorcycles?

Here's a breakdown to help you navigate the world of used adventure bikes:

Below 25,000 Miles

This is known to be the low mileage for the adventure bikes in general. It can be a perfect option to buy. However, it can be expensive. Doesn’t matter the number of miles on the odometer, you always need to check the service history to make sure the previous owner did a good job in maintaining the bike.

25,000 - 50,000 Miles

This is the place where the adventure bikes have the chance to shine. The 25,000-50,000 miles range is considered to be the sweet spot for an ADV touring bike as you can find a great deal for yourself in terms of price. An ADV bike in this range has a good chance of lasting a long time and being ready for many more thrilling adventures. However, the conditions of inspection remain the same. You must inspect it properly before making a deal with the seller.

50,000 - 75,000 Miles

Be aware if you have found an adventure bike in this mileage range. For a bike in this range, you should be attentive. Take the bike to a professional motorcycle mechanic you are familiar with who will check everything carefully including the maintenance record of the seller.

Above 75,000 Miles

Above 75,000 Miles
Photo Credit: The Compass

Bikes in this category are often a great deal as you can buy them at an exceptionally low price, but you may need to put more effort into their upkeep. They have a higher chance of breaking down and showing problems more frequently. You have to be very careful with that and have a mechanic check it before you purchase it. Also, before you take such an ADV bike on a long-distance trip, you must perform a thorough inspection if you don’t want to be stranded at some unknown place where it is difficult to find help nearby.

2. High Mileage on Adventure Touring Bikes

The high numbers on the odometer must not scare you. Adventure bikes are designed to be the perfect travel partner, capable of performing on most surfaces from smooth highways to dirt trails. In contrast to cars, where high mileage is a warning sign, adventure motorcycles are engineered for long-distance travel. However, when is the right time for these reliable steeds to become too worn out to continue?

For adventure touring motorcycles, high mileage is anything around 50,000 miles and above. Nevertheless, this is a rough figure. Likewise, the overall condition and maintenance history are to be considered far more important than the mere odometer reading. An adventure bike in good condition with 75,000 miles may be a great buy, yet a poorly maintained one with 30,000 miles might turn out to be a money pit. Look into a bike's service history and try to get some information from the seller about how well it is taken care of.

2.1 Mileage Matters, But Maintenance Matters More

Adventure touring bikes’ engines are considered workhorses as they can bear the burden of both highway cruising and off-road adventures. Because of this, they can travel over a longer distance than conventional motorcycles.

The real key to the lifespan of an adventure bike is how well it has been taken care of. In the above example, a bike that has 75,000 miles on it and which has been getting regular oil changes and checkups is more likely to be in better shape than a bike that has half the miles on it and which has rarely been serviced. Consistent maintenance is like giving your bike the required vitamins, making it stronger and more active for longer rides.

2.2 How You Ride Affects the Journey and Motorbike

How You Ride Affects the Journey and Motorbike

The kind of adventures you have with your ADV Touring bike can greatly impact your bike's lifespan. A bike that is mostly ridden on smooth highways will certainly last longer than one that is used to climb challenging off-road trails all the time. Putting too much pressure on the engine, and revving it a lot, like you would do on a racing track, can reduce its life expectancy.

2.3 It's Not Just About the Engine

The engine is the bike's heart, but other components are affected as well by the high mileage. The shock absorbers that smooth out road bumps can be the ones needing repair at higher mileage. Think of them like the springs in your bed; after a while, they may wear out and need to be replaced for you to stay comfortable.

Of course, things like tires, chains, and brake pads are consumed faster and need to be replaced more often as well on bikes with higher mileage. It's just like your shoes, the more you walk through them, the more worn-out they get. The body and electrical system of your ADV touring bike also gets affected by the elements it comes across during off-road adventures and due to regular riding.

3. Takeaway

Mileage is not only a number on the odometer, it is a symbol of the memories and experiences we have had along the way. The best course of action when buying a used adventure bike is to have an expert mechanic you trust to check the engine, suspension, and general condition. Check out if the service history shows that the previous owner has done all the necessary maintenance on it.

Do not be afraid of the bike's higher mileage if it is well-maintained. Adventure bikes have a reputation for going as far as 75,000 miles and more. Thus, go ahead, find new destinations, and rack up the miles on your next journey.

If you get a good deal for yourself, make sure to plan your adventure trip after making a few amendments to your adventure touring motorcycle. For a multi-day trip, you will require adequate supplies to survive in the wilderness, and to carry them, there has to be sufficient storage space on your ADV touring bike. Viking Bags, a specialized motorcycle luggage bags producer brings the most suitable options, including side cases, panniers, luggage systems, tank bags, tail bags, and more for your adventure tourer.

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