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What is a Motorcycle Wind Deflector?

What is a Motorcycle Wind Deflector?

If you love cruising on open roads and highways, you are likely familiar with wind turbulence and buffeting. If your body is exposed to continuously changing wind pressure while riding, you can become fatigued quickly. Several other issues can arise if you are riding without proper wind protection, including helmet buffeting, reduced visibility, reduce vision, muscle pain, and headaches.

A windscreen is an essential motorcycle part that can help protect your upper torso to reduce problems while cruising on open roads. However, the stock windscreen may not always provide adequate wind protection. To deal with this problem, you can install a motorcycle wind deflector to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free riding experience.


1. What is a Motorcycle Wind Deflector?

What is a Motorcycle Wind Deflector?

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A motorcycle wind deflector sits on top of the windscreen to provide extra wind protection. This equipment is an extension of the windscreen and is attached using rigid rubber mounts. The motorcycle wind deflector is made of Plexiglas (Acrylic glass), a type of flexible and sturdy plastic. Despite its simple construction, it can provide several benefits for riders while riding.

2. Characteristics of a Motorcycle Wind Deflector

  • Plexiglas has good strength and flexibility, making it durable and suited for high-speed travel
  • Easy and safe to mount on a windscreen
  • The soft rubber mounts help keep the wind deflector in place without scratching it or the windscreen
  • Compatible with almost every motorcycle
  • Available in various shapes and sizes
  • Lightweight
  • Can withstand high wind pressure without vibrating
  • Does not get easily scratched or damaged by sand, dirt, gravel, and heavy wind
  • Can withstand all types of weather and a wide temperature range
  • Most wind deflectors are easily adjustable. You can change their angle and height to better suit your needs

3. How to Install Motorcycle Wind Deflectors

Motorcycle wind deflectors are easy to install on the windscreen. It comes with a complete installation package, including mounts, bolts, parts, and Allen keys. After preparing the wind deflector assembly, slide it on the windscreen, and tighten the bolts to ensure they remain firmly fixed in place.

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4. Motorcycle Wind Deflector Review

A motorcycle windscreen can be expensive to replace if it does not suit your height and riding style. However, installing a wind deflector is an easy and cheap solution to fix this issue. Although a wind deflector can affect the look of your motorcycle’s front end, it ensures a more comfortable riding experience. If your motorcycle’s stock windscreen cannot adequately block incoming wind from hitting your chest and face, a wind deflector can increase the size of your windscreen and better regulate airflow to block heavy winds. You will feel less fatigued after a ride if you have a wind deflector attached to your motorcycle’s windscreen.

Make sure to check the height of the wind deflector and go on a test ride if possible. If the incoming wind hits you around your neck after installing the wind deflector, helmet buffeting could still occur. While testing, make sure there is less wind pressure around your helmet.

The wind deflector must be of good quality with rigid mounts. A low-quality wind deflector can vibrate during the ride and can cause damage to the windscreen.

A motorcycle wind deflector is also suitable for moto vloggers as it ensures better wind protection and makes it easier to record videos with better audio quality. Most riders and moto vloggers install cameras and microphones on their helmets. Installing a wind deflector blocks the wind that interferes with the microphone and cameras.


5. Pros and Cons of a Motorcycle Wind Deflector

Pros of a Motorcycle Wind Deflector Cons of a Motorcycle Wind Deflector
Flexible Makes the motorcycle look ugly
Lightweight Can vibrate at high speeds
Provides better wind protection Can damage the windscreen
Ensures comfortable rides  
Riders feel less fatigued after the ride  
Good for moto vloggers  
Easy to install  
Clear and transparent  
Rigidly mounted  
Improves airflow  
Can withstand high and low temperatures  
Compatible with all motorcycles  
Available in different shapes and sizes  
Angle and height can be easily adjusted  
Provides eye protection  
Ensures better cruising experience  
Blocks flying insects  
Eliminates wind noise  

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

6.1 Are Motorcycle Wind Deflectors Worth It?

A motorcycle wind deflector is a useful attachment for almost every rider, especially taller riders who find it difficult to avoid wind pressure. If you are unsatisfied with your windscreen and still experience wind buffeting, installing a wind deflector can solve the problem.

6.2 How Much Wind Is Bad for Motorcycles?

For most motorcycles, a wind speed above 50 mph can be dangerous as it can buffet the tires and cause you to lose balance and control. High-speed winds can also reduce visibility, resulting in a motorcycle crash. For lightweight motorcycles, a wind speed between 20-30 mph can be dangerous. If the weather is extremely windy, avoid going out for a ride if possible.


6.3 How Loud is the Wind Noise on a Motorcycle?

Motorcyclists with inadequate or no wind protection are exposed to wind noise that increases at high speeds. Wind noise is caused by the wind whipping around your helmet. If a rider is going at around 40 mph, they will be exposed to 90 dB of wind noise. This can increase to about 110 dB if the rider reaches a speed of about 100 mph. Continuous exposure to wind noise can damage your hearing and could result in hearing loss over time.


7. Takeaway

Motorcycle wind deflectors are useful attachments as they ensure a smooth and comfortable riding experience. If the wind protection on a motorcycle is inadequate, the rider will feel more fatigued due to being exposed to constantly high wind pressure. The wind turbulence and buffeting can be decreased effectively by installing a wind deflector, which is easy to mount on a windscreen. A wind deflector sits on top of a windscreen as an extension to provide improved wind protection. A motorcycle wind deflector is also good for moto vloggers who record high-quality videos by reducing wind noise and improving audio and video quality.

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