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Viking Bags Motorcycle Luggage Bags for Street/Sports Bikes

Viking Bags Motorcycle Luggage Bags for Street/Sports Bikes

1. Introduction

If riding around the city blocks or streets is your treasure, a street bike would be more than a deal for you. These sweethearts are no less by any means, heavy engines, powerful revving, and the designs are exclusively impressive.

To satisfy your biker’s gratitude make your street bike ridings comfortable by adding motorcycle luggage bags on your motorcycle.

No matter where you are riding, there is always a chance that you will need some stuff while riding.

Hanging out on your bike while keeping stuff in your pockets, that’s awful. However, you can install a suitable luggage bag on your bike to carry your essentials.

Some ventures like Viking Bags provide premium quality motorcycle bags. Durability and longevity at cheap prices, couldn’t get any better.

Our manufacturing department, based on experts, is capable of providing the best and streamlined bags. Each bag complements the other bag and so on.

At Viking Bags we have all types of luggage bags for street bikes. You can pick a motorcycle bag of your choice from our exclusive collection of the best motorcycle luggage bags for street bikes.

Before getting anything on your bike, some basic information will help you to choose the best luggage bag.

2. Types of Motorcycle Luggage Bags

2.1 Soft Luggage Bags

Talking about the soft motorcycle luggage bags, they are the cheapest yet highly practical. What do you expect from a luggage bag? Carry your stuff with excessive luggage space, right?

A soft motorcycle luggage bag is more than that. Mostly, soft luggage bags are made up of synthetic leather or some highly durable and strong textile or fabric.

They are capable of carrying all your essentials and never let you down under any type of circumstances. Though they are waterproof and also secure.

The installation is kind of quick and strong and never lets your luggage bag escape while riding.

To ensure the security of your stuff the key-locking system is installed on leather luggage bags, whereas textile bags come with straps or buckles.

They are cheap in price but high in quality. Considering a soft luggage bag suitable for your motorcycle would be the best choice.

2.2 Hard Luggage Bags

Hard luggage bags are expensive, yet strong, though hard bags are made up of some metal like aluminum or fiberglass.

Although, these hard luggage compartments provide maximum safety to your stuff from outer harmful elements, but can also be harmful themselves.

They are crack-able and can be torn into pieces in case of some coincidence. Moreover, they can cause injury to the rider as well.

However, hard luggage bags come with a hard mounting system that is usually model-specific. Hard luggage bags are suitable for long rides and motorcycle camps.

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3. Features of Best Motorcycle Luggage Bags

3.1 Ideal Size

Thinking of an ideal size for your motorcycle doesn’t mean compromising the storage capacity. A luggage bag should be competent and capable of carrying all your essentials according to your riding style.

Unlike long motorcycle rides or cruising, riding a street bike around the city blocks does not demand more.

Choose a perfect motorcycle luggage bag according to your riding style and make sure you are picking up a suitable design as well.

3.2 Quality

The quality of a luggage bag matters a lot. A motorcycle luggage bag should be durable and long-lasting. The built quality of the luggage bag should be strong enough to handle anything coming on its way.

It should be weather resistant and capable of facing bad weather conditions so that you can push your riding limits without worrying about your stuff.

3.3 Apt Mounting System

Along with the types of motorcycle luggage bags, their mounting system differs respectively. There are two types of mounting systems available to install luggage bags on your motorcycle.

The soft mounting system contains quick-release buckles and pull-straps. This is a highly accessible and quickest way to put on and off your luggage bags. However, the straps are strong enough to not let your bags drop down while riding.

The hard mounting system contains bolts and screws for installing hard luggage bags on your motorcycle. This mounting system requires time and tools to install and uninstall your luggage bags. Usually, hard mounting tools are worth hundreds of dollars, but Viking Bags provide them free of cost.

You can make your choice by considering the points and also according to your motorcycle.

3.4 Protection

Chrome buckles and straps are not capable of providing protection to your stuff while you are away. Your stuff can be easily robbed if you are leaving your essentials under the supervision of straps.

Surprisingly, Viking Bags has introduced an innovative way of security to provide maximum protection to your stuff. The key-locking system is a way to secure your essentials from any type of adversity.

Note: textile bags do not contain a key-locking system. So make sure you are choosing a luggage bag with a key-locking system.

3.5 Weather Proof

“Halt” doesn’t exist in a rider’s dictionary, right? Raining and joyful weather rides are even more thrilling for street bike riders. Well, one thing can make you stop and that is your precious stuff.

Choose a weather-resistant luggage bag that can stand in the way of everything coming to destroy your stuff. A good quality luggage bag never lets outer harmful elements pass and destroy your essentials.

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Benefits of Motorcycle Luggage Bags

4.1 Convenient Riding

Hanging stuff on the handlebar, do you think is the way you can ride conveniently? Absolutely not. A luggage bag is crucial to make your rides convenient and comfortable.

You can simply put all your stuff in it and ride all the way without any second thought regarding your stuff’s safety. The luggage bag will take care of it.

4.2 Versatile

A motorcycle luggage bag should be versatile and compatible to fit on all your motorcycles easily. If you possess more than one bike, there is no need to buy luggage bags for all of them.

A universal luggage bag can fit all your motorcycles well without any compromise. But if you have only one bike, you can go for model-specific luggage options as well.

Moreover, the multi-purpose functionality of luggage bags is not deniable. You can use your luggage bags according to the circumstantial need.

A soft luggage bag can be your cushion and the second pillow whereas a hard luggage bag would turn into a stool whenever you need it.

4.3 Perfect Riding Companion

All the features, benefits, and qualities are written above to collectively make your luggage bag a perfect riding companion.

A luggage bag containing all the above-mentioned qualities should be the best piece of motorcycle luggage bag. Make sure to consider all the key points in mind while acquiring a luggage bag for a street bike.

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