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The Debut of the 2024 BMW R 12 nineT Roadster and R 12 Cruiser

The Debut of the 2024 BMW R 12 nineT Roadster and R 12 Cruiser

To make changes to its lineup for 2024, BMW is starting the year with brand-new models, including the stylishly designed BMW R 12 cruiser and the BMW R 12 nineT Roadster. The 2024 BMW R 12 nineT and R 12 are extensions of the R nineT series and additions to the family. The 2024 BMW R 12 nineT is a roadster-style bike that replaced the BMW R nineT Roadster. Meanwhile, the BMW R 12 is a completely new cruiser based on the R nineT platform, providing versatility to its lineup for the lucrative American motorcycle market.

The BMW R 12 cruiser is aimed to cover the gap in the cruise market, as currently BMW only offers the BMW R 18 with a 1,800 cc Boxer engine. This new cruiser provides a middleweight option in the cruiser category, aiming to compete with the Harley Davidson Sportster and Nightster series. Continue reading this news post to learn about the all-new additions to the BMW lineup, including the 2024 BMW R 12 cruiser and the BMW R 12 nineT roadster.

1. BMW R 12 Cruiser

BMW R 12 Cruiser
Photo Credit: @RiderMagazine

2024 is just around the corner, and the all-new 2024 models from various motorcycle manufacturers are already making waves. BMW has also stunned the motorcycling community with its 2024 BMW R 12 cruiser. This stunning middleweight cruiser uses the same platform as the BMW R nineT, but this time, the company has made some serious changes to the R nineT to give it a sporty cruiser look. The 2024 BMW R 12 uses moderately taller handlebars, instead of the flat café racer-style handlebars found in most R nineT variants.

Regardless of its cruiser characteristics, the riding style it offers isn’t completely relaxed. Instead, this bike offers a sportier stance, resembling that of a performance cruiser. The legroom is restricted due to being installed with the horizontally opposed iconic boxer engine.

With the 2024 BMW R 12 cruiser, BMW has extended its cruiser range by adding a middleweight bike in this category. The aim is to provide riders with more options and a sportier class in the BMW’s cruiser lineup. The BMW R 12 cruiser utilizes the same 1,170 cc engine as the BMW R nineT series, and except for the engine cover, almost every engine part and machinery is the same. This bike has retained its retro look, thanks to the iconic R nineT-style round headlamp. Due to being a cruiser, a few elements of this bike also resemble the larger-capacity BMW R 18 cruiser.

To make the BMW R 12 cruiser accessible to riders with both entry and intermediate-level riding skills, the power figures have been restricted to stay below a nominal level. In the BMW R12, the same boxer engine yields 95 hp of horsepower at 6,500 rpm. However, performance-wise, the difference in the power delivery does not feel extraordinary.

The BMW R 12 has ditched the twin gauges; instead, it comes with a single dial gauge to match the overall motorcycle’s style. The tech package on this bike includes only two riding modes, including Rock and Roll, for a more dynamic performance. In addition, there are traction control and engine drag torque control systems to control the rear wheel skidding and locking. ABS is a standard feature on this bike, along with the engine brake control.

The frame of this bike has been completely redesigned to make it easy for custom builders to change the parts and styling with ease. It features a multi-joint frame that can be removed and adjusted to install a completely different motorcycle part, allowing for a complete transformation of the motorcycle’s genre. The BMW R 12 cruiser is more compact and sophisticated as compared to the BMW R nineT.

2024 BMW R 12
Motorcycle Type Cruiser
Engine Displacement 1,170 cc
Engine Layout Horizontally-Opposed Boxer-Twin Engine
No. of Cylinders Two
Peak Horsepower 95 hp at 6,500 rpm
Peak Torque 81 lb-ft at 6,000 rpm
Top Speed 126 mph
Final Drive Cardan Shaft
Transmission Six-Speed; Constant-Mesh Gearbox
Seat Height 29.7 in
Wheelbase 59.84 in
Wet Weight 500 lbs
Gas Tank Volume 3.7 gal
Standard Tech Package ABS Pro
Traction Control
Engine Brake Control
Two Riding Modes (Rock & Roll)

2. BMW R 12 NineT Retro-Style Roadster

BMW R 12 NineT Retro-Style Roadster
Photo Credit: @RiderMagazine

The other BMW model that debuted this year is the BMW R 12 nineT, which boasts a more retro and old-style aesthetic. This bike hasn’t received much change and it is fundamentally the same R nineT model. However, like the BMW 12 R nineT, the frame is a completely new element in this bike, designed to support customization. In terms of appearance, this two-wheeler has the same gold-anodized front fork and the iconic R nineT-style gas tank with compressed patches for riders to adjust their knees.

The unchanged 1,170 cc boxer-twin engine produces almost the same power output as before. The 109 hp of horsepower coming at 7,000 rpm and 115 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm is one of the most impressive in the retro class. Being a middleweight bike, the 1,170 cc engine is more than enough for both the BMW R 12 cruiser and the R 12 nineT roadster. The R nineT series is distinguished due to its unique sound, smooth power delivery, and punchy on-road performance.

To maintain its classic heritage, the BMW R 12 nineT features a dual-gauge dashboard and integrated digital panels to display the rest of the information. As expected, the BMW 12 R nineT provides three riding modes, including Dynamic, Road, and Rain.

Overall, the BMW R 12 R nineT is more premium and is expected to be slightly more over-priced than the BMW R 12 cruiser. Firstly, this bike produces high power output, and secondly, it has better suspension technology with longer wheel travel. Towards the front, there is a preload-adjustable 45 mm inverted front fork, ensuring smoother rides.

2024 BMW R 12 NineT
Motorcycle Type Retro-Style Roadster
Engine Displacement 1,170 cc
Engine Layout Horizontally-Opposed Boxer-Twin Engine
No. of Cylinders Two
Peak Horsepower 109 hp at 7,000 rpm
Peak Torque 85 lb-ft at 6,500 rpm
Top Speed 134 mph
Final Drive Cardan Shaft Drive
Transmission Six-Speed; Constant-Mesh
Seat Height 31.3 in
Wheelbase 59.5 in
Wet Weight 485 lbs
Gas Tank Volume 4.2 gal
Standard Tech Package ABS Pro
Traction Control
Engine Brake Control
Three Riding Modes (Dynamic, Road, and Rain)

3. Takeaway

Though there are few revolutionary amendments in the BMW lineup this year, the newly-introduced BMW R 12 cruiser and the BMW R nineT roadster have gained a lot of attention. These two bikes are built around the same R nineT platform and are equipped with the same 1,170 cc boxer engine. However, when it comes to road performance and power figures, the BMW R nineT stands out a little more than the BMW R 12. This bike generates punchy power output and can accelerate effectively. On the other hand, the BMW R 12 cruiser is more rider-friendly if you are a fresh or an intermediate rider due to its restricted power band.

Both the new BMW bikes are expected to do well in the American motorcycle market, considering their bold style and retro feel. The fit and finish of these motorbikes set them apart from other motorcycles released this year as 2024 models.

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