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Pass a DMV Test & Get Your Motorcycle License with a Motorcycle Rental

Pass a DMV Test & Get Your Motorcycle License with a Motorcycle Rental

The United States of America is a motorcycle rider’s paradise that offers huge vistas, scenic highways, paved roads, attractions, and motorcycle routes. The only thing that stands between motorcycle enthusiasts and the surreal riding experiences is the DMV test.

Just like any other test, the DMV test can be intimidating. Many dreams of riding a shiny motorcycle rental or personal motorcycle on Route 66, Pacific Highway, or Hana Highway have been shattered due to failing the DMV test.

If you are a novice rider, the thought of demonstrating your riding skills in front of an examiner outside the DMV parking lot can increase the feelings of fear and anxiety.

In this article, you will learn about the DMV test and how to rent a motorcycle to practice for and pass your DMV test.

1. What is a DMV Test?

The DMV or the Motorcycle Driving Test is designed to check a motorcyclist's ability to control the ride. It is also referred to as the motorcycle riding test, road test, or motorcycle license test, and is an evaluation of your vehicle operating skills on a closed course or on the streets to determine whether you qualify for a driver's license. During the test, the examiner will evaluate you based on the following skills:

  1. Understanding of Controls
  2. Gear Transitions
  3. Riding in Slow Circles
  4. Serpentine Riding/ Riding carefully around the cones

2. Do All American States Require Taking the DMV Test?

All U.S. states require non-licensed individuals to pass the DMV test before they can be given a driver's license. You can pass your DMV test in any state to obtain your license. A motorcycle license issued in one state will remain valid in other states as well. Therefore, you only need to pass your DMV test once.

3. What is the Age Criteria for the DMV Motorcycle Test?

The minimum age requirement to take the DMV motorcycle test differs between states. But most states allow you to apply for the DMV motorcycle test at the age of 16.

Many rental services also have age requirements and will refuse your request to borrow a motorcycle if you are underage. Some motorcycle rental services have a minimum age limit of 25 years old, while others rent out their vehicles to riders ages 18 and above.

4.1. Where to Rent a Motorcycle for the DMV Test?

Different motorcycle rental services operating throughout the U.S. have made it easy to rent a bike for the DMV test by adding entry-level scooters and motorcycles to their fleet. This way riders can rent a motorcycle not only to practice but also to give their test. Hence through this initiative, motorcycle rental services not only help motorcycle enthusiasts find the best ride for their vacations but also provide novice riders with the vehicle they need to pass the DMV. If you have been searching for “motorcycle rentals for DMV test near me,” here is a list of the best motorcycle test rentals below:

4.1. DMV Moto Rental

DMV Moto Rental is an excellent platform to rent a beginner-friendly motorcycle for your DMV test in California.

This service offers a Suzuki Van Van 200 rental, an ideal vehicle to demonstrate control while moving at slow speeds. This motorcycle rental’s low-slung seat, low-power engine, and maneuverability will help you get the motorcycle license you covet.

DMV Moto Rental lets you schedule your rental booking on the same day your test is scheduled. Before the test, you can get to know your ride before arriving for your test.

DMV Moto Rental Service in California
Rental Option Rent Rate
Suzuki Van Van 200 $60 (flat)
Official Website -

4.2. Riders Share

Riders Share is one of the best motorcycle rental platforms to find a beginner-friendly ride for the DMV test. You get to meet the owners of the motorbike rentals, usually experienced riders who offer great riding advice to renters.

This peer-to-peer motorcycle sharing platform has a straightforward renting process. You simply need to select a beginner-friendly motorcycle, reserve your rental for your scheduled test day, meet the owner, and collect your new rental. Riders Share’s affordable rent rates allow you to rent a motorcycle in advance for practice and for the DMV test.

With over 25,000 motorcycle rental options, finding the right bike for the test at Riders Share will hardly be a problem. Here are some suggestions:

Riders Share DMV Rental Service in United States
Rental Options Rent Rate
Harley Davidson Street 500 $50- $150
Honda Rebel 500 ABS $35 - $100
Yamaha V-Star 250 $40 - $70
Official Website -

4.3. Twisted Road

Twisted Road is another motorcycle rental service that allows you to rent a motorcycle for vacations, trips, and the DMV motorcycle test. With a large selection of entry-level motorcycles listed on Twisted Road’s official website, you can select and reserve your motorcycle rental, practice with it, take your motorcycle road test, and then return the motorcycle rental.

Just like with Riders Share, Twisted Road gives you the opportunity to meet motorcycle owners who can give you advice for the DMV test.

Twisted Road’s selection of motorcycle rentals changes quickly so you need to research and reserve your bike quickly. To give you an idea of which beginner-friendly motorcycles rentals are available at Twisted Road, check out the following list:

Twisted Road DMV Rental Service in United States
Rental Options Rent Rate
Honda Rebel 500 $60
Honda CB500X $85
Honda Shadow Phantom $90
Triumph Bonneville T100 $89
Yamaha YZF-R3 $52
Kawasaki Ninja 400 $56
Official Website -

4.4. EagleRider

Whether you need a motorcycle rental for an adventure, to book a motorcycle tour, attend a motorcycle rally, or take a DMV test, EagleRider always has something to offer. This rental service is best known for its selection of Harley Davidson touring motorcycles but it also offers other beginner-friendly bikes you can rent for your DMV test. This motorcycle rental service has offices all over the United States so you can easily rent a motorcycle from the nearest EagleRider location.

EagleRider DMV Rental Service in the United States
Rental Options Rent Rate
Yamaha YZF R3 $111
Yamaha Bolt $124
Yamaha MT-07 $124
Harley Davidson Heritage Softail $199
BMW R18 Classic $99
Official Website -

4.5. NJ Rent a Scooter

NJ Rent a Scooter is a rental service that offers scooter rentals to riders planning to pass their DMV test. This rental service only offers service to experienced riders as inexperienced riders are required to have proof of completing the MSF training course.

Once you reserve your scooter after visiting NJ Rent a Scooter’s official website, a licensed rider will provide you with a 250 cc scooter at the scheduled place and time. He/she will teach you the scooter’s controls and functions while also explaining how the DMV test works. The owner will then accompany you to the DMV test location. If you are not confident with your riding skills, you can also register for a road test simulation program designed by the rental service to help you become familiar with the vehicle.

NJ DMV Rental Service in United States
Rental Options Rent Rate
Scooters $220-$240
$30 (for
road test simulation program)
Official Website -

5. Takeaway

Motorcycle rentals have been becoming more relevant in riders’ day-to-day lives. Renting a motorcycle is no longer restricted to long-distance motorcycle tours and camping trips. If you plan to ride a motorcycle to help with your commute, then you can use a rental to refine your riding skills. Similarly, motorcycle rentals are now proving to be helpful for those planning to take the DMV motorcycle test and receive a motorcycle license.

Hopefully, this article will help you find the motorcycle rental that will help you pass your DMV test with flying colors!

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