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Motorcycle Club Ranks and Their Duties

Motorcycle Club Ranks and Their Duties

After ants, motorcycle clubs (MCs) are considered one of the most organized species that ride synchronously in a queue. When a motorcycle club rides in a group, it ensures that nobody crosses each other’s path. It rides in perfect sync and harmony, which amazes the other road users.

However, group riding is part of a motorcycle club; it is not all. There are several other things that motorcycle clubs are involved in. Motorcycle clubs operate in a variety of ways. There can be numerous objectives of why a particular motorcycle club is formed.

For example, some motorcycle clubs are established to organize leisure group rides to visit unknown places. They want to enjoy the spirit of group motorcycle riding. Meanwhile, many motorcycle clubs tend to operate to give back to society. They organize charity rides and events to help people in need.

The organization and harmony in a motorcycle club don’t just come on their own. There is a hierarchy, sets of rules, ranks, and members performing several duties to keep the spirit of a motorcycle club alive. It is an extremely tough job to ensure a motorcycle club operates flawlessly. Every rank in the hierarchy, including the club members, is crucial in keeping the club intact and operational.

Continue reading this article to learn in detail about the motorcycle club ranks and their duties.

Motorcycle Club Ranks and Their Duties

1. Founder

The founder is at the top of a motorcycle club's hierarchy. It is considered a special rank in an MC. The founder can be either one person or a group of people.

If a founder is active in a motorcycle club and rides his/her motorcycle, he/she is likely to be the president of the club. If there are other co-founders, they will likely become the vice-presidents.

An active founder has many crucial roles and responsibilities in a motorcycle club. First, he has the vote to cast in elections to appoint new officers and lead members. He is also involved in all the crucial gatherings, meetings, and events.

2. President

Before we discuss the president and his roles, we need to understand the executive committee. It is the executive board of an MC, consisting of officers and important rank holders. The committee is tasked with making the most important decisions, overseeing daily operations, and addressing urgent matters.

Returning to the president, he is the CEO of a motorcycle club. A president deals with all the business relationships and dealings on behalf of the motorcycle club. He acts as a bridge to communicate with law enforcement agencies and other motorcycle clubs.

Whatever the matter is between the club and other entities, it is brought to the president’s knowledge, and his decisions are considered final.

It is also the president’s responsibility to make sure that the club's activities are as per the agreed rules and manifesto. He is only called in for voting, where he can either break a tie vote or make it a tie.

3. Vice President

The vice president has the power of a president in his absence. He works as an acting president of the motorcycle club if the president can’t make it to a meeting or a discussion.

A vice president has an active role as he supervises the tasks, plans, and events. If the motorcycle club or the committee has any issues, they are first brought to the vice president.

A vice president of a motorcycle club also acts as a bridge between the president and motorcycle club members. He passes on the information from the highest authority to the club members.

4. Sergeant at Arms

The sergeant at arms (SGT at arms) is the law enforcer of the motorcycle club. He ensures that the members duly follow the club's rules and laws set by the leadership. He also checks that nothing goes against the club's rules.

The sergeant at arms is one of the most active members of a club. One of his major tasks is to ensure the security and safety of all club members and prospects. He is also tasked with bringing any security threat to the attention of the higher authority and the executive committee so that rapid action can be taken.

The SGT at arms also deals with keeping the club's security data and keeping track of the members. He takes the club patch back in case a member retires, resigns, or is expelled. The SGT at arms takes notice of every member's actions. If he finds anyone breaking the club’s rules, he takes strict notice and forwards the matter to the executive committee.

The sergeant at arms also maintains law and order in a motorcycle club at the events, meetings, and other activities.

5. Road Captain

A road captain is considered the boss of the motorcycle club on the road. Regardless of the many activities a motorcycle club performs, the group rides are still the essence of an MC. Therefore, they must be organized, safe, and accessible from brawls. This is what a road captain is tasked to do.

If the president and vice president don’t participate in the group rides, the road captain assumes the authority role and organizes the ride's formation. Even if the president joins the ride, he leads the pack while riding at the front alongside the president. He acts as an SGT at arms while on the run, ensuring that the club rules and laws are duly followed.

The road captain is also tasked to plan routes and locations for group rides.

6. Secretary

The secretary of a motorcycle club is the record keeper. He keeps all the club records and takes notes of all the meetings organized by the club. He has all the data in written reports, even if it is a formal communication with external entities and other motorcycle clubs.

A secretary is also in charge of maintaining the club's manifesto and constitution. Also, he is responsible for notifying the higher authority and executive committee if any changes need to be made to the club’s constitution.

The secretary must also convey messages to members who were not present at a club meeting. He must also notify all the members about upcoming events and meetings so that everybody is present.

A secretary also keeps track of prospects’ performances based on which they are judged and made the club members. A secretary also becomes the voice of the members to report any issue for the club's best interest. A secretary also performs the duties of a treasurer in his absence.

7. Treasurer

As the name suggests, a treasure in a motorcycle club manages an MC's finances. He is in charge of dealing with the expenses and paying the club's bills. The treasurer is also responsible for collecting all the funds and income from various sources.

A motorcycle club has different income sources depending on its size and preferences. It makes certain investments to run and can also take money from its members to operate. A treasurer accounts for all the assets and finances a motorcycle club holds.

The financial record is presented or provided to the executive committee and leadership at the annual meetings. A treasurer is also in charge of collecting fines and dues from club members.

A treasurer also ensures that all the financial requirements for organizing a charity ride or any other event are duly met. If he is not present, he acts as a secretary.

8. Enforcer

Enforcers are the same as the sergeant at arms in a motorcycle club. They perform the same duties of maintaining peace and ensuring the safety of all club members on and off the road. If a motorcycle club has many members, an SGT at arms has the right to appoint enforcers to help him perform his duties effectively.

Enforcers make sure that all members duly follow the club rules and laws. They are tasked to deal with any conflicts that can arise between members of different clubs. Enforcers are also responsible for keeping the MC’s reputation and stance as a priority. 

9. Tail Gunner

A tail gunner is also a very important rank in a motorcycle club, particularly when the group is in action. He performs his duties while riding at the back of the pack to ensure everything stays smooth and perfect. He supervises the group from the back while ensuring that the formation doesn’t break and no rider is left behind due to some issue.

If someone in the group ride is left behind or facing a mechanical breakdown, the tail gunner should assist him. Whether it is fixing the bike issue or providing first aid to an injured rider, the tail gunner takes care of everything. He also communicates with the road captain to plan and organize the ride.

A tail gunner assumes the role of the road captain when he cannot perform his duties.

10. Member of a Motorcycle Club

Members are the essential parts and riders of the motorcycle club. They make the motorcycle club. Without the members, there will be no hierarchy or leadership. The members appoint the executive committee of the club. However, members are expected to prove their loyalty and perform their responsibilities with dedication to earn a higher rank.

11. Prospect

Prospects are like internees. Anyone interested in joining a certain motorcycle club must fulfill all the requirements specified by the club. Most motorcycle clubs interview aspirants, and when they clear the interview, they are referred to as prospects.

Prospects must stay sincere and abide by all the club’s rules to earn a member badge. Becoming a member of a motorcycle club is no joke. It is a very hard-earned thing. They are expected to follow all the orders from the senior members. They are required to prove themselves as worthy of earning a patch.

12. Chaplain

A chaplain in a motorcycle club is not a regular biker or a club member. He is often referred to as the wise one in a club. The authority tasked him with performing some of the particular duties. For example, the chaplain's role is to arrange marriages within the club and conduct funerals.

A chaplain also assists the jail-going members of a motorcycle club and protects their rights. He also decides, along with the club's president, whether a prospect gets a membership of the club or not.

13. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

13.1 What Does 22 Mean for Bikers?

The number 22 refers to a member of a biker club who was jailed and served time.

13.2 What Does 2 Fingers Mean to a Biker?

What Does 2 Fingers Mean to a Biker?
Photo Credit: Riderz Planet

Motorcyclists usually greet other bikers by showing two fingers while making a V-shape. This gesture is a symbol of respect toward other riders. Showing two fingers to a rider who is passing is a way of telling him that he may stay safe from all the road gremlins.

13.3 What Does a Biker Tapping His Helmet Mean?

When a biker taps his helmet during a group ride, it indicates some sort of hazard or issue. It is a way of sending an alert to fellow riders on the back. If you find a member of a motorcycle club tapping his helmet, slow down, as he may stop after a while.

14. Takeaway

The best part about motorcycle clubs is the discipline, organization, and synchronization. They operate in a pre-defined order and follow a religious hierarchy of the club. There are many ranks or positions in a motorcycle club, each contributing much towards the peaceful operation. Only some people can fit into a motorcycle club and become a member. It is only for those who can work like a family and prioritize the club.

If you are afraid that you will not be able to perform the duties, motorcycle clubs are not for you. You can join a riding club instead if you prefer riding in a group in your leisure time.

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