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Important Things Not to Forget on A Motorcycle Camping Trip

Important Things Not to Forget on A Motorcycle Camping Trip

A motorcycle camping trip bridges the gap between backpacking and camping trips on four wheels. Motorcycle camping is not only to ride on the back country roads or trails. You can ride on the roads camping off at the campgrounds. But there are many designated back country roads and trails open for motorcycles. This travel experience opens up a new world to explore and all new experiences to have. So, if you want to have this experience then make sure to follow the important tips for motorcycle camping and don’t forget the following important things.

1. Ziplock bags

Ziplock bags are useful in more than one way. You can keep a fire starter kit, your phone, other important and small things, eatables like marinated meat, etc. your phone, and other things you don’t want to get wet. I like to keep them in my tank bag so I can easily and quickly use them when needed.

2. Multi-tool

Either a multi tool kit and a multi-tool knife will make your job easier. A knife, screwdriver, can opener, pliers are a must-have.

3. Fire starter

Fire starter kit is one of the most important and basic things when going camping. A newspaper or old used paper you might have at home can find their use here. Matchbox or a lighter that will start the job is of course mandatory. You can find ready to use fire starter kits in the market for cheap if not willing to make your own.

4. Cooking system

Of course, you would be cooking on your motorcycle camping trip. But packing a stove and gas cylinder can take up all of your luggage space and still might not be enough. Thus, cooking systems like Jet Boil Flash can save you the pain and fuss. It makes the job easier and prepares delicious meals for you. Enjoy your meals with mother nature and thank us later.

5. Nalgene bottle

A Nalgene bottle is a good option to store some beverages with you for post campfire enjoyment. I would recommend a plastic one because it is lighter and does not break. Glass bottles can break while non-breakables are heavier.

6. Extra tarp

You must already be using a tarp to protect yourself from sharp rocks and other things. But that one cloth sometimes would prove not to be enough. So, I bring a separate one. It can help by providing a clean place to sit, place your helmet, clothes, or other important stuff. Or you can just put it on the one you sleep for a comfier feel and better sleep. If your saddlebags have enough space to store a fold able chair then I would recommend keeping one with. Most hard luggage is enough for that, you can either go with extra cloth or get the bag that can store a small chair.

7. Wipes

Using water for washing hands can leave you dehydrated and thirsty, which is not a good idea on a motorcycle trip. Wipes can reduce your water usage. You can clean your hands, dishes and even clean your luggage to protect it from water or mud. For the dishes disinfecting wipes are good, while for cleaning hands you can use wet wipes. Remember not to pollute the place you camp at and dispose of things into a trash bin. If there is no one near you put the waster into a plastic or zip lock bag.

8. Headlamp

Headlamps keep your hands free so you can work better and faster. This is why I would recommend you get a headlamp instead of a flashlight. Make sure to put and pack long-lasting high-quality batteries in it.

Motorcycle camping is all different from backpacking or camping trip on your car or RV. Don’t forget to pack the food and utensils you need along with a tent and sleeping pad or sleeping bag. Learn from your past mistakes and get what you didn’t last time. To relax or spend the time better you can take a book or two with you. 

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