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List of Concerts & Bands at Sturgis Rally 2022

List of Concerts & Bands at Sturgis Rally 2022-I

A motorcycle rally is the most entertaining event for every motorcycle enthusiast. One of the largest motorcycle rallies, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, is organized every year near the Black Hills in South Dakota, United States. Excitement is at its peak ever since the schedule of the concerts at the 82nd Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was announced.

Read this article to find out which famous singer or band is performing at the “At the Best Party Anywhere” event at Sturgis Buffalo Chip 2022.

1. Background of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Concerts

In 1938, the members of the Jackpine Gypsies motorcycle club, known for riding Indian motorcycles, organized the first Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Initially, the motorcycle rally was limited to motorcycle stunts and racing.

After the first successful motorcycle rally, the event was held every year. However, no rally was held between 1942 to 1946 during World War II. After a four-year hiatus, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally came back in 1946 with a new format.

The revived three-day Sturgis Rally consisted of a Gypsy tour in which participants got a tour of the Black Hills with the Jackpine Gypsy members. At least two days were reserved for motorcycle races. To provide extra entertainment, the Sturgis Rally also organized animal shows, dances, concerts, and other musical events downtown.

After the 1980s, the rally was extended to seven days and was held in the first week of August.

In 2016, a 10-day schedule was launched that is still being followed today in 2022. The city of Sturgis in South Dakota will host the best musicians and concerts this August.

2. Sturgis Rally Concerts & Bands

Since 1946, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has been incomplete without boisterous and thrilling music concerts.

Every year, the biggest musical artists and bands set the magnificent Buffalo Chip stage on fire with their energetic beats, powerful voices, and lively performances.

While some bands perform only once, others mesmerize their audience throughout the week.

You would be a lucky rally attendee at the 2022 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally as this festival will feature some of the most popular names in the music industry.

3. Schedule of 2022 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Concerts

Schedule of 2022 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Concerts
Photo Credit: @irontradernews

 Here is a complete list of the bands performing this year at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2022:

August 1st - August 4
Bands/Concerts Venue
Big Skillet Bikini Beach Stage
Buffalo Chip
Friday, August 05, 2022
Bands/Concerts Venue
Quiet Riot Buffalo Chip Campground
Judd Hoos Wolfman Jack Stage, Buffalo Chip Campground
August 06, 2022
Bands/Concerts Venue
Snoop Dog Buffalo Chip
Buck Cherry Wolfman Jack Stage, Buffalo Chip Campground
Molly Hatchet Full Throttle Saloon, Sturgis
August 07, 2022
Bands/Concerts Venue
Lynyrd Skynyrd Wolfman Jack Stage,
Buffalo Chip Campground
Bush Buffalo Chip
Slaughter Full Throttle Saloon, Sturgis
August 08, 2022
Bands/Concerts Venue
Rob Zombie Wolfman Jack Stage,
Buffalo Chip Campground
Lita Ford Buffalo Chip
Tesla Full Throttle Saloon, Sturgis
Tim Montana Shade Valley Camp, Sturgis
LOCASH Shade Valley Camp, Sturgis
August 09, 2022
Bands/Concerts Venue
Hollywood Undead Buffalo Chip
Bad Wolves Buffalo Chip
Falling in Reverse Buffalo Chip
Papa Roach Wolfman Jack Stage, Buffalo Chip
Chase Matthew Full Throttle Saloon, Sturgis
Liliac Shade Valley Camp, Sturgis
Stephen Pearcy Shade Valley Camp, Sturgis
August 10, 2022
Bands/Concerts Venue
Travis Tritt Buffalo Chip
Aaron Lewis & the Stateliners Buffalo Chip
Williams & Ree Buffalo Chip
Blackberry Smoke Full Throttle Saloon
Nita Strauss Iron Horse Saloon
Saliva Shade Valley Camp, Sturgis
Tantric Shade Valley Camp, Sturgis
August 11, 2022
Bands/Concerts Venue
Jon Pardi Buffalo Chip
Williams & Ree Buffalo Chip
Jackyl Full Throttle Saloon
August 12,2022
Bands/Concerts Venue
Puddle of Mudd Buffalo Chip
Pop Evil Buffalo Chip
Black Hawk Iron Horse Saloon
August 13, 2022
Bands/Concerts Venue
Struggle Jennings Iron Horse Saloon

4. How to Book Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Concert Tickets?

In 2022, the concerts are being held at the following four main venues:

  • Buffalo Chip, Sturgis
  • Full Throttle Saloon, Sturgis
  • Shade Valley, Sturgis 
  • Iron Horse Saloon

The procedure for buying motorcycle rally passes and concert tickets is the same.

Attendees of the motorcycle rally are required to buy an admission pass to the campground, which will grant them free entry to all Sturgis Rally concerts and activities.

For the concerts at Buffalo Chip stages, you will need to buy an admission pass for the Buffalo Chip Campground.

For the concerts scheduled at the Full Throttle Saloon, you will need to buy wristbands or admission passes to the official Sturgis Rally Campground called Pappy Hoel Campground.

For the concerts scheduled at the Iron Horse Saloon, you need to purchase admission passes to the Steel Pony Campground and Resort.

Book a place to stay at the Shade Valley Camp Resort and get free entry to the magnificent concerts scheduled at the Shade Valley, Sturgis.

If you have any of the above passes, you will get free entry to the concerts and events at the specific locations.

You can book your admissions passes to the campgrounds at these website:

Official Websites of the Campgrounds at Sturgis
Pappy Hoel Campground Pappy Hoel Admission Pass, Wristband & Reservations
Buffalo Chip Campground Buffalo Chip Campground Admission Passes
Shade Valley Shade Valley Admission Passes
Steel Pony Campground SteelPony Campground Wristband, Passes, & Reservations

For information about the Sturgis Rally concerts visit the following websites:

Concert Venue Official Websites
Buffalo Chip Concerts
Full Throttle Concerts
Shade Valley Sturgis
Iron Horse Saloon

5. What Is the Deadline to Buy Admission Passes for Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?

Booking for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally concert passes is open now. The passes to the campgrounds are available at different price ranges. The last date to buy passes is yet to be announced. However, the discounted price will end soon.

6. Are Admission Passes of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Concerts Refundable?

No. The admission passes are non-refundable in any scenario.

7. Quick Details of the Most Popular Bands Performing at the 2022 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

7.1 Quiet Riot

The first concert of the 10-day-long Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will be held on Friday, August 5th, at the Buffalo Chip Campground.

The Quiet Riot is a boisterous heavy metal band that made it to the top of the popularity charts.

They reached the peak of success overnight after the launch of their smashing album Metal Health in 1983. The band sold two million copies of their double platinum album Condition Critical twice in the United States.

The Quiet Riot will perform at the kickoff party of the Sturgis Rally so get your tickets now.

7.2 Judd Hoos

The South Dakota rock & roll band will perform for nine nights at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally’s music festival. You will be able to see them perform their top songs such as “ Lipstick Stain” and “Bad Girl.”

The Wolfman Jack stage is whereJudd Hoos will have his Sturgis debut, so make sure you are there to witness this historic scene.

7.3 Buckcherry

August 6th marks the return of Buckcherry at Sturgis Rally for yet another exhilarating concert. The Wolfman Jack stage lights up whenever the band takes its place on the stage.

Buckcherry reached the heights of fame in 2006 after its album 15 attracted well-deserved attention and appreciation.

The hard beats and pounding chords of this rock and roll party band will make your heart beat faster than it ever has before. The band will likely perform songs from their latest 2021 album like Hellbound and classics such as “Sorry” and “Crazy Bitch.”

7.4 The Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, the highly entertaining rapper and visionary song-writer, will dominate the Buffalo Chip stage on Saturday, August 6th.

Snoop Dogg is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Junior’s professional name. He rose to fame with his famous solo single “Deep Cover.” After that, Snoop Dogg continued to climb up the ladder of success. He has 17 Grammy nominations under his belt and is an internationally acclaimed rapper.

After delivering a memorable performance at the 2022 Superbowl LVI, Snoop Dogg is set to make you dance to his beats at the Sturgis Rally. Buy your tickets today because you don’t want to miss seeing the renowned rapper performing live at the rally.

7.5 Bush

The most popular British grunge rock and hard rock band of the 90s, Bush is set for a magnetic Sturgis debut this year. Known for its platinum albums and other top-chart music hits, Bush will leave you mesmerized with their beats at the Buffalo Chip stage. Catch them on the stage at 8:00 pm. For more details, see the schedule above.

7.6 Hollywood Undead

In 2022, Hollywood Undead will make its highly-anticipated debut performance at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Concert. The hip-hop, metalcore experts are well-known for their singles “ Everywhere I Go,” “Undead,” “Comin’ in Hot,” and “Bullet.” To feel the rhythm of Hollywood Undead’s music, secure your passes today.

7.7 Liliac

Liliac is a well-known metal and rock band that has introduced a new form of music to the world best known as Vamp Metal.

This Los Angeles based band consists of five siblings who have taken the world of music by storm with their unparalleled talent and creativity.

If you haven’t heard of them before, then the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is your chance to catch them perform live on Thursday, August 9th, at the Shade Valley, Sturgis.

7.8 Williams & Ree

On Wednesday, August 10th, Williams & Ree will be ready to make you laugh with their delightful performances at the Buffalo Chip stage. Moreover, they will make a comeback on Thursday, August 11th, with some more interesting music at the same stage.

The duo has garnered praise for their country comedy blend for the last 50 years. Brutally honest, they speak their minds and narrate what their eyes observe so eloquently that their audience can’t help but resonate with their music. Their songs “Ding Dong'' and “Running Bear'' are the perfect laughter therapy. So laugh your worries away at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this August.

7.9 Nita Strauss

Nita Strauss has ruled on the front pages of international magazines due to her Grammy nomination for “Metal Gear Rising.” A social media sensation, passionate musician, and positive influencer, Strauss will rock Sturgis with her powerful performance.

7.10 Jon Pardi

Known for his exciting country music beats, Jon Pardi will grace the Buffalo Chip stage on Thursday, August 11.

Pardi is an award-winning vocalist, songwriter, and music producer admired for his creative classic country music.

It is expected that he will deliver enigmatic performances of his popular songs such as “Heartache Medication,” “Dirt on My Boots,” “Heartache on the Dancefloor,'' and “Last Night Lonely.”

Hopefully you are willing to get your boots dirty and taste heartache with Jon Pardi at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

7.11 Jackyl

Also on Thursday, August 11, an American rock band known as Jackyl will bring the best heavy metal sounds to Sturgis. You can watch them perform live at the Full Throttle Saloon.

Jackyl emerged as a promising rock band in 1991 and released their best-selling album Jackyl in 1992. The band managed to sell over one million copies of their album in America. They are also well-known for their singles: “When Will It Rain,” “Locked & Loaded,” “Down on Me,” and “Dirty Little Mind.”

7.12 Puddle of Mudd

Friday, August 12th, 2022 is reserved for Puddle of Mudd’s sensational performances featuring hard rock music.

Formed in 1992 in Kansas City, Missouri, the American post-grunge, nu metal, and hard rock band delivered their massive hit “Blurry” in 2001. Later in 2021, the band released their sixth album Versatile.

To find out whether the band will perform on songs from this album, buy your tickets now!

7.13 Pop Evil

Pop Evil will be a favorite among the music enthusiasts that will gather at the Buffalo Chip stage.

Pop Evil released six hit songs in 2008 and has toured with famous rock and metal bands. It is expected that Pop Evil will deliver powerful performances featuring their smashing hits, including “Hero,” “Be Legendary,” “Trenches,” and “Waking Lions.”

The band will perform on Friday, August 12th, so don’t miss out if you are a Pop Evil fan.

7.14 Blackhawk

The Blackhawks are expected to perform on Friday, August 12th, at the Iron Horse Saloon. In 2015, the band released a successful album called Brothers of the Southland. After that, the Blackhawks kept on releasing fresh music. They are famous for their flawless live performances supported by a southern rock band. The band connects with its fan base through its engaging and soulful performances.

If you haven’t seen them perform live, the 2022 Sturgis Rally is your chance to do just that. Purchase your tickets on time and brace yourself for a life-changing performance.

7.15 Struggle Jennings

On Saturday, August 13th, Struggle Jennings will share his inspiring music at the Iron Horse Saloon. Jennings began his music career in 2016 after he was released from jail. Ever since, he has performed before a large audience at sold-out events and has several successful music projects to his name. With his music, Jennings encourages youth to face adversity and overcome all obstacles that life throws at them. His fans not only follow his music but also relate to his life story.

8. Takeaway

The concerts at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally are once-in-a-year events that deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Unleash the party animal at the Buffalo Chip, Full Throttle Saloon, and other venues in the first week of August. Purchase your tickets now to secure a chance to listen to the best music in the world live.

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