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A Guide for Foodies | Sturgis Bike Rally

A Guide for Foodies | Sturgis Bike Rally

A Guide for Foodies | Sturgis Bike Rally

Hold your nerves and start preparing for the World’s Biggest Motorcycle Rally. Upcoming is the 81st anniversary of the Sturgis Motorcycle 10-day Rally. Although, no official proclamations have been made yet. The expected dates are August 2- Saturday to August 14, 2021. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally brings joy and meaning to life. Motorcycle enthusiasts come from all over the world to participate in it.

Sturgis has a number of renowned restaurants in addition to its well-known riding routes, well-established hotels and motels, and charming scenic regions. These restaurants are meant to depreciate the craving of food-loving bikers.

Sturgis has bars and pubs for the bikers who love to drink, despite the fact that it is a venue intended to be enjoyed.

This guide will assist you in locating renowned food places and bars in the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2021.

Sturgis has embodied many regions like Northern and Southern Hills, Belle Fourche, Beulah, Custer, Deadwood, Edgemont, Hermosa, and Hill City. All these regions own many Restaurants and Bars for the Sturgis participant bikers. This list carries the detail about the restaurants near Sturgis.

1. List of the famous Restaurants and Bars in Sturgis:

Sturgis takes care of you and your cravings, either they are for long rides or delicious foods.

1.1 Sturgis Buffalo Chip:

The 600-acre land is covered in this mega campground and has many locations for food lovers. Some of the best-known food locations have been listed:

1.2 Red’s Grill & Pub:

The Red’s Grill & Pub is one of the most famous edible hubs for food lovers. They offer quick service because this is Sturgis Baby… everyone is racing. The Appies, salads and sandwiches, The Entrees, Messy Burgers and desserts incorporate their menu.

Address: 224 Junction Ave, Sturgis, SD 57785

Hours: 8 A.m. to 9 P.m.

Phone: (605) 561-1100

1.3 Stinger Saloon:

The Stinger Saloon logo totally goes with the witty events in the Rally. The Stinger Saloon spoon out frozen margaritas, wine, cool and twisted tea on their menu card. This is a perfect place for DOBER’s. You may taste quality beers at a very affordable price in this eatery, albeit the price is per shot.

Address: 1100 Main Street, Sturgis SD, 57785

Hours: 8 A.m. – 9 P.m.

Phone: 480-215-8729


1.4 Belle Joli Winery:

A 5-acre vineyard in the heart of the Black Hills, their method of making has the traditional essence of winemaking. They offer their award-winning wines to taste in their Tasting Room established in the deadwood. Belle Joli Winery has a permanent place in the hearts of wine lovers.

Address: 3951 Vanocker Canyon RD, Sturgis, SD 57785

Hours: 10 A.m. – 8 P.m.

Phone: 605-347-9463

1.5 Sturgis Coffee Company:

This bar, like its past, is a little different. In the year 2000, they dived into the ocean of coffee, couldn't get themselves out till yet. They start their caffeinated adventure at a little drive-through kiosk. They have a distinctive roasted coffee that will leave an impression on your heart. They also have a gift shop that exceptionally appeals to you to must buy something.

Address: 2275 W Lazelle St Suite A, Sturgis, SD 57785

Hours: 7 A.m. – 12 P.m.

Phone: (605) 720-1480

1.6 Sidehack Saloon & Gunners Lounge:

The Sidehack Saloon & Gunners Lounge is American cuisine, serves you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It has a unique quality name that must be impressed by some gunners or something. It has a good review rating.

Address: 1027 Lazelle St, Sturgis, SD 57785

Hours: 7 A.m. – 2 A.m.

Phone: (605) 347-2828

1.7 The Beaver Bar Sturgis:

This beautiful thematic setting bar dwells in Sturgis. They have a large menu full of delicious food, cold drinks, and they have live entertainment to cheer you up.

Address: 12998 SD-34, Sturgis, SD 57785

Hours: 10 A.m. – 1 A.m.

Phone: (843) 318-0844

1.8 Veterans Club:


There is a source of motivation behind their excellent services, and they feel proud to serve those who served America so well.

Address: 868 Main Street, Sturgis, SD 57785

Phone: (605) 347-4682

1.9 Oasis Bar & Fireside Lounge:


The Oasis Bar & Fireside Lounge is a cuisine, serves its customers lunch and dinner. In addition to that, it is a perfect place for alcohol drinkers. Oasis Bar and Fireside Lounge serve delicious food with cheerful services and have a jolly atmosphere.

Address: 1145 Main Street, Sturgis, SD 57785

Hours: 10 A.m. – 2 A.m.

Phone: (607) 347-4609

1.10 Sturgis Wine Company:

Sturgis Wine Company is wholly disguised from the outside. You can never guess the surprise unless you enter the door. It has a welcoming and chill environment. The 3 fireplaces and the lighting theme of this place take it to another level.

Address: 1117 Main Street, Sturgis, SD 57785

Phone: (605) 720-9596

1.11 The Knuckle Saloon & Brewery:

This place is meant to fulfill your food craving. Their steaks and boneless wings are outstanding. They serve fast food, sandwiches, and dinners along with special drinks and lite side.

Address: 931 1st Street, Sturgis, SD 57785

Hours: 10 A.m. – 2 A.m.

Phone: (605) 347-0106

1.12 Glencoe Camp Resort:

Glencoe Camp Resort will leave memories in your heart. Food, drinks, entertainment under one roof. The Camp resort organizes music nights, and bands come to perform during the Rally. The staff serves fabulously and a clean place for eatables.

Address: 20555 Glencoe Dr, Sturgis, SD 57785

Phone: (605) 347-4712

1.13 Loud American Roadhouse:


This family-friendly restaurant has delicious meals and deals for you. The Loud American Roadhouse provides a large menu with excellent options for you to choose from. The juicy and delicious steaks and sandwiches are available at the Roadhouse to satisfy your appetite. Live music raises the bar in terms of entertainment.

Address: 1305 Main Street, Sturgis, SD 57785

Phone: (605) 720-1500


Hence, Sturgis 2021 will take place during a pandemic. Check to see if the dining is permitted. You can reach out to the restaurants using the given phone numbers to get the most up-to-date prices and schedules.

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