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How Do Biker Gangs Give Back to the Community?

How Do Biker Gangs Give Back to the Community?

Motorcycle clubs do not have a positive reputation among most people in the U.S. They are sometimes called ‘Biker Gangs’. Most of them are considered criminals because of their image in most people’s minds. It is very complex to explain the actual image of a motorcycle club in society.

The reason behind such a negative portrayal of motorcycle clubs is because of the 1%ers or outlaw club members. The outlaws are members of a motorcycle club that are involved in several illegal activities and violent crimes. However, 1%ers only represent a very small percentage of motorcycle clubs. The majority of the motorcycle clubs are sober. They operate very peacefully.

The motorcycling community has become an integral part of the society. It plays quite an active role in different domains. Motorcycling is not all about having fun, it is a lot more than that. As part of the motorcycling community, motorcycle clubs have become stronger over time. Most of the prominent motorcycle clubs have a strong fan base and support system.

In opposition to the allegations against the biker gangs, leaders and members of these clubs have initiated steps to give back to the community. Many motorcycle clubs are working tirelessly to support various noble causes. They work for the betterment of society. Continue reading this article to learn about how biker gangs give back to the community.

1. Fighting Child Abuse

Fighting Child Abuse
Photo Credit: The Inter Mountain

Child abuse is one of the major concerns that demand attention and support. It requires a lot of effort to be done to ensure our children are protected from any harm. To fight this, there are several motorcycle clubs in the U.S. and worldwide, fighting child abuse. They offer support to needy children who are in dire need of help.

Child abuse is one of the terrible crimes and it must be stopped. One of the most prominent names in the motorcycling community, fighting against child abuse is B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse) .

This motorcycle club organizes charity rides to raise funds for oppressed and deprived children. Along with the charity rides, this group also organizes charity events to help the victims. The members of B.A.C.A., including women and mothers, play an integral role in fulfilling the motorcycle club’s objectives.

2. Empowering Women

Empowering Women
Photo Credit: Business Insider

It is good to see women getting empowered through motorcycling. There was a time when motorcycles were only considered men’s rides. It was considered that only men could handle this machine. It was believed that only men had the guts, patience, and courage to ride a motorcycle. However, with time, women not only learned how to ride a motorcycle, but they also became experts at handling motorcycles.

As time progressed and women took over so many fields while working alongside men, women riding a motorcycle became a norm. Not only that, they started to participate in the motorcycling community. They became a permanent part of it. They also started joining motorcycle clubs.

As women empowerment and feminism became a thing, many prominent female riders were urged to start their all-girls/women motorcycle clubs. As of today, many motorcycle clubs only include women riders. They are not just a group of female riders who can ride motorcycles, they work for women's empowerment.

Many notable motorcycle clubs give membership only to female riders. These include The Motor Maids, Caramel Curves, Leather & Lace MC, and Devil Dolls who are passionate about motorcycling. They take pride in being a part of a motorcycling community.

3. Organizing Charity Rides and Events

Motorcycle clubs are not all about going on scenic group rides and cross-country tours. Many good things can be done alongside having fun. The best way to give back to the community is through charity. If you are a part of a community that loves to work for the betterment of society, it is unavoidable to organize charity rides.

The way the motorcycle club operates suits them to raise funds for the needy. They get a lot of public attention, particularly from motorcycling fans. The community helps them raise funds for various noble causes. Countless motorcycle clubs are working day and night to raise funds for those in need.

3.1 The Poker Run

The Poker Run
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

To raise funds for the needy, one of the most widely-used activities is the “Poker Run”. This activity is widely organized by motorcycle clubs. First of all, the club has to establish five different checkpoints on a planned route.

Multiple bikers participate in the race. The race starts from an initial point to a checkpoint. The bikers make a stop at the checkpoint and start the race again until they reach the last checkpoint.

Every rider has to place a bet at each stop while drawing a playing card from the deck. As every participant moves to the last checkpoint, they have to draw the last card they are holding. The rider with the best hand wins the race. The money raised throughout the race is collected and then donated to a charity.

4. Fighting for Animal Rights

Fighting for Animal Rights
Photo Credit: Hartford Courant

Certain motorcycle clubs operate to fight against animal cruelty. The awareness regarding animal rights has increased during the past few years. It is worth noting that many motorcycle clubs in the U.S. are dedicated activists on animal causes.

Everyone enjoys animals’ company and wants them to be protected. Well, how they can struggle for this? They organize events and people inform them about animals that are being tortured. Picture a group of bikers riding through your town with the message: ‘Animals deserve love and respect’. How can one ignore that?

Biker clubs are also effective in fundraising. They have a strong organizational structure that is very useful in this matter. They organize parties, car washing events, and anything they can do to get people to contribute. This money supports animal shelters needed for the care of lost, injured, or frightened animals. Each cent contributes to feeding them and seeking homes for them.

Some motorcycle clubs work like a rescue service. If something bad is going to happen to an animal, they intervene. They may speak to the person who is mistreating an animal. They may call the police for assistance.

Bikers Against Animal Cruelty (BAAC) is a renowned MC fighting for animal rights. They operate throughout the U.S. to prevent animal cruelty and support shelter funding. They also educate people on how to be good caretakers for pets.

5. Supporting and Honoring U.S. Veterans

Supporting and Honoring U.S. Veterans
Photo Credit: New York Post

A large number of biker groups across the U.S. are active in honoring and providing support to veterans. These clubs regard veterans as comrades/brothers. They believe that veterans should be provided with courtesy and support. Here's how biker groups support and honor veterans:

  • Fundraising : MCs that support veterans organize charitable rides, events, and donation campaigns. They work a lot to contribute towards veterans’ causes. The fund they raise is used to help support veterans with things such as training for employment, affordable housing, and other mental health services.
  • Advocacy : Biker clubs advocate for veteran causes. They make efforts to ensure that the veterans are given the necessary support they deserve. They ensure that the needs of veterans are fulfilled.
  • Brotherhood : The biker clubs are important for veterans as they allow them to become a part of a group. The biker groups are a positive association for many veterans. Such motorcycle clubs provide them with a sense of belonging after they are discharged from active service.

Here are some examples of real-life biker clubs that support veterans:

  • The Warrior Brotherhood Motorcycle Club : It is a not-for-profit organization having chapters in multiple U.S. states. Its mission statement is “Veterans helping veterans”. They work to ensure that every U.S. veteran is recognized and supported, especially those with PTSD and rehabilitation issues.
  • The Legion Riders : This is a network of motorcycle clubs working in different parts of the U.S. It works exclusively to support veterans. The functions of this organization include fund-raising for veterans’ charity organizations and arranging rides to honor the martyred soldiers.

Other numerous biker clubs are committed to making a noticeable impact. They are positively affecting the lives of many who have served the country.

6. Raising Awareness of Mental Health Problems

Raising Awareness of Mental Health Problems
Photo Credit: Triumph Motorcycles

Forget the tough-guy image of biker clubs. It is worth mentioning that many biker clubs are gradually breaking the stereotype associated with mental health problems. They understand that people can have mental health problems. However, how does a biker group create awareness of this cause?

There is one way through events and rides. They arrange get-togethers and road trips that are particularly designed for mental health promotion. These events create awareness, invite discussions, and demonstrate solidarity with people who share the same struggles. It is not something that biker clubs avoid.

However, some clubs go the extra mile when it comes to associating with mental health organizations. This is made possible through the partnership between these organizations and clubs. Biker clubs and psychologists can also help people find the assistance they need to avoid mental health problems.

It is worth mentioning that some biker members, especially the older ones, are willing to share their experiences. It can be considered one of the most effective sources of information. They also assist vulnerable groups of people as they break the silence about mental health problems. Such steps eliminate barriers and indicate that the need for help is a positive and empowering thing.

Below is an inspiring example of a biker club that supports mental health causes:

  • The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride is more like a society than a club. It organizes awareness ride that aims to help support mental health initiatives. This ride is held annually by various groups of motorcyclists. This event is evidence of the bikers’ commitment to the support of mental health causes.

Biker clubs are learning that even being weak is strong and that discussing one’s mental state is bravery. Their commitment is clear by supporting its cause and helping to make a strong impact on many lives.

7. Promoting Education and Literacy

Education and literacy remain a very popular cause among many people. These people would like to see their communities and countries make progress. Here’s how motorcycle clubs give back to the community when it comes to education and literacy:

  • Scholarship Warriors : There are some motorcycle clubs where students are awarded scholarships for their performances. This financial support eliminates financial limitations. It also opens the way to achieving educational goals.
  • Providing Stationary : Motorcycle Clubs also accept donations to buy school items for needy children in society. They realize the importance of pencils, pens, notebooks, and textbooks for school success. They know how hard it is for some people to even afford such necessities.
  • Mentoring : Some clubs even develop some kind of sponsorship programs where you are assigned a biker as a mentor. They take a student with them to college. These mentors provide support and advice to the learners. They also help students cope with the struggles of school life.

Let's look at an inspiring example of a motorcycle club that works to promote education:

  • The Fallen Patriots : This one offers scholarships and assistance for children who lost their father or father figures in the line of duty. Many biker clubs across the United States engage in fundraising rides and events for Fallen Patriots. It shows how passionate people are about supporting these families.

Countless biker groups are working to enhance the education sector. It is their passion for enriching children’s lives so they can have opportunities in the future.

8. Advocating Motorcyclists’ Rights

Advocating Motorcyclists’ Rights
Photo Credit: Clarksville Online

The stereotype involving biker clubs is that they are all about leather and motorcycles. Many biker clubs are working to protect the rights of those who ride motorcycles. Here's how they make a difference on the road:

  • Raising Awareness for Fair Laws : These motorcycle clubs do not hide from legislators. They seek to influence such individuals as much as possible. They advocate for laws that apply to motorcycle users, including the use of helmets, lane-filtering, (riding in the gap between moving vehicles in traffic), and mandatory motorcycle safety checks. Their voice contributes to establishing that these laws are reasonable and safe.
  • Spreading Awareness : The biker groups are aware that the road is not exclusive for them alone. Therefore, they should respect other road users as well. They advocate for the rights and safety of motorcyclists, thus increasing public concern on the subject.

They guide car drivers on how they can be careful when on the road, especially when sharing the road with motorcyclists. Such steps help in minimizing the number of accidents and ensuring maximum safety for all.

  • Legal Support : Some motorcycle clubs go a step further and provide legal assistance or referral services to motorcyclists. These services are for those who feel that they have been wronged. The service may involve informing them of their rights or even providing them with a lawyer.

Here are a couple of inspiring examples:

  • The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) : AMA is a national organization, which is the largest one that promotes motorcycle riders’ rights in the United States. They advocate for fair laws, create awareness, and provide support to each rider.
  • Harley Owners Group (HOG) : This is also an official club of Harley-Davidson and it also actively campaigns for bikers’ rights. They deal with matters such as helmet legislation and conduct safety awareness campaigns for motorcyclists.

These motorcycle clubs in most U.S. states take responsibility for motorcyclists’ rights. Their work goes a long way in eliminating the risks. They help in making motorcycling more enjoyable not only for bikers but for all road users.

9. Working Tirelessly for Community Services

Motorcycle clubs organize bike rides and rallies but they are not all about it. Some devote their time and energy to a cause by volunteering in many organizations’ community service-related activities. Here's how they help these organizations meet their objectives:

  • Food Drives and Clothing Donations : Biker groups contribute with cash or sometimes even canned foods and other perishables for the food banks or shelters. They also organize clothes donations for the needy. They seek help from their colleagues or other people in the society.
  • Shelter Volunteering : There are also fun motorcycle clubs that offer their services in the homeless shelters. Their services include serving meals, sorting clothes, or just being there to interact with homeless people.
  • Community Clean-Up Events : Motorcycle club members may also participate in street cleaning activities. They help maintain the appearance of their respective community by clearing any litter.

Below is an example of a motorcycle club that goes the extra mile:

  • The Iron Legacy Motorcycle Club : This club has affiliations in different states of the US. It embarks on many community services. It organizes food drives, raises funds for the needy, and contributes to several other charity events.

There are thousands of other motorcycle clubs that engage in various community service activities. This is proof that biker gangs are compassionate. They are ambitious to create an opportunity to change the lives of the less fortunate in society.

10. Promoting Clean Living

You are not only going to meet cool riders with leather jackets in motorcycle clubs. There are a large number of motorcycle clubs that are involved in promoting the concept of a healthy life for all people. Here's how they contribute to the community in that aspect:

  • Riding Responsibility : Some of the biker groups act as advocates for safe riding habits. This includes promoting helmet wear, adherence to traffic rules, and inviting riders for proper training.
  • Charity Rides for Health : Some clubs conduct charity rides to support health causes. They also help to fundraise for a certain cause. It makes a great impact as it promotes crucial causes, such as fighting cancer or preventing heart diseases.
  • Substance-Free Events : Most motorcycle clubs ensure their parties do not involve drugs and alcohol. Therefore, the fun goes on without substance use.

Here are a couple of examples of motorcycle clubs working to promote clean living:

  • Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA) : It is a religious biker club that aims to represent the right Christian values in society. They promote a safe riding culture. They are also involved in raising money for various non-profit organizations through rides.
  • Soldiers for Jesus Motorcycle Club : It is another Christian motorcycle club to promotes good moral values, and teaches the Holy Words. They advocate for ethical conduct and changing destructive habits to help bikers stay safe and religious.

For many people, these biker clubs have changed the biker stereotype. They have helped make the biker community better by promoting responsible conduct. Their efforts prove that one can enjoy motorcycles as a mode of transport and recreation without necessarily causing damage to their health.

11. Spreading Smiles and Happiness

Spreading Smiles and Happiness
Photo Credit: Ranker

While biker clubs are stereotypically associated with rough, aggressive looks, they have a softer side as well. Bikers who have a love for children, collect toys to distribute them to the needy. Here's how they spread happiness:

  • Toy Drive : Motorcycle clubs organize toy drives as well. People and clubs gather to collect toys and gifts for children in need. They know how exciting is to receive a gift during such events.
  • Charity Rides with a Cause : Some clubs have adopted philanthropy within their passions for riding. Some of them participate in charity rides. To participate, the rider has to pay a fee or contribute toys that will be used to benefit the needy children. Motorcyclists like to have fun. It is an enjoyable way to help raise the funds needed for the holiday season.
  • Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.) may not necessarily work during the holiday season. However, they work all year round for children. Some of the B.A.C.A. chapters organize toy drives before the Christmas season. They help make the season brighter for children in unpleasant circumstances.

The toy drive event helps in collecting toys and funds for children in hospitals and shelters countrywide. The local motorcycle clubs are usually involved in these events like the Santa’s Cause. This is to give a happy holiday to children who otherwise cannot have one.

12. Working for Emergency or Disaster Relief

Biker clubs are not just about having fun on the road. Many come forward to start working after natural disasters have occurred. They help people reconstruct their homes and start living a normal life again.

  • Delivering Supplies : Biker groups can easily move people quickly from the affected areas. They also help in transporting necessities such as foodstuffs, water, and even clothes. They use their motorcycles to move around through the affected areas and deliver aid to the victims.
  • Removing the Rubble : Some motorcycle clubs can be seen helping victims remove rubble from houses and streets. This work ethic enables communities to recover quickly from a natural disaster.
  • Fundraising Events : Motorcycle clubs also engage in fundraising for the victims of a natural disaster. They utilize their connections, as well as passion to make a positive impact in this world.

Below is an example of a biker club working for emergency or disaster relief:

  • The Rescue Riders : This motorcycle club has chapters in many states. All these chapters have an emergency or disaster response program. They supply aid, food, and other essentials. They also assist in the removal of rubble. They are trained to respond to emergencies quickly to help save humanity.

13. Wrap-Up

Not all motorcycle clubs or biker gangs are dangerous or illegal. There is a small percentage of MCs that are involved in illegal activities and violent crimes. Most of them, as you have read in this article, are true gems. They are putting a lot of effort to contribute to the society. Whether it is about child abuse, animal cruelty, empowering women, or raising awareness, Motorcycle clubs are at the forefront. They have used their passion for riding to support mankind. Next time someone asks you about what motorcycle clubs do, tell them how they give back to the community.

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