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Here’s What You Need to Know Before Renting a Motorcycle with a Sidecar

Here’s What You Need to Know Before Renting a Motorcycle with a Sidecar

Are you someone who enjoys riding a powerful motorcycle on scenic byways and highways for vacation? Do you wish to spice up your usual motorcycle riding experience without losing the sense of freedom and thrill? Do you want to bring along a friend who always refused before because the motorcycle pillion was too uncomfortable?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then it may be a good idea to rent a motorcycle with a sidecar for your next trip. Riding a three-wheel sidecar motorcycle or a trike can be a fun adventure. Riding with a sidecar will give you a new perspective on breathtaking views. Not to mention, you’ll be able to share the experience with your friend or partner who is comfortably resting in the sidecar.

Furthermore, riding a motorcycle sidecar will give you the opportunity to meet with other members of the motorcycle community, who hail from different cultures and backgrounds.

However, before you set out on a motorcycle trip with a motorcycle sidecar rental, you need to consider a few factors. First, let’s discuss what a sidecar is.

1. What is a Motorcycle Sidecar?

A motorcycle sidecar is a three-wheeled vehicle made of the following parts:


It is a one-wheeled vehicle, attached to the side of a regular two-wheeled motorcycle.


The motorcycle and sidecar are collectively called a rig. Some people also use the term sidecar in reference to the rig.


The motorcycle that the sidecar is attached to is called the mule.


To reduce pull, the rental services might tweak the vehicle’s design. The sidecar may be moved away from or towards the mule to make it more stable and safer to ride.


The mounting system includes multiple parts used to join a sidecar to the motorcycle.

2. Understanding the Parts of a Motorcycle Sidecar

Before you rent a motorcycle with a sidecar, you need to be aware of its mechanical parts and their functions. When renting a motorcycle, it is a good practice to inquire about the motorcycle parts, engine configuration displacement figures, exhaust system, suspensions, clutch, and transmission. This also helps riders communicate to the rental service exactly what kind of vehicle they are looking for.

You should apply this same practice when trying to learn about motorcycles' sidecars. This way, you arrive at the motorcycle rental service knowing exactly what you are looking for and the rental service workers can better assist you.

However, if you do not want to waste time learning about the mechanical specifications of a motorcycle sidecar, then it is suggested you seek advice from an experienced rider or look at reviews to better understand the vehicle. This will make it easier to find a sidecar rental that suits your needs.

3. Choosing the Right Motorcycle Sidecar Rental

The trend of renting motorcycle sidecars has grown more popular over the years. Peer-to-peer motorcycle sharing platforms like Rider Share and Twisted Roads have promoted the renting of motorcycle sidecars. More motorcycle rental services are now offering a Ural Gear Up or similar motorcycle sidecar for rent.

A common misconception among motorcycle enthusiasts who have never rented a motorcycle sidecar before is that selecting a motorcycle sidecar is less time-consuming than picking a motorcycle. However, this is not always true.

Just like motorcycles, there is a large variety of motorcycle sidecars to choose from. To rent the right motorcycle sidecar, you need to see if it is compatible with your riding skills, intended destination, distance traveled, and passenger you are carrying.

Let’s discuss each factor in detail:

4. Why Do You Want to Rent a Motorcycle with Sidecar?

Many riders choose to rent a motorcycle sidecar because their passenger’s physical health makes riding from behind difficult. Passengers who lack upper body strength or have serious back problems would benefit from sitting in a sidecar. Most motorcycle sidecars feature shock absorbers that ensure a smooth ride. Other sidecars also come with reverse mule brakes and sidecar brakes, making it easier to stop the motorcycle.

5. Is Your Motorcycle Sidecar Rental Right for Your Passenger?

Are you planning to go on a motorcycle trip with a friend or partner? Are you planning a family vacation? Will you take your children with you? Are you planning to ride with your pet?

These questions will help you determine how much storage capacity your sidecar should have. If you plan to travel with a friend who is an adult, you only need to carry the bare essentials. However, to accommodate a child or pet, you may have to carry extra luggage and gear.

Based on who you travel with, this will help you pick the correct size and features for your sidecar rental. For example, if you are only renting a sidecar for fun and plan to carry your luggage in the sidecar, then you don’t need to borrow a sidecar with a plush seat. On the other hand, if you are carrying a passenger, you not only need a comfortable sidecar, but it should also have a windshield and cover.

6. Is Your Motorcycle Sidecar Rental Right for Your Destination?

If you planning a motorcycle camping trip that requires traveling on muddy or dirt trails? Or are you planning to ride to the nearest beach resort, winery, or scenic attractions? Motorcycle sidecar rentals are designed to perform well on both paved roads and dirt trails. Additionally, a motorcycle sidecar can help carry your passenger or luggage across interstates.

Depending on the terrain of the road and destination, you will need a specific kind of motorcycle sidecar. There are sidecars that can be attached to dirt, touring, and ultra glide motorcycles.

When renting a motorcycle sidecar, you will be provided with a vehicle suited to your distinct traveling needs.

The sidecar rental service will adjust the toe-in so the rig is better suited to handle the distance and duration of your trip. Additionally, the tires are re-fitted to better align with the road. For this reason, you need to fully plan out your itinerary as making last-minute changes may not be possible with the rental service.

7. Features to Look for in Motorcycle Sidecar Rentals

After doing extensive research and establishing why you need a sidecar rental, the final thing you need to do is determine the motorcycle sidecar’s specs and features. Some features are just for aesthetics, while others serve useful functions. Some features that you should look for before renting a sidecar motorcycle include

  • Motorcycle and sidecar windshield
  • Reverse gear
  • Brakes on both the sidecar and motorcycle
  • A well-cushioned, comfortable seat
  • Tonneau cover
  • Adequate engine power and torque
  • Large storage trunk
  • Exceptional fuel capacity & mileage

8. Practice the Ride

It is recommended that first-timers practice riding a motorcycle with sidecar in an empty lot after they pick it up from a rental service. Riding with a motorcycle sidecar is different compared to a motorcycle by itself. If you are borrowing from another order via a motorcycle sharing platform, then you should discuss the unique specifications of the motorbike sidecar beforehand.

9. Takeaway

A motorcycle sidecar is an enjoyable ride, but only if you choose the right one from a adequate rental service. Browsing through motorcycle sidecar options for your motorcycle trip is simple. However, it requires research, extensive planning, and a deep understanding of your needs on the trip to get the best motorcycle sidecar possible.

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