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Here’s All Need to Know About Motorcycle Rental Breakdowns

Here’s All Need to Know About Motorcycle Rental Breakdowns

Just like any other vehicle, a motorcycle can suffer mechanical breakdowns even if you constantly maintain it. While renting a cruiser or a loaded touring motorcycle means you save on maintenance costs, it does not guarantee that your motorcycle won’t suddenly malfunction in the middle of the road.

In this article, you will learn about the common mechanical issues with motorcycle rentals, how to get help, and whether you’re liable for repairs or replacements.

1. Common Mechanical Problems with Motorcycle Rentals

Whether you rent a motorcycle for a day or a week, there are common mechanical issues that you need to be prepared for.

It is worth considering that rental services that charge a comparatively higher daily rental rate tend to maintain their fleet better than local rental services offering beat-up motorcycles at cheaper rates.

Undercharged Batteries

After riding a few miles, you switched off the engine to grab a bit and now your motorcycle won’t start. Damaged or undercharged batteries are a common problem with motorcycle rentals. Bad undercharged batteries may lead to stator failure or a poorly running engine. Not only will this prolong you journey, but also add to your bill as the rental service will expect you to pay for engine and stator damage.

Faulty Fuel Gauge

Your fuel tank indicates half full yet your motorcycle refuses to move. Getting stuck en route due to a faulty fuel gauge is something we all have experienced at some stage. Not knowing the correct fuel levels leads to running out of fuel sooner than we expect, and this can be distressing if there is no fuel station nearby.

Loose Chain

If the chain feels loose, stop immediately and inform the rental service. This common defect is not to be taken lightly as you can get into a terrible accident due to a loose chain that can break at any time.

Flat Tires

During long interstate rides, debris, small rocks, or sharp objects on the highway can puncture your motorcycle’s tires.

Brake Fade

Better known as reduced stopping power, brake fade is common in motorcycle rentals. Motorcycle rentals frequently borrowed, have high mileage, and were subjected repeatedly to aggressive use can result in brake fade.

2. What to Do When Your Motorcycle Rental Breaks Down?

Dealing with a broken motorcycle rental is a simple three-step process as any damages during the rental period are the rental company’s responsibility except for ones specified as the renter’s responsibility.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. If your motorcycle stops in the middle of a crowded road or highway, drag it to the side of the road, out of the way of incoming traffic.
  2. Call the phone numbers provided to you by the rental services for roadside assistance. Provide all the necessary details, including your location, how long you’ve been riding, whether you have checked the tire pressure, and whether the motorcycle has enough fuel. You can also inform the service if you can see any visible defects, such as oil leaks, a broken chain, flat tires, etc.
  3. Wait for the roadside assistance to reach you, repair your motorcycle, or tow it to the nearest garage for repair.

If your motorcycle rental is not repaired in time, then you can ask the rental service to provide you with a replacement.

3. What Are the Renter’s Maintenance Responsibilities?

Renters are free from all maintenance responsibilities, except for the following:

  • The renter is responsible for checking the tire pressure and oil levels every time he/she stops to refuel.
  • He/she must inform the company about any unusual noises, faulty gauges, and other mechanical defects.
  • In case they pay for any repairs, riders must provide receipts as proof for reimbursement.
  • Riders will be held responsible for mechanical failures due to aggressive riding, mishandling controls, or negligence.
  • Some rental services do not consider flat tires a mechanical defect, so you may have to pay for flat tires without reimbursement.

4. Are You Liable if Your Motorcycle Rental Suffers a Mechanical Breakdown?

When you rent a motorcycle, rental services offer you different types of liability coverage. These rental insurance policies offer protection in the event of an accident, paying for damages, bodily injuries, and repair bills.

In addition, rental services also offer roadside assistance insurance that covers all the expenses related to towing, jump starting the battery, fixing flat tires, providing fuel, performing an oil change, and making your motorcycle street-legal again.

If you do not purchase either sufficient breakdown insurance or roadside assistance coverage, then you would have to pay for towing and repair charges out of pocket.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

5.1 Am I Responsible for the Mechanical Failures of a Motorcycle Rental?

A renter is not responsible for the mechanical failures of a motorcycle rental, unless it is mentioned otherwise in the rental contract or if the defect occurred due to the rider’s negligence.

5.2 What Should I Do if My Motorcycle Rental Won’t Start?

Your motorcycle rental may need a battery jump start. You should inform the rental service you rented the motorcycle from and ask for roadside assistance.

5.3 Can I Sue a Motorcycle Rental Service for a Defective Motorcycle Rental?

It is best to consult a professional and seek valid legal advice on this matter as you can only sue a motorcycle rental company if the ill-maintained motorcycle caused a major accident, serious damage to property, or caused injury to you and others. Moreover, you would need strong evidence to prove that the motorcycle was a road hazard due to inadequate maintenance.

5.4 What Should I Do if My Motorcycle Rental Has Expired Plates?

Riding motorcycles with expired plates is illegal which could result in you being pulled over by the police. You would have to inform the rental service who would be held liable in this scenario. However, you would be held accountable also since it is a renter’s responsibility to inspect the motorcycle. Make sure to properly check the motorcycle’s registration number and license plates.

6. Takeaway

One of the perks of renting a motorcycle is that you don’t need to stress about maintenance costs or mechanical issues, especially if you have sufficient liability coverage and are not at fault for the damage. Even if you didn’t purchase the damage coverage, the rental service will still provide you with immediate roadside assistance and help you out if your motorcycle suffers a mechanical breakdown.

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