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Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout 114: Detailed Specs, Background, Performance, and More

Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout 114 Detailed Specs, Background, Performance, and More

In anticipation for the 2018 model year, the massive Milwaukee-Eight 114 twin-cylinder motor was strapped into the Softail line, including the mighty Breakout. That extra capacity led to faster acceleration and a faster roll-on... not necessarily what Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners had at the top of the list, but handy nonetheless. The breakout received a new fuel tank, increased lean angles to accommodate the larger 240-section rear tire and a more statuesque appearance.

It has a dragster-style design with a raked out and big 21" front wheel, as well as feat-forwards, swept-back bars, and lengthy over-and-under silencers at mismatched lengths, which makes it an imposing ride for motorcycle enthusiasts. To look at, sit on, or listen to. It’s not shy, and neither should its riders be, because you need some level of strength to maneuver and manhandle this biggy, particularly with low-speed control.

Although the price of the Harley Breakout Softail can be a tricky part to deal with, once you get it, you’ll definitely like it. However, there is more you need to know about this motorcycle.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the detailed specifications, background, performance, and much more of the Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout 114.

1. A Brief History of the Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout 114

Harley-Davidson Bill Davis, an avid Harley rider and engineer from St. Louis, Missouri, first introduced the Softail series in the mid-1970s. The original Softail design, which debuted in 1974 and 1975, had a cantilever swingarm that was pivoted at the bottom and sprung at the top, with the springs and shock absorber buried beneath the seat.

The original Harley-Davidson hardtail lacked rear suspension in its early years, making long motorcycle rides uncomfortable. Davis came up with the idea of inserting shock absorbers under the seat to deal with suspension concerns, which proved an instant hit due to its nostalgic, old-school aesthetic and cutting-edge technology.

H-D revised Davidson's 2018 Softail line-up takes what's old and makes it new again. One of the models that made the leap and carried it into 2020 is the drag-static "Breakout." Last year, Harley offered this Bobber-burner with the 109 lb-ft, Milwaukee-Eight 107, and 114 engines, producing 119 pounds of torque, but for 2020, the 114 is the only option.

While there are some commonalities between the Harley 107 and the 114, they are siblings, not twins, which means a slew of differences that will create some fierce sibling rivalry and competition. But, as with other things, competition can bring out the best in people, and the Breakout Harley Davidson is no exception. This Milwaukee-Eight 114 is 13% faster while accelerating from 60 mph to 80 mph in fifth gear, and it is also 9% faster when accelerating from 0 to 60 mph.

The ground-up Softail-family redesign includes several adjustments ranging from the amazing to the mundane that go much beyond a few rearranged trim packages. This is a complete re-invention of the line, with capabilities designed to compensate for the loss of the Dyna family and technology that is more in line with current industry standards. We're talking about a renewed emphasis on Softails as Harley-Davidson cruisers like the Breakout 114.

2. Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout 114 at First Glance

The Harley-Davidson Breakout 114 is the most customized cruiser in the renowned American brand's 2020 line-up. The breakout, with its 240mm rear tire and 119 pound-feet of torque, is designed for riders who want to take the bike's drag racing influence to the streets. The gloss black cast-aluminum wheels, riser-mounted digital gauge, and 2-into-2 staggered exhausts will further appeal to the detail-oriented.

Let's get one thing straight: the Breakout 114 isn't cheap, but if you can afford it, what you absolutely get for your money is top quality and terrific enjoyment. A cruiser that lays black lines out of turns is unquestionably an enjoyable cruiser motorcycle, and the 114 does so with ease. The Breakout Harley-Davidson debuted in 2018 with two models: the M-8 107 and the M-8 114. Later in 2020, the 107 Harley Breakout was phased out, leaving only the Breakout Harley 114 to dominate the market.

The Breakout Harley has an excellent road presence and a distinctive appearance thanks to the powerful Milwaukee-Eight twin-cylinder engine, and the twin exhaust pipes produce a soul-satisfying sound. The seat is suitable for both urban cruising and lengthy motorway travel.

The front wheel has a starry appearance and matches the Breakout 114's appearance. The rear wheel, on the other hand, is comparatively large and gives the motorcycle a huge appearance, but it is this feature that draws the rider's attention to this motorcycle.

If there are "positives," there must be "negatives." The Harley Breakout 114 is significantly overpriced. H-D has slipped a powerful engine into the Softail frame, which necessitates an effective braking system as well. Therefore, the 114 Breakout Harley needs an extra front brake disc.

3. Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout 114: A Buyer’s Guide

3.1 How Big is a Harley-Davidson Breakout?

The Harley-Davidson Breakout 114 is a Custom/cruiser bike produced by Harley-Davidson. The dry weight of this variant, which will be available in 2020, is 294.0 kg (648.2 pounds), and it is powered by a V2 four-stroke engine. The engine has a peak output power of 100.00 HP (73.0 kW) @ 5020 RPM and a torque of 161.36 Nm (16.5 kg-m or 119.0 ft-lbs) @ 3000 RPM. The Harley-Davidson Breakout 114 is capable of reaching a top speed with this drive-train.

In terms of chassis qualities, which are responsible for road holding, handling behavior, and ride comfort, the Harley-Davidson Breakout 114 has a frame with telescopic forks in the front and twin shocks in the rear. The front tires are 130/60-B21, while the rear tires are 240/40-R18. The Harley-Davidson Breakout 114 braking system consists of a single disc. ABS with a 4-piston front caliper and a single disc. At the back, there is a 2-piston floating size.

3.2 Is Harley-Davidson Breakout 114 Difficult to Ride?

It's not bashful, and neither should its riders be, because maneuvering and manhandling this biggy, especially with low-speed control, requires considerable power.

3.3 What are the Harley Breakout 107/114 Engine Problems?

Wet sumping has been a key issue with the M8 engine. If you're unfamiliar, it's the collection of oil in the bottom of the crankcase caused by running the engine at high speeds over extended distances. Sumping causes oil aeration, loss of power, and undue stress on engine parts, which might lead to their breaking.

3.4 How Fast is a Harley-Davidson Breakout 114 Motorcycle?

The engine has a peak output power of 94.00 HP (68.6 kW) at 5000 RPM and a maximum torque of 155.00 Nm (15.8 kg-m or 114.3 ft-lbs) at 3000 RPM. For a factory 114 Milwaukee Eight, 130+ seems about appropriate. It would be substantially quicker if it had a stage 4 with the right tuner and a chain drive.

4. Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout 114: Specs and Info

4.1 Dimensions

Length 2,370 mm
Seat Height, Unladen 665 mm
Ground Clearance 115 mm
Rake 34
Trail 145 mm
Wheelbase 1,695 mm
Front Tire Specifications 130/60B21,63H, BW
Rear Tire Specifications 240/40B21,79H, BW
Tire, Type Michelin Scorcher “11” front and rear
Fuel Capacity 13.2 l
Oil Capacity (W/Filter) 4.7 l
Weight, In Running Order 305 kg
Weight, As Shipped 294 kg

4.2 Engine Specs

Engine Milwaukee-Eight 114
Bore 102 mm
Stroke 114.3 mm
Displacement 1,868 cc
Compression Ratio 10.5:1
Fuel System Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
Exhaust 2-into-2 staggered; catalyst in muffler

4.3 Performance

Engine Torque Testing Method EC 134/2014
Engine Torque 155 Nm
Engine Torque (RPM) 3,250
Lean Angle, Right (DEG.) 27
Lean Angle, Left (DEG.) 27

4.4 Chassis

Front Fork Dual-bending valve 49 mm telescopic with aluminum fork triple clamps; dual-rate spring
Rear Shocks Hidden, free piston, coil-over monoshock; 43mm stroke; toolless hydraulic preload adjustment
Wheels, Front Type Gloss black, Gasser 11 cast aluminum
Wheels, Rear Type Gloss black, Gasser 11 cast aluminum
Brakes, Type Front and rear black, Split 7-spoke floating rotors
Brakes, Caliper Type 4-piston fixed front and 2-piston floating rear

4.5 Drive Train

Primary Drive Chain, 34/46 ratio
Gear Ratios (Overall) 1st 9.311
Gear Ratios (Overall) 2nd 6.454
Gear Ratios (Overall) 3rd 4.793
Gear Ratios (Overall) 4th 3.882
Gear Ratios (Overall) 5th 3.307
Gear Ratios (Overall) 6th 2.79

4.6 Electric

Gauges 2.14-inch viewable area LCD with speedometer, gear, odometer, fuel level, clock, trip, range, and tachometer indication
Lights (As Per Country Regulation), Indicator Lamps All LED, low beam, high beam, and signature position lamp; Bullet-style, multi-function LED stop/tail/turn signals; Incandescent bullets Front Signal Lights; Bullet-style, multi-function LED stop/tail/turn signals Rear Turn Signals

5. Aftermarket Luggage and Modification Options for Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout 114

If you're looking for a custom-style iconic motorcycle, the Breakout is designed for riders who want to bring the bike's drag racing inspiration to the streets. Although it is quite expensive, if you can afford it, the Milwaukee-Eight will astound you with its exceptional performance. It has a great road presence and an eye-catching appearance, making it the ideal motorcycle for you.

This model provides a wide range of modification options to please your artistic self. You can add a pair of premium quality saddlebags to carry your essentials such as cell phones, paperwork, and so on for your everyday urban riding routine, or you can attach a luggage bag to enjoy your camping trips and have your tent and raincoat with you.

There are many aftermarket parts available that you can easily install on your beauty and enjoy your regular rides. Some professionals have also claimed that, after some time, the seat of this bike becomes harder. Don't worry, you can replace it with a comfortable aftermarket Softail seat.

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