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Harley-Davidson launches H-D™ Membership

Harley-Davidson launches H-D™ Membership

1. Harley Davidson Launches a New Membership

Harley Davidson Inc. is the largest American motorcycle manufacturer. For over 40 years, Harley Davidson has kept its legacy, and every year with a new line of motorcycles and updates for its users and fans. Recently, Harley Davidson launched H-D™ Membership. This membership is a community platform that will reduce the distance between motorcyclists and bring them under the banner, “United We Ride”. This will bring them close to each other. The basic membership is free to join for both riders and non-riders. Members can earn points by joining the membership. Membership upgrade is also present but members have to customize it. The customization for the app upgrade is not free.

Motorcyclists will experience social features such as in-app features. They will also have excess to the brand itself, Harley Davidson, which never happened before.

The H-D membership offers benefits to both motorcyclists and non-motorcyclists to share their experiences with the community. The benefits are right now exclusively for the members only.

1.1 Enlarged Benefits

Motorcyclists can have on and off-road assistance, motorcycle service, and roadside assistance. Members can also have more benefits by searching directly from Harley Davidson’s website and by trying the special offers through collaborations with Harley Davidson’s partners such as EagleRider Rentals, Hilton®, SiriusXM, AT&T, the Fuel Rewards® program at Tentrr and Shell.

1.2 Loyalty Rewards

The new membership program allows members to earn points by participating in Harley Davidson programs and purchasing H-D products. Points will be awarded to H-D members for group riding with other members and completing H-D challenges. These points are redeemable online and at dealerships. Participation in any event that Harley sponsors will also earn members redeemable points.

1.3 Access to New Content

H-D members will receive new updates beforehand. Riding tips will be provided to the H-D community because of the user-friendly updates. Members will have excess information about various products that match their lifestyle and riding interests.

1.4 App Experience

The newly launched membership is specifically designed for H-D members so that they can easily associate and engage with the riding community and share their experiences while enjoying certain rewards and benefits. Members are granted their own personal profiles through which they can plan rides with other motorcyclists.

The Chairman, President, and CEO of Harley Davidson Jochen Zeitz, on the launch of the new membership, said that it is an opportunity for riders to connect on the road and to make the user experience a personalized one.

"Our community is at the heart of everything we do – building on the success of the Harley Owners Group, H-D Membership will enhance the way in which we engage with our members, leveraging modern tools to connect riders, deliver new benefits, and create new experiences”
(Jochen Zeitz)

To have a great experience at Harley Davidson, H-D offers Access Pass for both riders and non-riders which allows them easy access to major events. Besides discovering, riders can also create events and add them to their H-D social feed. Rider Pass includes helping tools such as road assistance. The membership program is launched first in the United States and then in other regions. H-D members can download the app and stay aware of upcoming events, for instance, Harley Davidson® Homecoming Festival scheduled on July 13 to 16, 2023.

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