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Harley Davidson Contingency Programs for 2024 Race Season Announced

Harley Davidson Contingency Programs for 2024 Race Season Announced

Harley Davidson has always been at the forefront when it comes to promoting motorcycle racing thanks to the rich history of this American motorcycle brand. Though Harley Davidson has no such top-end supersport bikes lineup, the company still enjoys an impressively huge fan base all over the world, particularly in America thanks to its vintage-styled cruisers and baggers lineups. As a keen promoter of moto racing, Harley Davidson takes an interest in facilitating flat track and bagger racing. The company fully supports the American Motorcycle Association (AMA), FIM, and Moto America to take American motorcycle racing to a more advanced global platform.

In addition to facilitating moto racing in America, Harley Davidson has also announced to support H-D motorcycle racers participating in the 2024 race season. As per the sources, the company has announced a grant of $570,000 for the contingency programs to assist H-D riders participating in the events alongside the H-D factory team.

1. Harley Davidson Contingency Program

The H-D Contingency program is not available for all motorcycle enthusiasts, it will be available for only eligible Harley Davidson riders participating in the following AMA/FIM North American Road Racing and American Flat Track Racing competitions:

1.1 King of the Baggers Contingency Program

King of the Baggers Contingency Program
Photo Credit: Moto America

For those unaware of the King of the Bagger series, it is a motorcycle racing event organized by MotoAmerica and AMA, along with several other facilitators. However, what sets it apart from the rest of the motorcycle racing events is that you will witness specially designed baggers in action. It is an exclusive battle between two of the giant American motorcycle manufacturers, Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycle baggers.

It is not limited to the Harley Davidson and Indian factory team to participate in this event, one can privately participate as well with an H-D and Indian bagger. Two of the most precious American baggers, the H-D Road Glide and the Indian Challenger are the two main contenders fighting for the crown.

For those H-D riders participating privately in the Mission Foods King of the Baggers, Harley Davidson has allocated a budget of $263,000 in the contingency program to facilitate eligible participants in preparing their baggers for the racing season and have access to the Screamin’ Eagle original performance parts. The payout is given to those eligible riders finishing at the first ten positions, also including a $35,000 championship bonus with T&C applied.

1.2 Flat Track Contingency Program

Flat Track Contingency Program
Photo Credit: American Flat Track

Flat track racing has always been a top sport in the history of motorcycle racing since 1876. It is one of the ultimate forms of dirt track racing with the highly modified SuperTwins motorcycles participating in the event. For the Progressive America Flat Track Racing Championship, Harley Davidson has allocated $185,000 from the total fund of $570,000. The criteria are the same for aspirants as in the other racing events, including the payout for the top ten finishers and a $20,000 championship bonus. The Progressive America Flat Track Racing event will commence on March 7, 2024.

1.3 Super Hooligan Contingency Program

Super Hooligan Contingency Program
Photo Credit: Old Bike Barn

Another highly esteemed national-level motorcycle racing event, Super Hooligan Championship sponsored by Mission Foods and a major contribution by one of the top motorcycle custom builders, Roland Sands, is expected to start on March 7, 2024. This event is organized in unification with the MotoAmerica SBK Championship and includes 10 high-voltage races. The Mission Food Super Hooligan Championship includes specially prepared modified street bikes with an engine displacement of 750 cc and above. For this particular racing event, Harley Davidson has put $123,000 in the contingency fund to promote H-D riders. The eligibility criteria for the Mission Foods Super Hooligan Contingency Program is also the same as for the other racing events. The payout will be distributed to those H-D riders securing the first 10 positions and a championship bonus of $20,000.

For queries, requirements, and the application process, you can email at the following email address: contingencyracing@harley-davidson.com

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