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Essential Gear to Pack for Motorcycle Rally

Essential Gear to Pack for Motorcycle Rally

When it is the time to start planning and packing if you want to be on rally on time. It is an event of a lifetime and there are many things. In excitement and hurry, you can forget and ignore some of the most important things that might take your life into difficult situations later. Not everyone brings the same equipment and gear to the rally but there are items you must pack for your rally. We have gathered a list of things that are intended to fill the gaps between your packings. These are the things that, according to us, people normally forget. It does not matter if you have already done trips and tours without these things and there nothing happened. Right planning and packing could save your life and time and this is the time. So, following are the list of top essential gear to pack for upcoming motorcycle rallies.

1. Tank Bag

Of course, you are going on a long tour, and believe us when we say, you need a tank bag. A good quality tank bag will help you a lot by giving you quick and easy access to items and things you need. It gives you some extra storage space where you can put items and ride comfortably and safely. One quality of tank bags I personally like the most is that they have a clear pocket on top. This helps a lot and is very beneficial for the people who like to have a map in front of them.

Other than that, you can stash items like phone, cash, sunscreen, creams, shampoo, water bottles, rain gear or whatever you like. Some tank bags have multiple usages and they double as backpacks too. This way you would have a tank bag and a backpack or duffle bag and use it how you want.

2. Sunglasses

When you are planning to go to Sturgis on a bike, whether it be the Sturgis rally or not, make sure you bring sunglasses with you. Going on rally is that tricky state in which you can ride without a helmet but not without sunglasses. This way you can have a good time and enjoy the wind blowing through your hair if you like that. Sunglasses are very important to keep your eyes safe and protected from bugs, headlights of other vehicles, especially at night. Therefore, we recommend you to have one for the night and one for the day, i.e. a yellow lenses night visibility one, and a tinted pair, respectively. You would not want to go riding at night with a dark or tinted lens helmet or glasses.

3. Sunscreen

When you are riding it is always good to put on some sun protection cream on the exposed areas like the back of your neck and any other. It never hurts to have sunblock to protect your skin. Because the sun constantly shine on you for long hours and you do not want just some parts of your body to have a completely different tone than others. We recommend taking it with you and putting it on even if you are going to hilly areas.

4. America The Beautiful Pass

While you are in Rally Like Sturgis you can travel around and have fun. If you are planning to do that then you should get one of the “ America The Beautiful Pass” before going there. There are plenty of reasons on why you should have one if you want to travel around, especially before heading out to Sturgis. As you would be traveling different states and areas you should not miss the opportunity. The Badlands, Devils Tower, Mount Rushmore, and many other national parks have a fee to enter. You can get an annual pass for yourself and a passenger or another biker to enter with you when you want, only for 80USD. However, this service is free to the active members of the US military.

5. Repair Tools

Repair tools are such an important thing to pack that you cannot overlook it. Think about it, bringing the tools will most of the times solve your problem. Even if sometimes it does not you can at least get your bike repaired enough to go to a mechanic. The tools would make your life easier working with the bike. The list of tools goes on and on but we recommend you put some tire plugs, patches, tire repair kit, and a pump to fill the air. Do not hold back on these because you do not have space for it. You can buy one of these tool bags if there is not enough space. The tool bag does not take even a little space on your bike and can carry all the tools you need.

6. Bike Lock

Do you want your vacation ruined? Then make sure you bring a bike lock with you. Especially when it is the bike rally time it is fun and sale day for thieves. A good bike lock might be helpful in shushing away the thief from stealing your bike. Where this vacation if fun for you it is fun for thieves also so be careful. There are a lot of different types and grades of bike locks available. Of course, a more durable lock would take you to the safer side of the journey but it is okay as long as you have one and put it in place when not using your bike.

Bike Lock

7. Cargo Net

At some point in your journey, you would need to strap some stuff onto your bike. If you do not have this then you will probably end you buying a lot of different items. It is good to get one of these along because after all, they do not take up a lot of space and weight a little.

8. Ram Mount

A ram mount helps to hold items like phones, action cameras, GPS unit and whatever you want to place there. This is an accessory that comes in handy. If you like to record, vlog, or just take some memories home with you then ram mount will hold your camera, phone or whatever in place for it. If you are following the google maps then this is the perfect way of doing instead of placing your phone in the pocket and stopping every now and then to have a look at it. there are plenty of other useful options and your thinking is only the limit.

9. Rain Protection

If you have been to Sturgis even once then you would know that you need protection from the rain. Of course, you would not want to get wet yourself but you need to keep your luggage dry too! Year after year thunderstorms and heavy rainfalls follow the rally to Sturgis soaking it all up. One simple and straight solution is to go prepared! There are many rain suits available that would keep you dry and comfortable throughout the ride. Wet riding is a great way to ruin the fun. To keep your luggage, you can always choose a good rain cover. Any of the participants of this rally would tell you that almost every time they went there it rained. So, if you are not going prepared you are welcoming the rain to come to ruin your days. In such a condition, you would be waiting under some shade or in a shop while your bike would be enjoying the rain along with your luggage. Planning to doge it every time? Well if you do that you are in for a treat!

10. Spare Key

In all the distraction, partying, camping here and there, mini stops, locking your bike every now and then keys could easily be lost. Yes, you would be thinking you are very responsible and never lost the key, never once! But what would it hurt to take a spare one with you? But in all that make sure to place it somewhere safe and sound.

11. Backpack

I cannot ride with my phone, wallet, keys, papers, and other items in my pocket. It just annoys and I cannot get focused on the road. Unfocused and distracted driving can cause accidents so it is better to not risk your and many other lives on the road. If you are also like me then there is a simple solution, you can have a backpack and put all the items in there. These backpacks are by Viking Cycle and if you want to buy a quality bag then we recommend these. Give it a try and you will for sure like it! Dump your pocket items into the bag and get a much more comfortable ride while all your items are safe.

12. Action Camera

Sturgis is a place which you should capture with an action camera. If you have the money then go for a GoPro but if you want an alternative Wasp Camera is the best go-to option. Of course, you would be riding a lot from one place to the other and along the way, there would be a lot of mesmerizing scenic natural views. You will be enjoying them live but what about later. After a while, you can always go back to the footage from your action camera and relive the moments.

Both the above-mentioned camera could shoot in high definition and high quality and they are durable enough to face all sorts of temperature and climate conditions. The operating app for these cameras would make your life easier to set it up and change the settings when needed.

13. Motorcycle Helmet

This one is a must because riding without protection is madness. South Dakota allows over 18 riders to ride without a helmet but many of the states do not! When going to the rally you would be passing from different states and it is best to avoid any inconvenience. All the fun will be ruined when you have a ticket to pay! It is just best to wear one!

14. Saddlebag

If you are just relying on the items you have in your backpack then believe us you are making a mistake. Because going to the rally is not a short trip, and there are a lot of things other than these you must take with, you need saddlebags too! These would make your life so much easier and allow you to ride freely. With saddlebags attached you will have enough storage to pack everything you need! Also, if you want to avail deals and discounts there is a sale going on right now on Viking Bags, head there now and buy it all!

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