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Make your life easier by carrying motorcycle luggage on trips

Make your life easier by carrying motorcycle luggage on trips

Make your life easier by carrying motorcycle luggage on trips

While planning for trips carrying and packing motorcycle luggage is one of the important tasks. Motorcycles do not have space like cars so even if you are carrying only basic things, they can be a lot. What and how you will be carrying the luggage depends on many things like, temperature, weather, distance to cover and your motorcycle. Carrying the right luggage and carrying it the right way can change your experience of traveling. Following is a list of things you should consider when it comes to luggage and motorcycle bags.

1. Luggage types

There are two types of luggage the hard and soft. Hard luggage is usually plastic or iron, steel, etc. material while the soft luggage is made of fabric that is also tough, water and weather resistant. The decision of luggage depends on the bike and what luggage is compatible with it, for that you can either see detail online or contact your dealer. If the motorcycle luggage is not easily attached you may have to modify the motorcycle a little.

1.1 Soft luggage

Soft luggage can be easily mounted with help of straps, cords, or magnets and covered with bungee net for more safety plus it is easy to take off. But they are not as safe and secure as hard bags. They are cheaper and more flexible compared to hard luggage.

1.2 Hard luggage

Hard luggage bags are made from hardened plastic or some metal, offering better protection against weather, water, dirt providing safe and secure storage because of the lock feature.Hard motorcycle bags are usually expensive compared to soft luggage but they offer more stability too. These are mounted to the bike with side mount plates mostly.

2. Saddlebags

Saddlebags are either made of plastic or metal, the hard luggage, or leather or fabric, the soft luggage. These are box-type containers, mounted or attached to both sides of the motorcycle, available with different designs, styles, features and ample storage space. You can choose to have a permanent or removable one. Having a saddle bag means you do have enough space to carry stuff

3. Sissy bar bags

Sissy bar bags, attached to the backrest, are bigger versions of tail bags. These are specifically for cruisers and chopper bikes since other bikes do not have backrests. Different variety, style, features, and sizes of top-quality sissy bar bags are available here at reasonable prices and super durability. They have quick attached and release feature and storage that is enough. Most of the bags are also expandable and have some removable bags at the top which you can also use as a pillow.

4. Tail bags

Motorcycle Tail bags are attached to the rear of the bike, hence the name tail bag. Tail bags are like tank bags but with less distraction, not between you and the bike controls and low accessibility. They come in many different sizes, shapes, and capacities with water and weather resistance features. They might not be as big as saddlebags or backpacks but offer quite some space for little items.

5. Tank bags

Tank bags give a convenient way of carrying things you need easy and quick access to it. Most of them also have separate clear pockets for GPS systems, paper maps, or phone maps. Other items that you need anytime like first aid, sunblock, ID, registration, some medications, etc. would be at a hand’s distance. Motorcycle Tank bags are also easy to attach and detach from the bike with the help of straps and cords. There is no replacement for this.

6. Backpacks

The backpack is another option to carry your luggage but with a major downside, for long-distance trips. Some people complain about having neck and back pain while traveling with backpacks on, but if you do not have such a problem then hurrah for you.

7. Making life easier

With the following travel tips and tricks, we aim to make your life easier so you can enjoy the journey and your trip with as few problems as possible.

  • We did the research so you don’t have to, here are saddle bags that are great for motorcycle trips.
  • Check the bike every morning before start riding.
  • Check your luggage are they in place, safe and like how they should be whenever you stop and get off the bike.
  • Mount mirrors on both sides and uses those to see the traffic behind you. Also, keep an eye on the traffic in front.
  • Luggage especially saddle bags increase bike width to steer and turn accordingly keeping everyone safe.
  • Pack heavy items at the bottom of the bag and lightest on top to maintain a lower center of gravity.
  • Braking, handling, and cornering should be done carefully because with luggage it gets hard and difficult.
  • Get used to driving the bike with luggage and weight on before going on trips and tours.
  • Adjust the bike or take it to a mechanic for needed adjustment.
  • Do not forget the first aid kit, tools, tire repair, lubricant, insurance, license, and ownership documents.
  • Carry spare key of the luggage, keys for different locks, and for the bike. Do not place them with other keys. Hide it on the bike somewhere if you may.
  • Knife, forks or other sharp items can get damaged or damage luggage.
  • Finally, don’t forget to enjoy it!

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