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A Motorcycle Packing Guide for Women Motorcycle Riders

A Motorcycle Packing Guide for Women Motorcycle Riders

A Motorcycle Packing Guide for Women Motorcycle Riders

Packing for motorcycle trips is different and more difficult than other types of trips. When it comes to packing time for motorcycle trips most of what is struggling on deciding what to pack and what to not. Some overpack while other underdo it, only a few and experienced one get it all right. On motorcycle trips, you only have limited space so it comes down to essentials and necessary items. In this article, we are addressing our female riders, especially, and going to let you know what and how to pack properly for your next motorcycle trip.

1. Packing/ Let’s start

Its time ladies to get that packing going because sooner or later you either must do it or give up motorcycle traveling. Motorcycle luggage is not about how much you can fit into that bag but how much it can take. There is no need to pack a different outfit every day. Remember it is a motorcycle trip you are going on not a fashion week in Paris so pack accordingly. There is a weight limitation on most of the bags so you might want to have a look at that.

If you would be staying at a hotel or any place with laundry services, or even if you would be able to use laundry service don’t pack too much. Just make sure all your clothes are clean then move on from the place. For high maintenance girls, you can get multipurpose products and pack such items in small containers, bags or plastic carry. Or you can get low maintenance for this trip and pack accordingly.

2. Haircare

Keeping your hair pulled back and braided, or under the helmet is great as it protects them from getting tangled in strong wind. But when you must get off the bike they will not be in optimal condition. That is why shampoo (the one that suits your hair), hair band, cap or hat. A conditioner if you must while it is not recommended by me because the hair will be back in helmet soon after.

3. Clothes and luggage space

The luggage space and your packing definitely depend on whether you are traveling alone or with a companion. While there are many benefits of traveling with a passenger like: you can take turns driving, get a helping hand, the tour won’t be boring, etc. but there is a disadvantage too! That is losing the luggage space. Here are the best motorcycle saddlebags you can buy, a few minutes read. Now, let's face it, we never wear all the clothes we bring with so why do it in the first place. Okay, you can pack an extra shirt and pants, just one not 3-4 extra sets.

Where did you read that it was necessary to fill the bag to the top, leaving some space that might let you carry some souvenirs back home? The organization is also great; it can give you a lot of space in a bag that was full. Think about what you think you need and what you actually need to pack for the trip. Important note, pack according to the length, duration, stops, and climate of the trip where you will be going. Following is an essential packing list you can start with, it helped me, might work for you too!

  • A pair of jeans and shorts etc. whatever you like
  • Underwear
  • Riding socks
  • T-shirts and blouse
  • Jacket
  • Pair of shoes or flip-flops and one riding boot
  • Rain gear

4. Toiletries

Just like clothes, these are also important and it might get difficult for you to live a few days without it unless you would have access to it in hotels, etc. Note, do all the trimming, eyebrows, nails and whatever before the trip, at most one day prior. The following are the must-haves I carry.

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Floss
  • Face wash and cleanser
  • Lip balm
  • Sunscreen
  • Moisturizer

Sometimes the sunblock is moisturizing, in that case, there is no need for moisturizer. If you like to put on makeup during the trip then at most carry little makeup kit, eyeliner, lipstick, blush on, few hair products, blow drier, comb, and hairband. To pack these items, I highly recommend a separate plastic bag because then they are easier to keep safe, find, use and put back in plus remember!

5. At the end

This does not include any essentials if you are camping, these are just essentials for luggage packing. Of course, the important documents, snacks, credit cards, cash, insurance, etc. are mandatory. The goal is to be as comfortable and clean as possible, not fashionable. Note, leave your luggage and items like a helmet, jacket, etc. on the bike without protection and lock. Lockable luggage is recommended, plus you should carry wire locks too!

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