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Buell’s 2025 Super Cruiser Attracts $120 Million in Pre-orders

Buell’s 2025 Super Cruiser Attracts $120 Million in Pre-orders

The 2025 Buell Super Cruiser, powered by an ET-V2 1190 cc V-Twin engine, has raked in $120 million in pre-order reservations, even though the production is yet to start. It seems that the Super Cruiser enthusiasts are not concerned about the lack of information about the model or the fact that it will not arrive in the market before 12-plus months. Buell’s CEO, Bill Melvin, couldn’t be happier about the response.

“Americans love style, muscle, and performance. The Super Cruiser breaks the models for all three, and the response shows that Buell Simply nailed it. This is utterly unheard of for an American V-Twin.”

(Bill Melvin, CEO of Buell)

The company announced this year that it was designing a new model in partnership with Roland Sands Designs. As a result of this partnership, there are now five Buell motorcycles powered by the 1190 cc V-Twin engine, including the Hammerhead 1190, the 1190 SX, the Baja Dune Racer, the Buell Super Touring, and now the Buell Super Cruiser, which was announced in February 2023. For now, enthusiasts only know that this high-performance cruiser is based on the 1190 platform and will be launched in 2025. But since the ET-V2 engine is the same, one can presume that the cruiser will be capable of producing 102 ft-lb of torque and 175 hp of horsepower. also revealed that he was asked to “use the standard Buell rolling kit,” so the Super Cruiser may also be equipped with Showa suspension, alloy wheels, and perimeter braking system, all signature features of Buell motorcycles. As for styling, the Super Cruiser is likely to be inspired by the Harley FXR series, or what the company’s design team calls the “West Coast cruiser aesthetic.” According to Sands:

“The FXR was one of the best-handling Harley Davidsons that’s ever been built. We wanted to take advantage of that heritage and connection with Buell.”

Since the Super Cruiser is designed to introduce a new cruiser concept, the essential details are yet to be announced by the company. However, one can certainly claim that, in its busy year, Buell is all set to give competition to all other brands that dominate the cruiser market.

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