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Best Used Cruiser Motorcycles Under $2,000 in 2023

Best Used Cruiser Motorcycles Under $2,000 in 2023

Cruiser motorcycles are some of the most attractive two-wheelers with their natural riding positions, large rumbling engines, timeless aesthetics, and unique styles. There are several versatile cruisers available that you can customize with a signature look. If you don’t like the chrome, change the bike to have a blacked-out look. If you are a fan of chopper motorcycles, modify the cruiser by increasing the length of the fork and adjusting the steering angles for a raked-out look. If you are dissatisfied with the bike’s performance, replace the stock air filter and exhaust with an upgraded aftermarket version that will reduce weight, improve airflow, and enhance throttle response. If you find the classic cruiser looks outdated and prefer the aggressive sporty look of a modern sports bike, then install a high-quality fairing to change your bike’s look. With a cruiser, riding opportunities and customization options are nearly endless.

Cruisers are the safest motorcycles for novice riders. They have manageable engine power, low seat heights, streamlined designs, and good stability that make them beginner-friendly. Cruisers can help you learn proper handling, braking, swerving, and turning. Due to the high demand for cruisers, manufacturers launch new cruisers every year with the latest technology, accessories, and rider-friendly features to get ahead of the competition. While cruiser technology has evolved significantly, the only downside is that prices become higher as a result. Luckily, there are still some great deals on the second-hand market. This article brings you a list of cruisers that you can buy under $2,000 in 2023.

1. Suzuki GZ 250 Marauder

Suzuki GZ 250 Marauder

Photo Credit: @motorcyclespecs

Estimated Price: $1,500-$2,000

The Suzuki GZ 250 Marauder is a great bike for beginners who need to practice the riding skills they learned in a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course. With a seat height of 27.8 inches and weighing only 331 lbs on a full tank, this bike is easy to handle. For some riders, the Suzuki 250 GZ Marauder is a boring bike, but the simple operation, minimal styling, and manageable engine power make it suited for novice riders. Suzuki Marauder GZ 250 includes a five-speed transmission, an electric starter, and a 249 cc SOHC single-cylinder engine capable of a horsepower of 20 hp horsepower and a torque of 20 Nm. The SOHC arrangement reduces the engine’s weight and ensures a crisp throttle response. The braking system offers reliable stopping power when riding on urban streets. This bike can travel at least 70 miles on a full tank. Though it is an older model, you will have no problem riding this bike thanks to its low-maintenance engineering.

2. Yamaha Virago 1100

Yamaha Virago 1100

Photo Credit: @motorcyclespecs

Estimated Price: $1,600-$2,000

The Yamaha Virago 1100 is a middleweight cruiser that is slightly heavy when idling, but feels lightweight and is easy to handle on the road. If you are a beginner looking to upgrade to a more powerful cruiser, the Virago 1100 is the perfect bike for you. The bike’s 1063 cc engine produces a horsepower of 61.7 hp and a torque of 85.2 Nm. The five-speed transmission and 4.4-gallon fuel tank make this bike suited for highway travel. If you are looking for an affordable bike to help you hone your skills and for recreation, consider getting a Yamaha Virago 1100.

3. Hyosung Aquila GV250

Hyosung Aquila GV250

Photo Credit: @totalmotorcycle

Estimated Price: $2,000

The Hyosung Aquila GV250 is a full-sized beginner-friendly cruiser featuring a 249 cc V-twin engine. Even with a small engine, this motorcycle has enough speed and power to maneuver through and around traffic. The adequate torque and comfortable ergonomics ensure you are relaxed while riding. Though it does vibrate at higher rpms, this bike ensures a smooth ride when ridden at moderate speed. Though the Hyosung Aquila GV250 is better suited for commutes, it can also be used for short-distance highway trips since it can achieve a speed of 70+ mph on open roads. The brake system is nothing special and might require maintenance when buying this Hyosung model used. The bike fits tall riders perfectly, while shorter riders may find it harder to reach the handlebars. You may have to adjust the handlebars according to your height. Overall, the Hyosung Aquila GV250 is a functional bike with decent performance, riding comfort, and looks.

4. Suzuki Boulevard C50T Classic

Suzuki Boulevard C50T Classic

Photo Credit: @womenridersnow

Estimated Price: $2,000

Though the latest Boulevard C50T Classic models cost over $10,000, you can own this bike for under $2,000. Engineered for recreational rides, interstate travel, and commutes, the Suzuki Boulevard C50T Classic ensures comfort no matter where you go. Its V-twin 805 cc engine is fuel-injected and produces a torque of 70.50 Nm. The ample torque allows this bike to travel long distances while carrying luggage at a consistent speed. If you ride solo and remove any extra weight from the bike, it will be able to accelerate faster and cover more distance in less time. The Boulevard C50T Classic’s traditional cruiser styling gives it its charm. The original bike comes with a factory-installed windshield and saddlebags. If you find a used bike with travel-friendly accessories intact, it will save you a lot of money on aftermarket parts.

5. Honda Magna 700 V45

Honda Magna 700 V45

Photo Credit: @ultimatemotorcycling

Estimated Price: $2,000

The Honda Magna 700 V45 has a 699 cc carbureted liquid-cooled DOHC engine, five-speed gearbox, and low-maintenance clean shaft drive. The Honda Magna 700 V45 is the only non-American bike on the market that resembles Harley Davidson cruisers. This timeless motorcycle has amazing looks, high power output, and suited for city or interstate travel. It can generate low-end torque and includes a 3.4-gallon fuel tank, and smooth powerband. For ergonomics, most riders find the riding triangle comfortable. For others, the forward footpegs can result in an awkward riding position. Before purchasing this bike, make sure it fits you properly and that you can adjust the foot peg and handlebars positions to a more comfy riding triangle.

6. Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic

Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic

Photo Credit: @motorcyclespecs

Estimated Price: $2,000

The Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic is known for its robust 805 cc engine capable of a torque of 64 Nm. The bike’s cam chain tensioners and oil filter help keep maintenance costs low. The five-speed transmission make the bike suited for highway travel and ensure quick acceleration at a faster rate. The sleek chassis ensures excellent maneuverability on city streets and the low center of gravity ensures stability on straight highways. TheKawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic is a versatile bike suit for riders of all skill levels. This bike is also customizable, allowing you to change its looks according to your budget.

7. Honda CMX 250 Rebel

Honda CMX 250 Rebel

Photo Credit: @motorcyclespecs

Estimated Price: $1,975-$2,000

The Honda CMX 250 Rebel is a beginner-friendly bike best suited for short riders. This small bike has a narrow frame that allows you to navigate through city streets packed with vehicles. This mini cruiser offers a laid-back riding style that allows you to relax and enjoy leisurely rides. This bike is not meant for touring, but it can be used for weekend getaways. Unfortunately, this vehicle has a low power output and can become unstable at high speed. Yet the Honda CMX 250 Rebel still retains most of its resale value. No matter how much you have ridden the bike, if it is well-maintained, you will still get back a good portion of your investment. If you own a RV, this Honda model’s lightweight and sleek build makes it possible to fit onboard.

8. Yamaha V-Star 1100 Custom

Yamaha V-Star 1100 Custom

Photo Credit: @motorcyclespecs

Estimated Price: $1,499-$2,000

The Yamaha V-Star 1100 Custom has a air-cooled 1063 cc engine and a carbureted fuel system. The V-Star 1100 Custom’s engine can generate a horsepower of 62 hp and a torque of 85 Nm. The five-speed transmission and 4.4-gallon fuel tank ensures faster acceleration and lets the motorcycle travel longer before needing to be refueled. This bold middleweight cruiser has a long and low frame that ensures safer riding for beginners who are usually intimidated by engine power. The rider triangle is less comfortable for shorter riders, while average and tall riders prefer this arrangement. The suspension and braking system perform adequately, though some riders find the rear suspension lacking when riding on bumpy roads.

9. Honda VTX 1300

Honda VTX 1300

Photo Credit: @motorcyclespecs

Estimated Price: $2,000

The Honda VTX 1300, a smaller version of the VTX 1800, is a middleweight cruiser featuring a 1312 cc engine capable of a horsepower of 74 hp and a torque of 124 Nm. Inheriting the VTX 1800 look, this Honda model features heavily chromed parts, large fenders color-matched with the fuel tank, and cast wheels. The suspension can handle various terrain, especially bumpy roads. Moreover, the brakes offer reliable stopping power that can be applied quickly when traveling at high speed on highways. Due to the carbureted fuel system, the bike may have a sluggish cold start, making it difficult to ride the VTX 1300 in a colder region. Otherwise, its ergonomics, power output, 4.8-gallon fuel tank, and low-maintenance parts should be enough to win you over.

10. Suzuki Boulevard S40

Suzuki Boulevard S40

Photo Credit: @motorcyclespecs

Estimated Price: $1,800-$2,000

The Suzuki Boulevard S40 is a lightweight highly-responsive cruiser powered by a 652 cc engine. The single-cylinder motor generates low-end to mid-range torque suited for highway travel. Despite its minimal styling, the Suzuki Boulevard S40 has an attractive look that can have its aesthetic appeal further improved by customizing it. The plush saddle and natural seating position ensure you are comfortable while riding. The Suzuki Boulevard S40 has a mileage of 52.67 mpg and can travel at a top speed of 90 mph.

11. Parting Advice

Cruisers are readily available in the second-hand market at prices suited for all budgets. However, when looking for a bike on a tight budget, you will have to look diligently to avoid buying a faulty bike. Most of the motorcycles mentioned in this article are offered by owners who post their vehicles on online platforms. This listing will help give you an idea of what kind of makes and models you can find under $2,000. If you prefer looking for used motorcycles online, keep in mind that listings and prices might change. Also, keep in mind that a bike with a low price doesn’t necessarily mean that it is poorly maintained. Get a used bike checked by a trustworthy mechanic to check for any issues. If possible, get the motorcycle’s maintenance history and go on a test ride to see if the bike feels right. Also, check the resale value of a particular model and make at J.D. Power to see if you’d be able to get a lot of your investment back if you decide to get a new bike.

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