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Best Non-Reservation First Come, First Serve Motorcycle Camping Spots Across America

Best Non-Reservation First Come, First Serve Motorcycle Camping Spots Across America

Motorcycle camping can be a fun experience whether you are looking to get away from the stress of daily life, looking for adventure, wanting to spend more time with nature, or going on a long-distance motorcycle trip.

Even experienced riders struggle when researching the best campsites accessible to motorcycles. This can be even more challenging if they don’t have a reservation.

With access to multiple websites and apps, finding motorcycle camping destinations that do not need a reservation has become easier. But if you are looking for suggestions, pick any place listed in this article and embark on a memorable journey. For your convenience, all the campgrounds mentioned in this article are non-reservation campsites that operate on a first come, first serve (FCFS) basis.

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1. Topping Lake Dispersed Campground, Bridger Teton National Forest, Wyoming

The Toppings Lake Dispersed Campground is located in the Bridger Teton National Forest, about 2.5 miles off Highway 89 and 1.8 miles away from the Grand Teton National Park. This area has over 27 campsites, with riders allowed to ride their motorcycles in the campsites and leave their motorcycles parked next to their tents.

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Sites 1-6 are in the Upper Teton View Area, while Sites 7-27 are in the Lower Teton View Area. For the best view of the Teton Mountains, secure a spot in Sites 1-6, but keep in mind that spots here fill up quickly. Sites 7-27 are surrounded by trees that obscure the view of the Tetons mountains but provide privacy and solitude.

Toppings Lake Campground is an extremely primitive campsite and does with not include amenities, such as electricity, showers, and water faucets. There are vault toilets available at the campground’s base, but can be difficult to access if your campsite is far from the base.

Campsites closer to the base tend to be more crowded, especially during the busy seasons. If you are unable to find a spot or prefer a more secluded place, it is best to ride deeper into the national forest.

The roads tend to be smooth with occasional rocky terrain, being easiest to handle during the dry season. During the rainy season, the road becomes full of mud pools, slippery terrain, and potholes.

Make sure to carry bug and mosquito repellent when traveling to the Toppings Lake Campground. Plenty of dry firewood is available around the campsites. Usually, there are no fire restrictions from August to February, but riders should check to see if the fire restrictions change over time. Riders are advised to carry a water filter instead of water bottles since they can draw water from the Snake River.

In addition, lack of amenities at the Toppings Lake Campground can be easily made up for by visiting Jackson town or carrying ample camping essentials.

Things to Do

After setting up at the Toppings Lake Campground, riders can enjoy a 200-mile motorcycle ride on paved forest roads.

The Bridger Teton National Forest comes with three wilderness areas, including Gros Ventre, Bridger, and Teton Wilderness Areas. At the Toppings Lake Campground, you can go hiking, explore, or engage in water sports. Moreover, the Bridger Teton National Forest is close to the Centennial Scenic Byway and the Big Spring Scenic Byway, popular routes due to their mountain vistas, wildlife, historical importance, and cultural diversity.

Riders can visit the Grand Tetons National Park, the Cunningham Cabin, or the town of Jackson. At Jackson, you can find the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, a vacation spot offering recreational opportunities like rafting, skiing, fishing, and fine dining.


For breakfast and lunch, riders can stop at the Persephone Bakery, Virginian Restaurant, and Liberty Burger.

Reservations Not Required First Come First Serve
Camping Style Dispersed, Primitive
Amenities Vault Toilet
Water Not Available
Busy Season May-September
Google Coordinates 43.7594772 N 110.5568996 W
Nearest City/Town Jackson, Wyoming About 18 miles from Bridger Teton National Forest & the Toppings Lake Campground.
Nearby Campgrounds Regulated Dispersed Camping Shadow Mountain
Spread Creek
Phillips Ridge
Curtis Canyon
Pacific Creek
Unregulated DispersedCamping along Slate Creek and Fall Creek Road in Buffalo Valley and Gros Ventre Wilderness Areas.

2. LonesomeHurst Campground Near Yellowstone National Park, Montana

Yellowstone National Park is a popular attraction among motorcycle campers. Unfortunately, the designated campgrounds inside the Yellowstone National Park are reservation only, needing to be booked 3-6 months in advance.

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If you don’t want to wait, head over to the Lonesomehurst Campground located about 11.8 miles from West Yellowstone. Though reservations are recommended, Lonesomehurst Campground has designated non-reserved first come, first serve sites that can be easily found during the off-season. This campground has over 27 campsites.

Lonesomehurst Campground’s reserved campsites have electricity, water, and a vault toilet. Meanwhile, non-reserved campsites lack electricity.

Lonesomehurst Campground is ideal for motorcycle camping with a Can-Am, Harley Davidson, or grand touring motorcycle. Almost all the roads are well-paved, even the gravel roads. The best sites at Lonesomehurst Campground are near Hebgen Lake, but they can be noisy in the evening.

Things to Do

Riders can go for motorcycle riding across the west area of the Yellowstone National Park. To ride within the park’s premises, riders need to pay a $30 entrance fee. Motorcycle riding is not allowed on the off-road trails of the park.

The waterfalls in the Yellowstone National Park are easily accessed at the west entrance, which is closest to the Lonesomehurst Campground. Gibbon Falls, Firehole Falls, Tower Fall, Undine Falls, and Kepler Cascades, are the key attractions that riders can explore. Entering from the west also gives quick access to the pak’s attractions, such as the Old Faithful, Geyser Basin, and scenic hiking trails.

Riders can swim, and fish in the Hebgen Lake and can also enjoy watersports in the Western Yellowstone National Park, Montana. Lonesomehurst Campground also provides off-roading, kayaking, and boating opportunities after Lonesomehurst Campground Boat Launch.

The town of West Yellowstone is located at a 10 minute ride from the campground. Riders can visit the town for gas refills, groceries, water, laundry facilities, and medicine. In winter, riders can engage in snowmobiling and skiing.


If you don’t want to carry cooking kit and groceries, you can eat at the Old Town Cafe, Buffalo Bar, and Firehole BBQ Company.

Reservations Required for campsites w/ electricity Not required for first come, first serve campsites
Camping Style Dispersed, Primitive
Amenities Vault Toilet Electricity (for reserved sites only)
Water Available
Peak Season May-September
GPS Coordinates 44.735638 111.231812
Nearest City/ Town West Yellowstone
Nearby Campgrounds & Resorts Madison Arm Resort
Cherry Creek Campground
Basin Station Cabin
Romsett Beach Campground

3. Badlands Dispersed Campground, South Dakota

The Badlands and the Black Hills are popular vacation spots among motorcyclists. Due to the growing popularity of motorcycle camping, finding a campsite in the Badlands National Park has become almost impossible without making a reservation.

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The Badlands Dispersed Campground is the next best thing if you want to enjoy camping and motorcycle roads around the Black Hills. This is an unregulated camping area that begins just outside the Badlands National Park and stretches along the 7.5 mile road to the Wall Drug.

The Badlands Dispersed Campground offers plenty of campsites that operate on a first come, first serve basis; however, riders need to come early to secure a spot during the busy seasons.

Even though the Badlands Dispersed Campground is located approximately 109 miles from Sturgis, riders prefer to stay here during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The Badlands Dispersed Campground has become a popular place to stay among rally participants due to not requiring a fee and having no designated campsites. Many riders also like the cool weather that remains year-round, especially in August when the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is held. Due to the altitude, the temperature remains 15-20 degrees cooler than the city, making it an ideal place to unwind and relax after a long day of riding.

The Badlands Dispersed Campground offers a primitive camping style as there is no electricity, water, and pit toilets.

Things to Do

Riders can ride the beautiful motorcycle roads around the Black Hills, visit Mount Rushmore National Park, and ride a section of the Mount Rushmore Loop that starts outside Sturgis, SD.

Motorcycle enthusiasts can also check out the Big Badlands Overlook, an elevated position that gives you a good view of the rock formations and wildlife below. This area is home to spot bison, prairie dogs, and bighorn sheep. The northern region of Badlands National Park has access to Sage Creek Wilderness Drive, Badlands Loop Road, and hiking trails. The southern region is not open for hiking due to the area being littered with bombs.

You can walk on the Fossil Exhibit Trail if you have an interest in the history of fossils in the area. Or you can ride the 158-mile road around the Badlands National Park.

If you are visiting during the Motorcycle Sturgis Rally and staying at the Dispersed Badland Campgrounds, check out the music concerts and events at the saloons in downtown Sturgis.


Located 6-7 miles from the campground is the Hustead’s Wall Drug, a popular roadside attraction in the town of Wall, SD, with multiple restaurants, drug stores, and gift shops. Riders can buy iced water, coffee, food, medicine, souvenirs, and other things.

Reservations Not Required
Camping Style Unregulated Dispersed Camping
Amenities None
Peak Season Year Round
Water Not Available
GPS Coordinates 43.8554 N 102.3397 W
Nearest City/ Town Wall Drug, South Dakota
Nearby Campgrounds & Resorts Sage Creek Campground
Cedar Pass Campground
Woodland Ranch

4. Black River National Forest Campground, Michigan

Located in Ironwood, Michigan, the Black River National Forest Campground has 17 first come, first serve campsites that allow you to explore Michigan’s upper peninsula.

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The Black River Campground is a non-reservation first come, first serve location right on the shores of Superior Lake. It offers stunning views, a recreational area, and amenities that include running water, vault washrooms, picnic tables, and a parking lot.

Things to Do

The hike to Potawatomi Falls is one of the major attractions of this area. In Black River National Forest, you can go on nature walks and ride on the paved forest roads.

Riders can also engage in boating, swimming, kayaking, and fishing on Superior Lake.


The Black River National Forest Campground is located 15.9 miles from the town of Bessemer, Michigan. Bessemer is known for its beautiful rural countryside, snow, and being close to Lake Superior. Riders can participate in skiing and snowmobiling during the winter.

Riders who do not want to cook or carry groceries can get delicious food from Bessmer. Popular spots are the Bread of Life Bakery and Cafe, Steph’s Spinning Spur Bar, Pit Stop Bar and Grill, and Taconelli’s To Go.

Reservations Not Required
Camping Style Dispersed, Primitive
Amenities Picnic Tables Vault Toilet
Water Available
Peak Season July - October
GPS Coordinates 46.11719438 N 85.36358174 W
Nearest City/Town Bessemer, Michigan
Nearby Campgrounds Hog Island Point State Forest Campground
Garnett Lake State Forest Campground

5. Sand Island Campground, Utah

Utah is popular among motorcyclists for its beautiful motorcycle rides, diverse landscape, idyllic scenery, and Arches National Park. When planning a Utah motorcycle camping trip without a reservation, Sand Island Campground is the ideal place to stay.

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Located in the Sand Island Recreation Area on the bank of San Juan River, the Sand Island Campground has a first come, first serve policy. You do not need to make a reservation, but you will need to pay a $15 fee for an overnight stay.

Things to Do

The Sand Island Recreation Area is known for its Anasazi petroglyph panels, being accessible from the Sand Island Campground.

Sit by the San Juan River to enjoy the tranquil scenery or enjoy boating on the river’s surface. You can also ride the Moki Dugway and climb the Mule Canyon if you want to see the stunning landmark called the House on Fire.


Since Bluff, Utah is closest to the campground area, visitors can visit the popular Twin Rocks Cafe and Cedar Shack Cafe for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Other food establishments that riders could visit are the Duke’s, Jewelz, and Comb Ridge Eat and Drink. Riders can also visit the K & C Trading Post, a one-stop marketplace for gas, drinks, groceries, coffee, and fast food.

Reservations Not Required First Come First Serve Basis
Campsite Fee $15 per night
Camping Style Primitive, Dispersed
Amenities Vault Toilets Fire Grate Picnic Table
Water Available
Peak Season Year Round
GPS Coordinates 37.26067 N -109.61809 W
Nearest City/Town Bluff, Utah
Nearest Campground Cottonwood Campground
Valley of Gods Dispersed Campground
Cadillac Ranch RV Park

6. Goose Island Campground Moab, Utah

Managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Goose Island Campground is another primitive campground in Utah suited for dispersed camping. The place is about 10 minutes away from Arches National Park and Moab, Utah.

Due to its proximity to the Colorado River, Arches National Park, and Moab, Goose Island Campground is a popular motorcycle camping destination in the United States.

Currently, 20 individual sites are available on a first-come, first-serve basis or can be reserved online via Except for vault toilets, there are no other amenities in the area. For water, riders can use the natural spring, but if you prefer a different option, it is best to buy water bottles at supermarkets in Moab.

The campground has recreational opportunities, including cliff hiking, trail hiking, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, motorcycle riding on nearby roads, and relaxing by the Colorado River. Campers should not enter the Colorado River without life jackets as there could be strong currents.

Things to Do

The Arches National Park is located only 4.3 miles from the Goose Island Campground, taking only 30 minutes to reach Dead Horse State Park and Canyonlands National Park.

From Moab, riders can also take the Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway. Popular landmarks along this route are Cattle Valley, Sylvester Trail, Lions Park, and Moab Museum of Film & Western Heritage.


Moab is located only 4 miles from the Goose Island Campground. Besides food, riders can visit Moab to get clean drinking water, coffee, gas, groceries, and medicine. Moreover, the city has motorcycle parts and repair shops, motorcycle rental services, laundry services, museums, and shopping centers.

Note-worthy food establishments at Moab include Quesadilla Mobilla, Trailhead Public House & Eatery, and Josie Wyatt’s Grill.

Reservations Not Required First Come First Serve Non-REserve Campsites Available
Camping Style Primitive, Dispersed
Amenities Vault Toilet
Water Not Available
Peak Season March-October
GPS Coordinates 43.637727 N 91.109533 W
Nearest City/Town La Crosse County Moab
Nearest Campground Portal RV Resort & Campground
Grandstaff Campground
Sun Outdoors Arches Gateway

7. Bay Furnace National Forest Campground, Munising, Michigan

Bay Furnace Campground is located in Alger County, only 3 miles away from Munising and the village of Christmas. The campsites with electricity must be reserved, while the remaining campsites operate on a first-come, first serve basis for convenient dispersed camping.

The clean picnic area, stunning view of Lake Superior, and quiet secluded campsites make Bay Furnace Campground a popular non-reserved camping destination among motorcycle enthusiasts.

Things to Do

Bay Furnace Campground’s biggest attraction is Lake Superior. Riders can walk on the small beach along the shore of Lake Superior, explore the Hiawatha National Forest, and enjoy recreational activities in Munising.

Other activities you can do at Bay Furnace Campground are visited the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, enjoy boat rides, hike on trails to beautiful hidden cascades, visit Alger Underwater Preserve, ride to Grand Island National Park & Recreational Area, and explore the Miner’s Castle.


The town of Munising is closest to Bay Furnace Campground, providing easy access to food, coffee, drinks, and gas. For breakfast, check out Earl E. Byrds. For the best beer and sandwiches, visit Driftwood Deli. For a more comfortable dining experience, check out Tracey’s at Roam Inn.

Motorcycle campers who want to cook food themselves can get groceries at Family Fare Supermarket.

Reservations Required for Reserve-Only Sites
Not Required for 15 First Come, First Serve Non-Electrical Sites
Camping Style Dispersed, Primitive
Amenities Vault Toilet Picnic Tables Electricity (reserved sites only)
Water Available
Peak Season May - October
GPS Coordinates 46.43833329 N 86.70833355 W
Nearest City/Town Alger County Munising Village of Christmas
Nearby Campgrounds Channel Marker Campsite on Grand Island
Grand Island Recreation Area
Munising Tourist Park Campground
Pictured Rocks RV Park and Campground

8. Takeaway

Most riders choose not to reserve a spot at a campsite to make their camping trips more adventurous. Not planning ahead allows them to be surprised when traveling the road. When you get lucky and find a campground when you least expect it, you experience the most gratifying feeling.

Though it is easy to find an available spot at any of the campsites covered in this article, it is best to check nearby campgrounds in case all the non-reserved first come, first serve spots are already filled. Always carry cash as some dispersed campgrounds require a fee. With motorcycle camping becoming more popular, finding a spot even in primitive campsites is becoming more difficult. Shift your plans from the weekend to the middle of the week, and the chances of finding a campsite will increase.

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